Liana Zhvania - theater and film actress


Liana Zhvania - actress, Honored Artist of the RSFSR. Over the years in the Youth Theater played more than fifty roles. The most striking images of her on the stage are: Tatyana Pavlovna (“Teenager”), Feklusha (“Thunderstorm”), Countess Bertha (“Ondine”) and others. The article will describe a brief biography of the artist.


Zhvania Liana Dmitrievna was born in Tbilisi in 1949. When the girl was six, her family went to Leningrad. There Liana and spent most of her childhood. Now the actress warmly recalls family gatherings at her grandmother's round table. Even then, the little girl performed in front of the assembled public, demonstrating artistic abilities. A props Liana served as a grandfather sea uniform, dirk and cap. At school, the girl entered the theater club, where she independently staged a play in Chekhov, playing Merchutkin there.


Actress or director?

After graduating from school, Liana Zhvania decided to enter the acting department of LGITMIK, which was headed by teacher Leonid Makariev. The monologue of Hamlet read by the girl did not impress the master. In addition, the teacher noted that Zhvania’s appearance does not correspond at all to the experiences she is trying to convey. The future artist was offended by Makariev, but did not lose her, and, having left for the audience, became a queue of applicants for the directing department. Liana had a vague idea about this direction, but, being an adventurous kind, she decided to try her luck.

The interview was conducted by the recognized master of the scene, Zinovy ​​Korogodsky. Zhvania went through two stages, and at the third she was asked an unexpected, but quite logical question: “What is the director in the theater for?”. The future actress was confused, and after a long pause, she set the counter: “And really, for what?”. By this, Zhvania made Korogodsky and other members of the selection committee laugh. Naturally, they did not take the girl to the directing department, but they recommended to go straight to the second year of acting.

Liana studied with the masters of their craft - Lev Dodin and Zinovy ​​Korogodsky. These are the people the actress considers mentors in the profession. When the girl was enrolled in the second year, students were already engaged in inventing rooms for a performance. Liana felt ill at ease - she was afraid that she would not meet the expectations of Zinovy ​​Yakovlevich. But Korogodsky managed to motivate the girl and gave her self-confidence.

In all the interviews, actress Liana Zhvania recalls her mentors with gratitude and warmth. The artist notes that they taught her ethics, morality, as well as the ability to improve her own personality. The lessons of Dodin and Korogodsky woman carried through her whole life.


"Twelve months"

Together with Liana, Natalya Popova studied at the course. They were completely different - Natasha can be attributed to sentimental dreamers, and Lian - to adventurers. But this did not prevent the girls to become friends. At the delivery of the graduation performance, the film director Anatoly Granik noticed them and offered to test in his film “Twelve Months”. After casting, he gave Natalia the role of stepdaughter, and Lian approved the role of the Queen.

The film "Twelve Months" was released in early 1973 and was warmly received by the audience. Natalia Popova and Liana Zhvania instantly gained national glory. Although the heroine of this article claims that such success was made possible thanks to Anatoly Granik, who maintains a creative and warm atmosphere on the set. The film also gained popularity due to other prominent actors who starred in it: Leonid Kuravlev, Georgy Teykh, Lev Lemke, Olga Wikland, Tatiana Peltzer and Nikolai Volkov.


Leningrad TYUZ

It was there that Liana Zhvania went to work after graduation. Her vocation was the scene. As for the movie, after “Twelve Months, ” she still played a couple of cameo roles, and then disappeared from the screens for many years. For the sake of theater, Liana refused many lucrative offers. Even with the talented Kira Muratova, Zhvania did not want to cooperate.

During the years of work in the Theater for Young People, the actress has played more than fifty roles, from tragic to comic. She succeeded most vividly in embodying the following images on stage: Tatiana Pavlovna (“Teenager”), Feklushi (“Thunderstorm”), Countess Bertha (“Ondine”), Nastya (“The Teacher of Rhythm”), Grandmothers (“Star Taler”), Nastasya ("The Dead Devil"), the Singers ("Little Tsakhes"), Sophia ("The Shadows") and many others.

In the theater career Zhvania were ups and downs. Sometimes Liana thought about leaving the Youth Theater and leaving Leningrad. But Sergei Yursky, with whom she had known since her youth, dissuaded the girl from such a step. Only thanks to this man did Liana Zhvania not leave the theater. Subsequently, the artist never regretted her decision.


Personal life

Young Liana paid attention to many men. Emmanuel Marshak himself fell in love with the girl on the set of the film “Twelve Months”. The poet dedicated many verses to Zhvania, but she refused him. The hands of the actress were sought by Yuri Senkevich (TV presenter) and Viktor Borovsky (theater expert). But fans insisted that Liana abandoned the performances. And the heart of the artist was committed only to the stage.

Although in the end she still got married. The girl was able to conquer Alex - a medical student who was five years younger than Zhvania. Soon the couple had a daughter, Anastasia. But then the family life of Alexei and Liana did not work out. The spouse believed that the girl should leave the Youth Theater and make a career in the cinema. In the second half of the 80s it would be financially correct. But the scene was the one without which Liana Zhvania could not imagine herself. The artist’s personal life was eventually destroyed, and the marriage broke up. Alexey became an oncologist and went abroad, creating another family there.


In the new century

Now Liana Zhvania, whose biography was presented above, continues to work at the Youth Theater. It is removed not so often, and mostly plays bit parts. Viewers could see her in such serials as “Deadly Power”, “Opera-2” and many others.

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