Tsereteli Tamara: biography and creativity


She is one of the most prominent representatives of the Gypsy romance, which was performed on Soviet and Russian scenes. Tsereteli Tamara fell in love with singing from early childhood, and as an adult, this love grew into a life purpose.

Biographical facts

Tamara Tsereteli was born, whose biography is interesting and rich, back in 1900 in the Georgian village of Sveri. She was brought up by modest in terms of wealth, but at the same time intelligent and educated Georgian landowners.


She already in early childhood loved to sing and gladly spoke to relatives on family holidays. Later, she began to sing in the choir, when she studied at the Kutaisi gymnasium. After graduation she entered the University of Tiflis, choosing a medical direction. Later, Tamara decided to devote her life to vocals and continued her studies at the Tiflis Conservatory. Here she studied opera singing.

Creative way

Her career as an artist for Tamara Tsereteli began by chance when popular actors from the Alexandrinsky Theater visited Tbilisi. They showed the play, where it was necessary to perform the song “Burn, Burn, My Star”. For this, a student at the Tamara Conservatory was found. She coped well with the task and was elated with her first success. An interesting fact is that before the October Revolution in Georgia it was not customary for women to perform on stage. But Tamara decided on this first, which required unprecedented courage and fortitude.

In the 23rd year of the last century, the future star of the scene moved to Moscow. In November of the same year, Tamara performed in the Small Hall on the territory of the Moscow Conservatory, where her solo concert took place for the first time. It was rather unusual for its time and had the name “Old Gypsy Songs and Romances”.


After this sensational performance, Tamara was noticed both by the capital’s public and by the press. Over time, she joined the ranks of the most famous performers of the Moscow stage. Later, the singer began to be invited to various concert venues in Moscow, including the Hermitage Garden, the Column Hall of the House of Unions. And the tour took place in all the republics of the Soviet Union.

It is noteworthy that it was she who was among the first who recorded the song “Dear Long” in 1925.

Family traditions

According to music critics, Tamara Tsereteli passed on her talent to her great-granddaughter Nini Tsnobiladze. The girl managed to take part in the show "Voice", which took place in Ukraine.


Her successful performance was not ignored, it is not surprising, because Nini grew up in a creative atmosphere. Her mother is a musician, and her father is engaged in dancing and performing in the world famous collective, the Sukhishvili ballet.

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