Canton Fair: advice to visitors, useful recommendations for entrepreneurs


The Canton Fair is an annual trade forum at which the best high-tech innovations of the market are offered to the attention of consumers. Visiting the event, entrepreneurs get the opportunity to order large quantities of goods by entering into contracts directly with manufacturers. Let's find out what else the Canton fair in Guangzhou is good for, what dangers await an inattentive visitor here.

Why visit the fair?


So, among the main reasons that should persuade to visit the fair in Guangzhou, it is worth noting the following:

  1. Canton Fair allows you to familiarize yourself with all the goods that have the status of new items on the Chinese market. Other exhibitions do not provide such a unique opportunity.
  2. Entrepreneurs who are engaged in the release of certain products can find at the fair product of a similar plan and of higher quality, distributed at a low price.
  3. The Canton Fair (China) presents to the attention of visitors the goods, looking at which, you can find for yourself a whole lot of new, original ideas for doing business.
  4. Having personally arrived at the international forum, the visitor gets an opportunity to see the products, evaluate its quality, agree with the manufacturers on obtaining free samples of goods for the purpose of their detailed study.
  5. Attending a trade fair in China is an ideal solution for making new business contacts, making profitable contracts with local manufacturers and logistics companies.

Canton Fair: Address and Schedule


The annual exhibition of export-import products takes place in several stages. The first part of the international forum dedicated to electronics, has already taken place and was held from 15 to 19 October.

As for the second stage, it will take place in the near future - from October 23 to October 27. Here, Chinese ceramics will be presented to the attention of the consumer audience, as well as the widest variety of consumer goods.

More realistic for domestic entrepreneurs is the chance to get to the third stage of the fair. It starts on October 31, and ends on November 4 of the current year. During this period, medical products and textiles will be displayed at the exhibition.

To find the fair, you must go to southern China, following to the city of Guangzhou. Upon arrival, you need to find Yuetszyanchzhunlu street, then go to the pavilion called "Pazhou".

How to get the right to attend the fair?


In order to go to the Canton Fair, domestic entrepreneurs will need to issue a special invitation, which is issued by representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the People’s Republic of China. You can get it by contacting the relevant request to the trade mission of the Russian Federation in China or to the consulate of this country at your place of residence.

Usually, the organizations of the above plan are located in the same buildings as the embassy of the PRC. To issue an invitation, it is enough to send a written request or specify the possibility of receiving it orally on the spot. It is the presence of the invitation that will serve as the basis for the quick processing of a business visa to China.

Features of negotiation

The Canton Fair offers great opportunities for domestic entrepreneurs to conclude profitable business agreements. Once in China, you need to attend to the search for a good translator who will assist throughout the entire period of stay in the country. The price at which one or another consignment of goods will be purchased depends largely on how responsibly he will relate to his work.

There is one interesting point. Best of all, the personal interests of the fair were protected by a non-Chinese translator. After all, Asians are able to organize collusion against foreigners, no matter how sad it may sound. After signing an unprofitable agreement, it will be practically useless to make claims to Chinese entrepreneurs or a translator.

Behavior at the fair


What behavior does a Canton fair require from a visitor? Reviews of domestic entrepreneurs say that the extreme degree of disrespect here is considered to be a non-representative appearance, an arrogant attitude towards the local population, as well as an unwillingness to honor other people's traditions.

If the purpose of visiting the fair is to search for serious business connections, then it is certainly not worthwhile to behave in the above manner. During the visit to the event, it is recommended to show respect for potential partners in every possible way. Here modest behavior is welcomed, as well as the manifestation of the qualities inherent in serious business people.

How to negotiate the price?

The Canton Fair provides entrepreneurs with ample opportunities for substantial price reductions for large quantities of goods. However, the main mistake of the bulk of the visitors to the event is the beginning of a conversation with a discussion of the cost of products. This behavior indicates the Chinese business status of the interlocutor.

It is recommended to start a conversation with questions about the characteristics, quality of products. It is advisable to demonstratively "feel" the product in front of the seller, to examine it from all sides, to try it in action. If there is no time for this, it is worth referring to important matters, and finally, as if by chance, specifying the price for a certain batch of products.



As can be seen, a visit to the Canton Fair looks like an extremely profitable solution in terms of acquaintance with new products, buying goods at an affordable price, as well as establishing business relations with local suppliers. If it is not possible to go to the exhibition in China, then it is worth trying to get the information of interest remotely. The latter option will save not only money, but also a whole lot of valuable time.

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