The reticulated python is the largest snake in the world.


People, trying to offend the interlocutor, sometimes call him a reptile, a viper, a snake, a cobra, having in mind that these reptiles have a deadly poison, aggressive behavior and irritability. These reptiles in the period of laying and guarding their nests may even throw themselves at their own shadows - their behavior becomes so inadequate.


However, no one ever compares a person, offense for the sake of, with such a very formidable representative of the sub-order of snakes, like a python. Meanwhile, this predator is no less dangerous. Perhaps this is because even the largest snake - the reticulated python - rarely attacks a person. The size of a person does not allow him to swallow it. The python is not capable of tearing the victim apart and chewing food. The teeth are used by reptiles only to hold the victim.

It feeds on the largest snake in adulthood birds, lizards, toads, rabbits, jackals, can hardly swallow roe, antelope, monkey, small crocodile. If the prey is too large, the python can burp it. Due to the fact that the biggest snake chooses its food, relying only on the dimensions of a living creature, a child or a small person can easily become its victim.

Python's jaws are extremely mobile, the mouth tends to stretch, which allows it to "stretch" on a dead victim like a stocking on the leg. After the prey is inside it, the predator goes into a state of hibernation: it digests food and practically does not move at this time. If the reptile was lucky to feast on a hog or roe, the “rest” can last up to 40 days.


Often, reticulated pythons are kept in zoos, because everyone wants to see what the largest snake in the world looks like (the photo shows the moment of release of one of the representatives of this species stuck in the fence of the Palaborwa Zoo).


The colors of the snakes are very diverse, their backs can be covered with such a unique ornament, that one involuntarily thinks: “Couldn’t they be used to draw drawings for luxurious carpets’ carpet makers? ”

Typically, this subspecies snake reaches a length of from four to eight meters, but sometimes it can grow up to ten meters. For example, the largest snake in the world - the reticulated python - was caught in Indonesia. Her weight was 447 kg, and the length was equal to 14.85 m. Such a monster does not cost to swallow a cow or a man! One glance is enough to cause panic in any living being.


The zone of distribution of the net python includes Africa (south of the Sahara desert), South and Southeast Asia. These creeping cold-blooded people prefer to settle in savannas, tropical and subtropical forests near water bodies. After all, a large snake-python loves to swim and be in the water for a long time. May they crawl beautifully in the trees.

Pythons differ from their close relatives - boas - in that they are egg-laying reptiles. The females of the net python can lay more than a hundred eggs at a time. The female of a python protects the laying, curling around eggs a ring. If necessary, the mother can even, by reducing the muscles of the body, raise her temperature in order to warm the future offspring. So a naturally cold-blooded female python is hard to blame for being cold-blooded towards her children.

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