Roberto Di Matteo: life, career and interesting facts from the life of a former football player


Roberto Di Matteo is a renowned Swiss-Italian coach who about 15 years ago completed a fruitful career as a field player and devoted himself to the activities of a football mentor. However, about all this you can tell a little more detail.


About club career

Di Matteo was born in the small Swiss town of Schaffahausen on May 29, 1970. His parents migrated there from Italy to find work there. It was in this town that Roberto Di Matteo began his first steps towards success. He was fond of football since childhood. At the age of six he came to FSH at the Schaffhausen club, where he studied sports. He moved to professional football only at the age of 18. His first team was his native Schaffhausen. At that time, this club played in the second division. For three seasons, the young midfielder played 50 matches and scored two goals. After which he was bought by Zurich.

In this club, Roberto served as the so-called zone defender. And he got very skillful at correcting the mistakes of teammates on the field. For Zurich, he played 34 matches and scored 6 goals (this is for one season), after which he moved to Arau. It was Matteo who helped this club, which has not won anything since 1914, to win the Swiss championship in 1992/93.

Then, from 1993 to 1996, he played for Lazio. But Roberto Di Matteo defended the colors of Chelsea in London for the longest time. He played in the English club for 6 seasons, after which he hung the shoes on a nail.


Life changing event

It is worth noting that in 2000, when the football season had just begun, Di Matteo received a very serious injury. And it was a triple leg fracture. Trauma, due to which you can lose a limb at all. He received it on September 28 literally 40 miles from his hometown, at a game with FC St. Gallen. It was a match within the framework of the UEFA Cup. Matteo himself says that for some time he did not even feel pain. But then she appeared.

He had to undergo ten operations in a month and a half. After that 1.5 years (!) Of recovery followed. It is for this reason that Roberto Di Matteo, whose photos are provided in the article, had to end his career. There was no talk about returning to football - the main thing was not to lose a leg.


What next?

The love of sport in the heart of the former midfielder has not faded away. He managed to get a coaching license, having a valid contract with the London club. And after an exhausting recovery, he returned to football. “Milton Keynes Dons” in 2008 was headed by Di Matteo.

The coach is who he is from that moment on. True, the Italian did not stay long at Milton Keynes Dons, as he was invited to West Bromwich, who was in bad shape at that time. However, this club in the first match lost with a crushing 0-6 score to Di Matteo's former team - Chelsea. Apparent success was not achieved, because Roberto was dismissed in 2011.


Last 5 years

In 2011, Di Matteo was appointed assistant to Chelsea's head coach. But then for some time the Italian was his acting. Due to the fact that the head coach of the team was fired.

And by the way, it was under the leadership of Matteo that Chelsea won the FA Cup, beating in the final a sworn opponent, which is Liverpool. But that's not all, because after two weeks the British took the main football trophy - the victory in the Champions League. This was a significant event. After all, Chelsea Champions League won for the first time in history. It was a stunning success.

It is not surprising that Roberto was appointed after that head coach. But then things got worse, and he was fired. Practically nothing was heard about Roberto Di Matteo. “Where is the former coach of the“ pensioners ”now?” - many asked themselves this question. But in 2014, he was again published. Roberto was invited to train Schalke. But since the club went down in the Bundesliga table to three positions (to sixth place), Di Matteo was fired.

On June 3, 2016, Roberto signed a contract with Aston Villa FC. Having received the authority of a coach, he bought players for 50 million pounds sterling, however, despite this, the club for 11 rounds did not show any success and finished in 19th place. So most recently, on October 3, 2016, the coach was fired. And so far there is no news about him. Just guessing. Maybe Di Matteo will dare to try himself as a coach. Or will no longer enter into contracts. It remains only to follow the news.

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