Political scientist Alexander Khramchikhin: biography


Russian political scientist Alexander Anatolyevich Khramchikhin is the main author of the books “Elections to the Sixth State Duma: Results and Conclusions” and “Elections of the President of the Russian Federation: Results and Conclusions”, published by the Institute for Political and Military Analysis in 1996. In this article we will talk about the most interesting moments in the life of a Russian political scientist.


Childhood and youth

Alexander Anatolyevich Khramchikhin was born in 1967 in the Moscow region. Educated at Moscow State University. He was a student of physics. In 1990, he received a diploma about his graduation. The years 1995-1996 are the period of work in the analytical structures of the Executive Committee of the NDR. Khramchikhin also worked at the headquarters for the election of Boris N. Yeltsin as president of the Russian Federation. In 1999, Alexander Khramchikhin was an active participant in the SPS election campaign Kiriyenko when elections were held to the State Duma and to the mayor of the capital.

How is Hramchikhin doing today?


Today, among political scientists and experts, the name of Alexander Anatolyevich Khramchikhin is widely known, as he heads the work of the information-analytical department of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis. He went there to work in January 1996. The formation of the Institute took place before his eyes and with his direct participation. The creation of a database of information on the regional situation in all parts of the country distant from the center is directly connected with his name.

Until the early 90s, Alexander Khramchikhin lived in the Moscow region. Then he moved to the capital of Russia. St. Petersburg has become the second hometown. The expert has repeatedly expressed the opinion that life in Moscow and St. Petersburg is fundamentally different from life in the regions. The differences concern not only the pace, but also its level. The difference is too significant. In order not to be verbose, in five years Alexander Anatolyevich visited thirty regions of the country, he himself called business trips “in the field”.

Alexander Anatolyevich Khramchikhin, whose biography for many years will be connected with the work of the Institute, becomes a co-author of the books “Elections to the Sixth State Duma: Results and Conclusions”, “Elections of the President of the Russian Federation: Results and Conclusions”, which were published in 1996.

The support of B. N. Yeltsin’s candidacy in the elections was the first project of IPVA. Later, under the leadership of Alexander Khramchikhin, the employees of a scientific analytical institution entrusted to him were directly involved in the campaign for the election of candidates for the legislative and executive authorities in the Central District, the Far East, and the Siberian Federal District. Political analyst Alexander Khramchikhin with his staff developed programs and statutory documents for political parties. In their list: "Our Home is Russia" and "Democratic Choice of Russia." The same package of documents was developed for the Union of Right Forces and the Unity Party.

His works are published in newspapers and magazines: Znamya, NG, NVO, LG, Vremya MN and Otechestvennye zapiski. In them he covers issues of military and political issues.

Periodically, he participates in television programs on TV channels: VGTRK, REN-TV. Performs on the airwaves "Mayak" and "Estonian Radio".

The articles of Alexander Khramchikhin with discourses on leadership policies within the Russian Federation and on interaction with other countries on such portals as russ, globalrus, ima-press, became known not only to political scientists, but also to ordinary citizens. He raises issues of military construction and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and foreign countries. He is interested in politics both at the federal level and at the regional level.

Alexander Khramchikhin in the "NVO" often talks about the situation in Syria, in Ukraine, and writes articles for the heading "Reports from Donbass".

The main tenets of the theory of the political scientist


Khramchikhin Alexander adheres to the theory of the disarming strike of the United States of America on the carriers of nuclear weapons of Russia. Alexander Anatolyevich explains the essence of the theory in the ability of the United States to provide the Russian Federation with an excuse to call NATO troops into its own territory to protect the Russian Federation from China.

Alexander Khramchikhin, whose biography is closely connected with military analytics, has devoted a lot of work to China. In the book "The Dragon Awakened, " the political scientist compared the pace of modernization of the Chinese army, the exercises of the Chinese troops with the internal problems of the country. In his opinion, the problems are quite serious. For writing the book he studied 400 sources, including the work of specialists in the study of China. Based on the research done, Khramchikhin deduced a theory: in China, there is an acute shortage of natural resources and territory. An attempt to raise the popularity of the CCP will push it to armed conflict. In this way, the population will be distracted from the internal problems of the country, from the wasteful use of resources.

Pessimistic views on the prospects of the Russian army, the development of the military industry, and aircraft industry were reflected in the 2011 publication Memorial Cemetery of the Russian Aviation Industry.

Today, the political scientist’s opinion is that the discourse on the prospects for the development of the army is an eternal topic, since the situation is changing within the country. At the same time, the means and methods of warfare are changing. Alexander Khramchikhin weakened the cruel criticism of the Russian policy related to the army against the background of events in neighboring Ukraine. Now the political scientist calls, like the majority: “You give war!”.

Critical reviews on the statements of the political scientist


In 2008, on August 7, a political analyst declared his disbelief in the upcoming war in South Ossetia. The military events that soon followed gave reason for Khramchikhin to be criticized by other military experts. His opinion about the threat to Russia from China is also criticized.

Book publishing

In 2010, the book "Military". The management of the publishing house has written many good words in the comments about the author. In their opinion, the author of the book is the brightest publicist of the last years, who specializes in military subjects. The book combines in-depth knowledge and analysis of the situation with the desire to show everything objectively. The book is written with a brilliant knowledge of the Russian language. Therefore, all the material contained in it is interesting and easy to read. The information in the book does not leave anyone indifferent. A lot of material has been selected related to the country's military history. Political scientist gives a description of a certain period and analysis of the situation.

Alexander Khramchikhin, whose photo is presented in the article, is one of the well-known analysts and military experts. He is not afraid to express his opinion and make predictions for the future, despite criticism from other political analysts.

The book with the statements of the political scientist


The High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles publishes a book with political commentaries on the situation in the country at different times by political scientist Alexander Anatolyevich Khramchikhin. The book contains all his publications from Internet sites.

Recent issues raised in the articles political scientist

Often raised in the publications Khramchikhina question - this is the situation in the Donbas. According to the political scientist, Ukraine in the hands of the West could not become an instrument against the Russian Federation. Constantly accepting money from Western countries, Ukraine was unable to draw Russian citizens to its side. Alexander Anatolyevich expresses the view that the United States will soon cease to “love” such Ukraine. And in order to regain its position, its leadership will decide on a war. Everything can happen according to the Croatian scenario of 1995, when the Serb Krajina was liquidated.

Russia and Turkey


The political scientist has repeatedly spoken out about the problems of interaction between Russia and Turkey: “Erdogan will strike Russia in the back at the slightest opportunity.” According to the political scientist, in Syria for Russia "turned out" a favorable situation. As with Stalin’s slogan, a mighty blow was struck in a foreign territory against a most dangerous enemy. During the war, the diplomacy of the Russian Federation also showed itself. The plans of the enemies to unite were foreseen, and their alliances collapsed under the onslaught of the work of Russian diplomats. Political analyst insists that, despite the success in the Syrian war, you need to be careful with Erdogan. He can not forgive Russia that she made him play by her own rules.

Deutsche Welle

The Deutsche Welle publication, asking questions of a political analyst about the country's national security strategy, received exhaustive answers. Alexander Anatolyevich is critical of Moscow’s ignoring the real threats to the country.

Strategy developed until 2020. The political analyst tried to analyze why this document appeared and how the country's leadership plans to ensure security.

The political scientist claims that he saw nothing new in the document. America is still the enemy. But the authors do not raise the question of China. It is more correct to say that China is considered as an ally in three directions. Such a position is not clear and is not acceptable by an expert.


Particularly interesting to read articles of an analytical nature. For example, the arguments of a military expert on the prospects of military technology. A nuclear weapon, according to the expert, is rather a weapon of psychological influence. The direction associated with the development of ballistic missiles is the direction of future development. The expert argues that the view of the tank, as the obsolete weapons, completely erroneous. You can not ignore the development of artillery. Confirmation of its use in the Donbas. The development direction of combat robots is considered promising. Of course, the issue of analyzing the development of aviation is raised. A political scientist calls her a new god of modern times. Today is the time for UAVs.

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