Modern innovative technology: definition and scope


Innovative technology - a tool of the field of knowledge, covering the methodological and organizational issues of innovation. Research in this area is engaged in such an area of ​​science as innovation.


Modern innovative technologies are associated with a large number of problems that may be the subject of their research. Also, this concept can be attributed to the new means of regulation with the subsequent development of some social processes that have the ability to achieve compliance in the complexities of the social situation. Thus, innovative technology should be aimed at meeting human and social needs in the face of uncertainty.


So, let's dwell on the term. Innovative technology is a certain innovation in the field of technology, technology and the organization of labor or management, which is based on the effective use of advanced experience and scientific achievements. It allows you to improve product quality in the manufacturing sector. The use of this term does not imply any innovation or innovation, but only those that can seriously increase the efficiency of the existing system.


The use of innovative technologies provides for the implementation of a set of organizational measures and techniques that are aimed at servicing, manufacturing, operating and repairing a product with optimal costs and a nominal amount. As a result of such activities in various areas of life innovations are not only created, but also materialize. Also, their action is aimed at the rational use of economic, social material resources.


Innovative technology can be classified by the following features:

  • according to the degree of novelty;
  • on the scope and scope of application;
  • by reason of occurrence;
  • by efficiency.

System creation required


Practice in this field has always been ambiguous and difficult. At the same time, the solution of emerging problems, which are found in modern conditions and are expressed by complete deregulation and inadequacy of social tools for the application of innovative processes, requires certain knowledge. This implies the creation of a reasoned and flexible system of scientific substantiation of innovations, capable of taking into account the specifics and logic of applying not only the innovation itself, but also the peculiarities of its perception and evaluation. Only in this case, the implementation of innovations can be effective. The basis of this approach to ensuring innovations is the simultaneous study of all aspects of the interaction between the social environment and innovation, identifying those areas of such interaction that may have a greater impact on the success of innovation processes with anticipation and recognition of possible problematic issues in this area.

Thus, it is advisable to single out such components of the innovation system as diagnostics and research of innovations.

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