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Undoubtedly, this person can be considered a colorful figure on the political Olympus of Ukraine. Still, in the past he held a responsible position in the Cabinet of Ministers, heading the ministry of income and fees in the brotherly country. Oleksandr Klymenko, which will be discussed in our article, was the initiator of national reconciliation in Ukraine, believing that his native state should develop exclusively according to its own scenario. Was this official able to do something useful for Ukraine? How Alexander Klimenko could occupy the most important post in the government apparatus? Consider these questions in more detail.

Curriculum Vitae

Klimenko Alexander Viktorovich - a native of Makeyevka, located on the territory of the Donetsk region. He was born on November 16, 1980. Since childhood, the future minister of income and fees wanted to be like his father, who was a competent organizer, experienced leader and caring head of the family.


Having received a certificate of maturity, Alexander Klimenko goes to study at the Donetsk State University, choosing a finance department. Subsequently, one higher education will not seem to him enough, and he will receive a diploma from the National Academy of Management under the President of Ukraine.

First steps in business

Understanding perfectly well that it’s quite difficult to live on a student scholarship, in the early 2000s, Klimenko Aleksandr Viktorovich decided to take up business activities on a parity basis with his brother. After some time, he became a successful businessman, heading a number of commercial structures, which in 2005 were merged into a large holding.

First steps in politics

Alexander Klymenko in politics was first noticed during the Orange Revolution, when he joined the ranks of the Our Ukraine party.


In the capital of Donetsk region, he once headed the electoral headquarters of the "orange".

State service

Alexander Klimenko, whose biography is certainly interesting and remarkable, in 2005 changed priorities in his professional career. He goes to work at the State Tax Inspectorate. For the next five years, he has headed the department for work with large taxpayers in Donetsk. In this position, he manages to introduce into the work of tax inspectors strategic management and risk-oriented system. These innovations allowed us to obtain maximum rates for the "collection" of taxes in 2010.

Career goes uphill

The successes achieved by Oleksandr Klymenko did not go unnoticed: he soon received an offer to take the post of first deputy chairman of the state tax administration in the Donetsk region, and he accepts it.


In 2011, a promising official on the initiative of then-head of state Viktor Yanukovych was transferred to the post of head of the Ukrainian State Tax Service, and a few months later the Ministry of Revenue and Fees was established.

What could make Alexander Klimenko, whose photo was often flashed on the front pages of local newspapers, as the head of the STS and the head of the new department?

Firstly, he was able to create favorable conditions for the development of the investment climate.

Secondly, the official gave entrepreneurs the opportunity to do business more freely by simplifying the process of paying taxes.

Third, Alexander Klimenko weakened the influence of the shadow economy through the introduction of innovative schemes in the work of the tax apparatus.

Career advancement

In 2012-2013, the Ukrainian politician took an active part in the negotiations on economic issues in the framework of Ukraine’s accession to the European Association.


Klimenko made a lot of efforts to settle trade disputes with Russia.

During the period of his career, Alexander Viktorovich was awarded the scientific degree of the candidate of economic sciences and the Executive MBA degree under the program “Strategic management in the face of change”. As an experienced businessman and manager, he made a huge contribution to the development of a large-scale program to create a new economic policy in Ukraine.

In 2013, the head of the ministry of taxes and fees insisted on the adoption of the most important economic law, which regulated in detail the issues of transfer pricing. Klimenko wanted to once and for all end the withdrawal of capital to offshore.

Political career sunset

After the coup d'état at the end of February 2014, Alexander Klimenko was removed from his post, and his department was abolished. The political ambitions of Alexander Viktorovich were not pleasing to the new government, so he was removed from public affairs.

In May 2014, the politician was officially declared wanted. However, no attacks from ill-wishers do not stop the policy in an effort to serve the interests of their homeland. Alexander Viktorovich has repeatedly set up litigation to protect his own reputation, honor and dignity.

Despite the fact that it is located many kilometers from Ukraine, Klimenko considered it his duty to create a social structure called “Restoring Donbass”, the purpose of which is to assist in the adaptation of temporary migrants and search for solutions to problems encountered in eastern Ukraine.

Escape from the country

When the Yanukovych regime fell, Alexander Viktorovich was forced to leave Ukraine. During the investigative check-up, which was organized on the initiative of the new authorities, law enforcement agencies found a number of criminal violations. Detectives said that during their tenure at the ministerial post of Alexander Klimenko, the state treasury suffered enormous losses. True, evidence, as such, has not been provided.

Also, representatives of the new regime blamed the politician for allegedly financing the organization of the riots that took place in Odessa in early May last year.



Among the hobbies of the former head of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties is collecting watches of branded brands.

Family status

It is known that Alexander Klimenko is a family man: he has a wife and three children (two sons and a daughter).

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