The most beautiful female name? This is the name of the beloved!


The most beautiful female name … How many disputes were on this subject. Someone likes the original names: Daria and Maria, Uliana and Xenia among the Slavs, Farida and Malik among Muslims, Avital and Taiba among Jews, etc. Others prefer modern names, which have become almost international. So appear Snezhana, Zlata, Angelina and Cameron. Find the most beautiful female name is impossible, just as it is impossible to determine what is more beautiful: the beauty of the mountains or the blue of the sea. For a young man, this may be his beloved name, for a daughter - his mother's name, and for parents - the names of their daughters. In addition, every nation has its favorite female names.


The most beautiful female name in terms of astrology

All nations and nationalities are addicted to astrology today. This unrecognized science is very popular all over the world. And astrologers believe that the most beautiful female name is the one that corresponds to the date, place and time of birth of the girl. In Russia, they used to give names according to the Saints. Today, mystics suggest choosing a name according to the teachings of numerology or the time of year. Their opponents are sure that the girl should be called so that the name imposes a positive imprint on their fate. So, if an Arab woman called Jusam (this name, which translates as “nightmare”, was very popular at one time), then she will be deeply unhappy all her life. The most beautiful female name, these specialists are sure, is that which carries a positive charge. It can be Ronit (joyful singing), Lassi (beloved), Amani (desired), etc.

Caution: other people


Today, in the era of the mixing of peoples and nationalities, it is necessary to give very careful names to children, especially girls. Because the sonorous and beautiful name from the point of view of one language can cause bewilderment among people who do not speak this language. This story happened in a girl named Yusraa. This name in her homeland was the most common, but in the city where she came to study, it provoked people to create incoherent synonyms.


Fortunately, such cases are very rare. On the contrary, the most beautiful Muslim female names today are given to both Russian, and American, and Polish girls. And these names are really sonorous and beautiful. Just listen to: Shatha (fragrant), Safia (pure), Camila (perfect), Zarina (flammable).

The most beautiful Russian female names

There are quite a few websites on the Internet where name ratings are compiled. The data is constantly changing, but that's what's interesting. The old, very warm and sonorous Russian names Elena and Natalya, Polina and Anna practically never go out of fashion. Irina, Alexandrina (or Alexandra) are given the sonorous names of many girls; Faith, Hope and Love, Nina, Tatyana, etc. are always popular. What is the most beautiful female name? No answer. Every nation, in every family and every person has the best name - the one that he likes, with which something good, good, dear is connected. Call the girls Roses and Jamilyes, Sabrins and Bellams, Katerins and Leyla, Karina and Suliko. And may your daughters be happy.

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