Tatyana Pushnaya: biography, personal life, children


Once met in the 90s, they have been married for 20 years. They have, as in a Russian folk tale, three sons. Both are engaged in favorite business and do not interfere with each other. Tatiana is a botanical artist and designer, and her husband is a musician and, besides participating in popular TV shows, she writes her own rock versions of famous musical works and melodies from cartoons.

What is to be the wife of the former KVN star, and now the famous TV host and musician Alexander Pushnoy?


Tatyana Pushnoy’s biography began on the beautiful day of the Siberian spring on March 14, 1977. The place of its birth was the distant city of Novosibirsk, the center of the commercial, business, cultural, industrial and scientific life of Siberia.

The working family in which she was born was very ordinary. From early childhood she liked to draw, as well as to engage in all kinds of needlework: knit and cross-stitch.

Being a schoolgirl, Tatiana showed a great inclination towards exact sciences, in the tenth grade she even won the second place in the city mathematical olympiad. Therefore, after graduating from the gymnasium in 1993, she entered the MA Lavrentiev Physics and Mathematics School at the Novosibirsk State University. This educational institution is located in the Novosibirsk Academgorodok.

Below in the photo - students of the Physics and Mathematics School of the Novosibirsk Academgorodok.



After graduating from the Physics and Mathematics School, Tatiana Pushnoy’s education continued at the Novosibirsk National Research State University, where she entered the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics in 1994. In this school, our heroine spent four years studying math, which she loved since high school.

Becoming a student of this university, she absolutely did not suspect that one tall and thin student-musician with everlastingly shagging hair - her future husband - was already studying at its walls.



Alexander Borisovich Pushnoy was born on May 16, 1975. The place of his birth was all the same Novosibirsk Academgorodok, in one of the districts of which lived the family of cybernetics Boris Mikhailovich and economist Nina Dmitrievny, his parents.

Sasha grew up very musical child. Already at the age of seven, he was sent to a music school, in which he had to combine classes with the usual general educational ten. On his twelfth birthday, his father presented a seven-string guitar, which Alexander learned from playing books.

In 1992, when Tatiana Pushnaya was still a high school student, Alexander became a student of the Physics Department of the Novosibirsk State University, to which his future spouse entered several years later.

Already being Tatyana's husband, Alexander became a member of the KVN team of his native university, in 1997, winning his first popularity among the audience with a brilliant parody of the singer Sting. His participation in KVN continued until 2004, until the well-known married couple of TV presenters Tatyana Lazareva and Mikhail Schatz invited Fur to become a co-host in their program “Good Jokes”. Alexander's talent quickly manifested itself here as well - he invented the competition “APOZH”, very much loved by the viewers.

In 2006, Fur became the leading scientific and educational program “Galileo”, in which he independently conducted various experiments in front of the camera, demonstrating the laws of physics and chemistry.

Beginning in 2008, Alexander released three of his own music albums, the last of which, entitled “#nearts”, was released in 2015.

All this will be later, but in the meantime, his fate, like the fate of Tatyana Pushnoy, the beautiful half of his future family, slowly but inexorably approached the time of their meeting.



Alexander Pushnoy became an integral part of the personal life of the heroine of this article back in 1996, during the time of their student life. The future showman worked as a sound technician at the Palace of Culture of the Academgorodok and was at that time the only one who could correctly put on sound. Tatiana worked there as a graphic designer. The case brought together the future spouses in one of the rooms of the Palace of Culture during the punk festival. That day the girl was busy cleaning it. The door opened, and through the clouds of dust raised by a broom in her hands, Tatiana Furna saw the silhouette of a gangling figure, which immediately began telling coughing. They quarreled, and at the same time met.

No romance, love fainting and crying between the physicist Alexander and the mathematician Tatiana did not happen. Just for a moment, two learned students covered the realization that they seemed to know each other for many years.

Then the couple met for almost two years and walked through the streets of Akademgorodok, after which one day Fur brought her darling home and told her mother: "Tanya will live with us."



The wife of Alexander Pushnoy, Tatyana Pushnaya, became August 11, 1998. Being people who are not particularly romantic, but rather the so-called "breadcrumbs" from science, they immediately decided that the triumph of marriage was a holiday solely for the bride and groom, and not for a lot of people and unnecessary spending.


Therefore, their entire wedding consisted of themselves, a witness with a witness, the groom's parents, and even a couple of mutual friends.

True, according to the recollections of Nina Dmitrievny, Alexander's mother, Tatiana Pushnaya was very worried afterwards because she did not have a wedding dress, and still cannot survive it.

Fur Family

Pragmatists in life, young husband and wife were very suitable for each other. Alexander from childhood suffered from a weak form of color blindness and almost did not distinguish between colors. Tatyana had no ear for music. Therefore, their creative life absolutely never intersected. Both of them highly appreciated their own personal space, but at the same time learned to help each other in their endeavors or at least not to interfere with each other.

After a long participation of Fur in the filming of KVN, held in the capital, they moved to the small town of Dolgoprudny near Moscow, where they settled for almost fifteen years.

Alexander considers himself a good husband, despite the complete absence of romance in their relationship:

Well, I do not know how to care … Arrange some romantic surprise, come with a bouquet of flowers, suddenly set the table - something does not work for me. Probably, once in the distant past, I broke off badly, and now all this is somehow scary to me - I am afraid of being ridiculed or something. Even from the side of my wife, whom I have known for a hundred years …

Like everyone else, there are quarrels in Tatyana and Alexander Fur’s family, but they quickly disappear.


Tatyana became the real support for her husband, a rocker, and taught him that the family is forever, and all the TV projects and shows are passing.

Once there was a rather funny story. Journalists from a famous magazine came to their home to interview.

They came to us, talked to me, with my wife, it all lasted an hour and a half. Then the journalists left, and then they called us and said that the material about us will not work. I ask, what happened? They said that everything is so boring and banal, that it’s somehow even uninteresting …


Tatiana Pushnoy's children and her husband Alexander are three. And all - sons.

In 2004, six years after the wedding, their first child Dmitry was born, and five years later his younger brother Mikhail was born.


In 2016, an entry appeared on Tatyana’s personal page in one of the social networks:

Today at 18:20 our Andrey Aleksandrovich was born. Beautiful guy 53 cm tall and 3 570 g. So now we have, like in fairy tales, three sons! ..

In recognition of Alexander Fur, his father turned out to be "figovenky." He considers himself a mad dad-alarmist, suffering from hyper-responsibility for the health of his sons.


Tatiana also treats motherhood more calmly and rationally. While her husband, Alexander, disappears on the set and performances, she leads the ordinary life of her mother. She is responsible for her sons, their lessons, school and kindergarten.

Recently, she has been helped by a nanny, who has also taken walks with children, so that Tatiana has the opportunity to quietly and quietly do her favorite work.


After her second son, Mikhail, was born to her, in September 2009, Tatyana learned what scrapbooking is, a kind of handicraft art, which consists in making and designing family or personal photo albums. After seeing examples of work, she learned the name of what she had been doing for many years.

Below in the picture is a photo frame by Tatiana Fur.


Being in the next maternity leave, suffering from sitting in one place and everyday life, she went headlong to this scrupulous handicraft. Her first photo album page, made in this style, was devoted to her son.


At the same time, in addition to taking care of children, the health problems of Alexander Pushn's parents fell on her. Her daily routine has become too heavy and sad. That relief from scrapbooking, which she had had before, did not happen.

Then Tatiana tried to make cards in this technique, hitting the very point. Making a small postcard was a faster process, and the result is no less impressive. In just a few night hours it was possible to get a completely finished product (a Christmas card from Tatiana Pushnoy can be seen below in the photo).


When Tatiana was interviewed and asked about the source of her inspiration, she replied:

I don't have a particular muse. Sometimes paper inspires, sometimes photos, sometimes some emotions! In general, for me, a breakthrough and a step to the side was participation in the team of the blog "Look around!" That's when I discovered unusual sources of inspiration …

While the Fur family lived in Dolgoprudny, Tatiana often had to huddle on the kitchen window sill, doing her favorite art.

And then they moved to Moscow.



What does Tatiana Pushnaya do now? After buying a new apartment, for a long time she was busy developing her future design, fully embodying all her creative talent in the result.

Today, being still a patient and sensible mother, she began to organize children's parties in the style of scrap fashion. Tatiana is the official designer of the network of scrap stores and clubs, she maintains her scrap blog on social networks.


In addition to scrap-needlework, Tatiana still enjoys painting and drawing, and more recently, her work can be seen at exhibitions of contemporary art.

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