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Many Latin names are harmonious, perhaps that is why they were so popular at all times. Now, despite the fact that it is fashionable to use rare and sometimes extravagant names, Latin ones are in great demand among future parents. The choice is huge for newborn boys and girls. You can choose the most common and not very long and short. Choosing a name is usually confusing. But not everyone knows that there are "noble" and "resolute", "gentle" and "hard" names. Perhaps that is why the name often determines the character, or rather, has an impact on its formation. Latin spelling of names is usually different from the usual to us in that the letters are replaced by Latin ones. Here are some of the Latin names that sound beautiful and not too extravagant.

Male names sounding firm and proud

Typically, such names have hard consonants, often a combination of several consonants. From this they sound decisively, which is very suitable for a male character. For example:

1. Valery. In Latin, translated as strong and healthy. The boy, whose name is Valera, since childhood, has the courage and strength. He can be at times unbearably proud, from this woman is not always enthusiastic.

2. Victor. Translated as a winner. Undoubtedly, fighting qualities and the desire to win are his strong point.


3. Ignat. Translated from Latin as fiery. Ignatius is another variation of this name. It may seem simple and unsophisticated, but it is a deft deception. Ignaty capricious and swift in achieving the goal. They do not like to be commanded, but they have enough prudence to make concessions.

4. Mark. From Latin translates as a hammer. Affectionate name - Marik. This is a practical and proud personality. Despite the attraction to the opposite sex, the wife chooses very carefully. It has a strong will and firmness of character. These Latin names emphasize the solid masculine character that is so appreciated by women.

The Most Eminent Names for Boys

They sound beautiful, are pronounced easily and give their representative an excellent character precisely these Latin names. Men's qualities will not suffer, you can be sure!

1. Innocent. Translated as innocent or blameless. It has a fine mental organization, it can be sensitive, sentimental and even vulnerable. Always able to have frank conversations. The character of Innocent is kind, he is always happy to help people. He is a poet in his soul, an artist, a psychologist, subtly knowing and understanding human weaknesses. Since childhood, endowed with high intellectual abilities.


2. Constantine. Translated as solid and permanent. The boy grows curious, he tends to invent something new thanks to a beautiful imagination. The seriousness and desire for independence developed beyond his years. He has a good character, is a decent and honest person. It has a high activity, happy to solve even the most complex cases. This man is balanced and with a stable psyche.

Names for boys that sound soft

These names of Latin origin convey a pleasant sound to the ears:

1. Anton. Translated as voluminous, competing and wide. This is a sweet boy who is attached to his family. He likes to analyze the characters of the people around him and the situation, he is capable of introspection. Patience is well developed, has intuition, however, the fickleness of views and decisions do not always contribute to the achievement of his goals.


2. Valentine. Translated as strong and healthy. Despite good willpower, the boy is a delicate psychologist. Sense of humor like all the fairer sex. Can be extremely sentimental and even hot-tempered.

3. The novel. Latin is translated as Roman. Roma is reliable and committed to the ideal in everything. This is an independent, curious person. To affect him is very difficult. But he himself is able to convince anyone and anything. In relation to his wife shows the best qualities, such as honesty and generosity.

4. Julius. This is a Roman generic name. Since childhood, prone to ingenuity. His leadership qualities will not leave anyone indifferent. Very artistic, his imagination and imagination are simply amazing.

Noble male names

What could be better for a boy than a nobility? There are such Latin names and their meanings that endow with this valuable quality.

1. Vitali. Translated as life. Acne is very developed not only spiritually, but also physically. His mind is reasonable, and his character is calculating. He loves women and enjoys their success.

2. Maxim. Translated as great or great. It is independent not on years. Sometimes she likes to be alone. Quite a sensual person, and his humor is highly valued among women.

3. Renat. It means reborn. Phlegmatic, may not always be decisive. He loves work and constantly strives to take a leading position.

The most common names for boys

These Latin names are very popular in Russian-speaking countries, but this does not make them less popular.

1. Paul. Means small. Pasha is just a generator of communication, and thanks to this the circle of his friends is quite wide. His character is calm, he will always come to the rescue. Striving for compromises.

2. Sergey. Mean high or highly esteemed. A man who is characterized by joy and optimistic attitude to the world. Endowed with a rich emotion, loves to experiment, is able to come up with new and sought-after ideas.


The most common names for girls

Why not use Latin names when choosing? Women, it should be noted, sound incredibly beautiful.

1. Natalia. Mean dear. Natasha's character is soft and calm, for others she seems carefree and frivolous, her emotions are deep. Possesses high morality and ambition.

2. Tatiana. Derived from the name of King Tatia. For her husband will always be faithful friend of life. It has a fighting character, will be able to stand not only for himself but also for others. Does not endure conflicts and always seeks to smooth out the tense situation with a joke.

3. Karina. Translated as looking forward. This is a lively and fussy child who can easily be offended. Tries to always please others. Sociable person and friendly hostess, who can not live without noisy guests.


Female names sounding solid

Some Latin names for girls sound firm and endow the owner with courage, activity and determination.

1. Albina. Translated as white. Temperamental and sometimes even courageous. Always takes the leading position, likes to rule, is prone to conflicts. Very purposeful, but all this does not deprive her of femininity.

2. Valeria. Translated as strong and healthy. Men like her unpredictability. Curious and very careful.

3. Violetta. Translated as a violet. It has a sharp intuition and analytical character.

4. Margarita. Translated as a pearl. Mind and intelligence - its main qualities.

5. Rose. Means flower rose. Given a completely chosen profession, sexy.

Majestic female names

These names call the heroines of the novels due to the sensual sound.

1. Angelica. A very charming personality, attractive for men.


2. Victoria. Translated as a victory. Temperamental and loves to be the center of attention. Has high creative potential.


3. Regina. Translated as a queen. Great hostess. Always reaches the goal.

And how to write a name in Latin? It is very simple, because for this purpose only Latin transliteration is used.

Gentle and soft Latin names

Female names that give their owner a natural softness, you will love it!

1. Valentine. Translated as strong and healthy. This is a cute little girl who always strives for candor.

2. Clara. Translated as clear. Obedient and friendly. Easily vulnerable and sensitive.

3. Julia. This is a popular Roman name. Possesses liveliness and mobility. It costs nothing to achieve high career heights.

4. Lily. Mean white flower. Fragile girl with a calm and pleasant character. Always mind flirting.

5. Marina. Translated as sea. Impulsive character. It has tremendous will power. Always surrounded by fans.

6. Ulyana. Roman personal name. The character is fair, correct, sometimes sharp and self-willed.

7. Antonina. Translated as voluminous. This is a gullible person and, moreover, very responsive. Addicting

8. Rimma. Translated from Latin means throwing. Passionate and very gentle.

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