The monument is ... The most famous monuments of the world


Since ancient times, people have established monuments and various monuments in order to perpetuate the memory of prominent personalities or events. A monument is a monument that is distinguished by its considerable size. Today, on different continents of the world, thousands of monuments of different sizes and shapes are installed.

The monument is …

What is a monument? There are several types of memorial buildings, one of which is a monument. This is a special monument, which is characterized by large size and monumental forms. These two features just distinguish it from the usual monument. Although in architecture, these two terms often act as synonyms.

What is the meaning of the word "monument"? So, this term is of Latin origin and is translated as "memory, reminder" (monumentum). In general, any monument can be called a monument, if it is large.

A separate kind of monumental structures can be considered the monument of Glory. This is a monument that is set to perpetuate a victory in a war or an important battle. So, in our country, the monuments of Glory are very common, established in honor of the fallen heroes of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.


In the post-Soviet countries, the Motherland Motherland memorial complexes in Volgograd and in Kiev, the Glory Monument in Novosibirsk, the Obelisk of Glory in the city of Dnepropetrovsk and others can be considered the most famous monuments of Glory.

In urban space, monuments, as a rule, occupy a very important place. Often they are the centers of the squares, as well as starting points for subsequent urban development.

The history of monuments and monuments

The earliest monuments in history were the usual burial slabs and complexes on the graves. But the first monuments that specifically performed the memorial function appeared already in the Ancient Roman state. These were memorable arches, columns, and also statues of emperors of ancient Rome.


Actually, the first monuments in Europe began to appear only in the XIX century. These were the so-called triumphal arches, as well as columns and obelisks (like ancient Roman monuments). In eastern countries, cult monuments are widespread - huge statues of Buddha, gilded or made entirely of gold.

The most famous monuments

We list several of the most outstanding monuments erected in different parts of the world and the most common in photographs of travelers and tourists.

Perhaps the first place in this list of monuments is deservedly occupied by the Statue of Liberty in New York. Its height is 93 meters, and the statue itself was installed in 1886. Hundreds of tourists visit this outstanding monument daily. Remarkably, the monument performs the navigation function, being an excellent reference point for sailors.


No less attractive for tourists is the Statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro. About 46 meters high, located on a high hill, about 2 million travelers make pilgrimages every year.

Well, the highest monument in the world is the statue of the Buddha of the Spring Temple in China. Its total height is 153 meters, and the Buddha was created in 2002.

Among the most famous and largest monuments in the post-Soviet space are the Lenin monument in Volgograd (height 57 meters), the famous sculpture Worker and Kolkhoz Woman in Moscow (height 58 meters), and the Independence Monument in Kiev (height 61 meters).


Thus, there are several types of monuments: sculptures, statues, memorials, memorials, obelisks. Among them separately allocate a monument. This is a monument of particularly large size, which is set in honor of a particular person or a certain historical event. As a rule, such constructions differ in monumentality, scale and solemnity.

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