The time difference between Moscow and Orenburg: there and back


Consider the situation: an admirer of the youth hockey club "Sarmaty" lives in the main metropolis of the republic. The desire to watch the battle of the team of gallant and brave fighters in a home game inclines an ice-fighting enthusiast to an expedition between Moscow and Orenburg. The time difference is assumed: the distance between the beginning and the finish of the check in by the odometer is 1469 kilometers. The end point of the voyage lies on the adjacent parallels with Gold-domed - 55.75 ° Ufa - 55.97 ° and Yekaterinburg - 60.60 ° north latitude. But the eastern longitude suggests that the time zones will be different: 37.61 ° at the heart of the country and 55.1 ° at the steppe city.


Car Voyage

The time difference between Moscow and Orenburg is two hours. Suppose a healthy and active fan went on his own snow-white “Citroen C4”. According to the technical passport, the vehicle has a variation in appetite for gasoline of 4.2-8.1 liters per hundred kilometers. Unsettled domestic roads are well known. Therefore, when the consumption of 8l / 100 km will need 118 liters of fuel. Good news: the volume of the fuel tank selected for the voyage of a car is 60 liters, so you have to stop a couple of times to refuel on the route. When the cost of gasoline is 40 rubles per liter, the fuel costs for both ends will be 9440 rubles. There are 24 settlements along the route, among them Ryazan, Penza and Samara. Filling stations enough. Travers is an almost straight line. Shorter than 200 kilometers only by air.


The benefit of knowledge, what is the difference in time between Orenburg and Moscow, let us examine by example. Tiffosi drive company. Therefore, the driver will have a changer. Travelers calculated that the duration of the journey will be 23 hours and 17 minutes. If the group starts from the metropolitan area of ​​Biryulyovo at seven at dawn on February 8, then a hockey fan will be on the streets of American Orlando's sister at around nine in the morning on the 9th. There will be a commander reserve to check in to the hotel, take a shower and have lunch before the game starts. Holt need, as will be two meetings in a row. We should not be surprised that arithmetic does not converge. Let us add to the starting instant the duration of the cruise and subtract the length of the day; 6 h 17 min - the expected indication bregeta.

But after all, a passionate fan of the puck and putter arrived in another region. There is a big time difference between Moscow and Orenburg. The gap must be summed up with the arithmetic result: it will be 8 h 17 min.

It is useful to remember that hotel check-in begins at noon. Therefore, it is advantageous to leave the Kremlin walls at 10–11 for two reasons:

  1. Do not hang around in vain in the morning traffic jams.
  2. Arrive at the fairy-tale palaces, sports complexes and stadiums at the time of the hotel settlement.

Wheels dictate wagon

We will inspect the other case of the trip: the citizen is sent on a long-term business trip by the forces of the railways. From Kazansky railway station, the train will start at 6:08 pm, and the passenger will reach the destination point at 23:05. But this does not mean that at the dial of the station chronometer, the residence of Gazprom will be 17:13. The timer will take into account the time difference between Moscow and Orenburg and show 19:13.

The travel time on a car and on a train varies by twelve minutes. In terms of comfort, the railway is preferable:

  1. In cars, the man behind the wheel in suspense, it is necessary to constantly monitor the road. Even a replacement partner will not relieve fatigue caused by management.
  2. Friendly guides of the Russian Railways will offer a set of clean bed linen, will treat you to hot tea, will wake up carefully before arrival.

Under the wing of a steel bird

The third episode will help to finally understand whether there is a big time difference between Moscow and Orenburg. The traveler will use the forces of aviation. From Sheremetyevo the Airbus takes off at 15:55. Arrival at the international airport of the “capital of Soviet aviation” - 20:21 local dimension. The gap is 4:26, although it will take 2 hours 26 minutes to soar in the sky. The discrepancy of 120 minutes is the result of the action of the maternity belts.

It is necessary to take into account the opposite effect when the odyssey from the fortress of the south-eastern borders to the white stone. Starting at the Central Airport named after the first cosmonaut at sunrise at 6:05 local measurement, the tour ends at 6:20 Moscow time. One hundred and twenty minutes of flight are adjusted by the delta of watch regions. As if the timer had slowed down: the voyager flew out at six and landed at six.

Recall and correct

The time difference between Moscow and Orenburg remains unchanged, no matter what transport a comrade gets to the pilgrimage goal: by car, train or plane. When moving from gold-domed to steppe metropolis, it is necessary to set the local moment on the chronometer - move the hands 2 hours ahead. When moving out of the mediating city between Russia and Central Asia, the hands of the Red Head move two hours back.

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