Kambarsky District: history, population and other facts


Kambarsky district is an administrative-territorial unit and a municipality (municipal district) of the Udmurt Republic (Russian Federation). About its geographical location, history, population is described in this material.


Geographical location and natural resources

The date of foundation of the Kambarsky administrative region is 1924. The Kambarsky district is located in the south-eastern part of the republic. The area occupied by it is 672.62 square kilometers. Among the localities with which it borders, Sarapulsky district stands out, in the northeast with the Perm region, in the southeast with the Republic of Bashkortostan. And in the southern part of the border with the Karakulinsky district of Udmurtia. 55% of the district territory are forests. Coniferous and deciduous tree species are common. The forests are characterized by a variety of plant and animal life.


A bit of history

These places were originally a haven for different nations. There is an assumption that the area is obliged by the name Kambarka to the Turkic language. It was given by the Bashkirs who lived here, who called the area "Kambarsky Aimak" in honor of the river of the local river.

The history of the administrative center of Kambark is associated with the name of the famous mining enterprise Akinfiy Nikitich, who belongs to the wealthy family of the Demidovs. It was he who initiated the construction of a iron foundry on the Kambarka River. In 1761 they began to build a factory dam. The main construction work was completed six years later, by 1767. From this time the history of the modern city is read.

District Symbols

On the flag there are three horizontally reaching stripes - green, yellow and blue. Green color is a symbol of the forest wealth of these places; blue - water resources. The strip of yellow color that runs between them is similar to the element printed on the family arms of the Demidov family. In the left part of the yellow strip we see the image of a capital K


Local government

The activities of the regional government bodies are based on the Charter. The structure of local governments consists of:

  • District Council of Deputies.
  • Heads of the municipality - the highest official of the district, which elects the Council from among its members. To date, the duties of the Head of the Kambarsky District are performed by Alexander Poddubsky.
  • Administration of the municipality - the executive and administrative body of the municipal district. The appointment of the Head of the District Administration is based on the results of the competition. The duties of the post of the Head of the Administration of the Kambarsky District today are performed by Nadezhda Vladimirovna Klimovsky.

Population of Kambarsky District

The number of residents - 17.2 thousand people. About 60% of them live in the largest settlement and the only district - the city of Kambarka. Among other settlements: Kama, Sholya, Ershovka (villages), Nizhny Armyaz (village). The national composition is dominated by the Russian-speaking population. Also on the territory live Tatars, Udmurts.

Kambarsky district can be proud of its inhabitants, among which may be called Anna Kuzminykh (Michkova). She was a servant in the royal family, working in the Ipatiev house before their death. Makar Iosifovich Volkov, a Udmurt writer who lived in Kambarka for a period of time, worked as a port engineer.

Social sphere

The district education system consists of twelve schools, eight of them are secondary, thirteen pre-school educational institutions.


The provision of medical care involved CRH, two local hospitals, six FAPs. Among the existing cultural facilities, there are eleven cultural centers (the same number includes club facilities), libraries (their number is also equal to eleven). Children study at a music school. And of course, it is necessary to mention the regional historical museum of local lore, which presents the history of the district, its culture, information about natural resources, tells about the features of the economy. The museum was founded in 1964. Local historians initiated the discoveries. This is the oldest regional museum of the republic. The area is famous for several significant monuments. For example, the trail Valyay and Kamskaya mane.

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