International Knight Festival "Genoese Helmet", combining present and past


The Genoese Helmet international festival is held annually within the walls of the Genoese fortress, in which lovers of historical reconstruction and fencing take part.

The festival was first held in 2001, and became very popular. For many Crimeans and guests of the peninsula, Sudak is associated with the festival and attracts tens of thousands of tourists annually. More than 300 clubs and about 850 knights from various countries gather here for a grandiose holiday. “Genoese Helmet for 17 years entered the top five best festivals in Eastern Europe and the CIS. The festival takes place from late July to mid-August.


Festival participants

As already mentioned, clubs involved in fencing and historical reconstruction and independent knights take part in the knightly festival “Genoese Helmet”. Each of them thoroughly studies weapons, armor, military art and traditions of the Middle Ages. And every costume presented here is a historical evidence of a whole epoch.

By the way, the requirements for costumes and armor from the festival organizers are very strict: knights with torn, rusty or unsuitable for the historical era uniforms are not allowed into the festival and into the fortress territory. Those participants who are lucky to pass the test are allowed to live in it, but on condition that their tents correspond, in appearance, to the medieval period.



For the knightly festival "Genoa helmet" Sudak was not chosen by chance. The fact is that this is one of the most ancient cities of the Crimea and Europe - the city celebrated 1800 years in 2012. The Sudak fortress that adorns this city seems to have been created for the event called: picturesque nature, preserved fortifications, the sea, the history of the fortress itself.

The walls of the fortress for centuries served faithfully and faithfully to their inhabitants. But in the modern era, for a long time, it became only a historical object, the rest of which was disturbed only by excursion groups and research expeditions.

But now, since 2001, every summer the fortress comes to life: here the sound of swords and guns can be heard, flags of knightly orders are developed over the medieval walls, horses' hoofs are hoofed along ancient bridges, measured blacksmith hammer blows are heard. With the dawn, like many centuries ago, the fortress wakes up from the cries of merchants, the fortress gates swing open, and the guards let all who wish to come to Sugdey come to life - this is how the festival opens.

Festival participants take up arms, put on armor and burgut (theatrical knight battle) begins. Within the walls of the fortress, two medieval troops converge, crossbow bolts and arrows fly. Then artillery enters the battle, after which the squads converge in hand-to-hand combat.


Knightly tournaments, the assault of the fortress, the moans of the vanquished and the cheers of the winners - everything is for real.

Visitors of the fortress are plunged into a unique atmosphere - they can try on costumes, take part in knightly amusements, learn blacksmithing or pottery, in general, be part of the action that takes place here.

Festival program

The festival program is always full of various events and colorful spectacles. The festival opens with a parade in which all residents of the medieval town take part. Daily they are waiting for burguts, knightly tournaments, performances of troubadours and dancers, medieval entertainment, a competition of armor and costumes.

Acrobats and puppet theaters play for the kids.

The territory of the medieval fortress becomes an area uniting the present and the past.



On the territory of the ancient streets, during the festival “Genoese Helmet”, they organize an exhibition-fair of folk crafts. Masters from various countries come here to the audience to present their creations.

Here are the arts such as basket weaving, weaving, pottery, embroidery, blacksmithing, soap making, spinning, chasing, knitting and leather processing. Masters arrange workshops on the street for everyone, they can tell how their products were created. Here you can buy ready-made hand-made dishes, unique decorations, musical instruments, toys and other souvenirs.

At the fair, you can try porridge cooked on the fire, mead and bread, cooked according to old recipes, candy and gingerbread.

How to get there

The “Genoese Helmet” festival takes place in Sudak (Crimea) on the territory of the Genoese fortress. Sudak is located approximately 110 km from the city of Simferopol.

From Simferopol Airport you need to get to the Simferopol Central Bus Station, bus number 98, 115, trolley bus number 9. To do this, buy a ticket to the city of Sudak at the bus station ticket offices.

From the port "Crimea" of the Kerch ferry you can reach Sudak by bus Kerch-Sudak.

From Sudak bus station you need to take the route Dachnoe - Cozy.

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