Night club "Approximate behavior": address, description, reviews


Swingers are people who prefer collective orgies and sex with multiple partners to married life. Someone thinks this is a way of life, and someone is just entertainment and a remedy for boredom.

Swing gained wide popularity in the 50s, and now every year its popularity is growing. Previously, swingers found a couple through advertisements, and now in many cities special institutions have opened up, where swingers come and find each other. The participants of these institutions not only indulge in collective pleasures, but also hold different sessions, tours, and live life to the fullest, developing personal sexual skills.


In Moscow, there are several swing nightclubs: "Approximate behavior", "Night Violet", "Adam and Eve", "The Island", "Vintage", "Pier of Blemish" and others.

In this article, we will dwell on the institution called “Exemplary Behavior”, which was opened at the end of 2013, and will tell about its direction.

"Approximate behavior"

Night club located in the South-Eastern district of Moscow (Vykhino). The institution is open from Tuesday to Sunday, around the clock. For more information, you can contact the administrator of the club by calling the phone number listed on the official website of the PP.


The club specializes in holding closed theme parties and exciting shows. Every guest here is waiting for the sea of ​​erotica and flirting, pleasant acquaintances. Visitors to the club feel welcome, and a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere makes it possible to truly relax and unwind.

"Approximate behavior" - a night club of a special format. It reigns an atmosphere of debauchery, violent sex, lust, endless pleasure and beauty. In everyday life, few people succeed in embodying their innermost desires, and the atmosphere of “Exemplary behavior” provides just such an opportunity. The club places privacy, security and comfort in the first place, so you can do whatever you want here without hesitation.

A little bit about design, kitchen and show programs


The interior of the night club “Approximate behavior” is expressed in the high-tech style and is in no way inferior in its concept to the best Moscow clubs. Here, a cozy atmosphere, which disposes to a pleasant pastime, a large recessed dance floor, comfortable sofas, a modern speaker system.



The menu of the club is a wide selection of various dishes of Russian and European cuisines, besides this you can order a stunning kebab (about 30 types), cooked over charcoal.

Professional barmen work behind the twelve-meter counter to prepare you any trendy cocktail.

Show programs

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the club organizes fun swingers party, which is attended by beautiful girls Go-Go.

On Saturdays and Fridays, the exciting Swingers Angels program is held.

The club management guarantees excellent music, exclusive and hot erotic shows, extreme striptease, maximum passion, excitement and adrenaline. Spectacular dancers will show you such bright productions that will bring the maximum aesthetic pleasure.

Cost of

The night club "Approximate behavior" differs among other similar metropolitan institutions with its reasonable prices. For the fair sex entrance is completely free. The cost of entry for men varies from a thousand rubles to two and depends on the time of the visit and the day of the week.


The club accepts both cash and bank cards.

About visiting rules

Deciding to come to rest in the club, you should first understand that the format of this institution is special, and take into account the fact that all the responsibility and risk falls on the shoulders of the guest. The administration of the night club "Approximate behavior" prohibits the presence of persons in it:

- in a state of severe drug or alcohol intoxication;

- behaving aggressively and incorrectly;

- representatives of a male with a non-traditional sexual orientation are not allowed to demonstrate their attitude towards each other in the club;

- at the entrance to the institution, each guest is obliged to hand over all devices with video and photofixing functions;

- Commercial sex on the territory of the club is strictly prohibited;

- citizens can enter the club from 21 to 50 years.

Swinger club "Approximate behavior": reviews and address

About the institution "Approximate behavior", located on Samarkand Boulevard (building number 8), you can hear very contradictory reviews. Among the advantages of the guests of the club are the following:

  • Excellent and fast service.
  • Chic hookah.
  • Very tasty food.
  • Good music.
  • Interesting interior.
  • Great show programs.
  • Among the visitors only adequate people.
  • Little people.
  • Polite security.

In negative reviews, club customers usually note:

  • The lack of bathroom accessories in the shower.
  • Unsuitable type of rest rooms.
  • Location
  • Small area.
  • Poor ventilation.
  • Lack of discounts.

In general, the institution is not bad. After a recent change of management, judging by the reviews, the nightclub “Exemplary behavior” has become much better: the service personnel changed, the repair was made, and adequate people now work at the place of boorish security officers.

Many recommend the club for a fun and relaxing holiday.

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