Modern and funny bride price - interesting ideas and script


Bride price is the most ancient custom, which dates back to the incest prohibition. The groom was looking for a girl from a different kind. Often there was no connection between the two tribes, or they were hostile. Therefore, it was necessary to take the bride, accompanied by the squad, and her relatives were paid a rich ransom. Much time has passed since then, but even now the bridegroom has been offered to fight for his betrothed.

To be or not to be?

Traditionally, in front of the house of the bride groom and his friends waiting for the witness with her friends. They offer to climb to the desired floor on foot, completing various tasks along the way. The unfortunate groom is wrapped in toilet paper, watered with salt water, forced to shout declarations of love, feverishly recall the date of birth of the mother-in-law, seek out the prints of the lips of his bride and climb into the pelvis. For mistakes, they require money, liquor or sweets. No wonder that many men are scared off by this prospect.

At the same time, most girls dream that the bridegroom, for their sake, overcome all the trials, demonstrate to the family and friends the power of his love. To keep traditions, but at the same time not to frighten off the future husband, cheerful modern bride redemptions are called. With their help, you can set the desired emotional background throughout the holiday.

What to consider

To avoid incidents, the bride must voice her expectations to her friends beforehand. Well, if:


  • The redemption process will take no more than 15-20 minutes.
  • The action will take place in a beautiful place: a park, a public garden. In the extreme case - before entering the house. Video filming at the entrance never succeeds.
  • Conducting competitions will not involve the adoption of alcohol by the bridegroom and his friends.
  • The interests and fears of the chosen one will be taken into account. Do not make serenades sing one who has no hearing. Do not make a clown from a serious businessman, forcing him to ride a tricycle. Sports lovers are not offered to find a footprint of the bride, but a soccer ball with a blindfold.
  • Let bride redemption contests remind you of your love story, romantic moments.

Ready for family life!

Entry into a new stage of life can be compared with conscription. On the door of the entrance hang the inscription "Calling party grooms." A ridiculous bride price can be spent by her father in the uniform of a general and a witness. For a start, they build young people in a line and offer to execute commands, checking their sobriety.


Then, the bridegroom is called forward, who proves his readiness for family life. He is invited to:

  • To cross the path from the office to the store, and then to the house blindfolded. An uncomplicated labyrinth is drawn in advance on the drawing paper; the groom is given a marker. Friends suggest a direction.
  • Demonstrate the power of your love by complimenting the bride and at the same time eating lemon slices.
  • Build a house of cubes in 3 minutes. The witness takes a penalty if the house does not have a two-car garage.
  • Plant the tree by attaching the leaves to the trunk drawn on the drawing paper. On each of them are written the duties that the groom must perform: bring coffee to bed, throw out trash, put socks in place, etc.
  • Raise a son who becomes a groom's friend. He needs to be dressed up in a bonnet and a bib, give a nipple, sit on his knees and lull a lullaby.

After passing the test the bridegroom is awarded the title of "Newlywed".

Baba Glasha

This cool ransom of the bride will please the groom with a good sense of humor. The witness is to play the mischievous grandmother, who sits at the entrance and puts her nose in everything. She greets guests with questions of who they are looking for: Tanya from the 5th apartment, to whom the gentlemen always roam? Lena, who is five months pregnant? Having found out the answer, the old woman praises the bride and undertakes to check whether her fiancé is worthy.


For this:

  • The witness must describe the positive qualities of a friend, putting candy in his mouth each time.
  • The groom guesses how the items on display are related to his bride or their relationship.
  • Having reached the apartment, the guests see on the door a lot of balls with male names. It is necessary to burst unnecessary.

Several ribbons protrude from behind the closed door. Baba Glasha offers to pull the right one. The groom does this, a man in a tulle curtain comes out, then an old woman with a wand. Young people refuse to "wrong" brides, Baba Glasha is perplexed that they are not satisfied. The groom is invited to describe his bride. After the story, woman Glasha declares that this is her exact portrait, but she liked the witness more. And if he will allow him to kiss his cheek, the groom will receive his bride. After meeting the conditions, lovers meet.

Prince on a white horse

Every girl wants to feel like a princess. To fulfill this desire will help stylized bride price. For each contest the groom receives a piece of the heart. Folding it, he becomes the owner of the apartment key of his girlfriend.


But before that you need:

  • Fight a dragon drawn on a dartboard.
  • To sing a serenade to the accompaniment of musical instruments. The bridegroom is handed the words, his friends are ladles, covers from pans, spoons, a whistle, rattles.
  • To accomplish the feat in the name of the beloved, collecting the scattered objects in the garbage bag and cleaning the potato.
  • Bring the prey to the house (from the bow to get into the balloons, which depict animals).

Upon entering the apartment, the groom encounters a new ordeal. The evil sorceress turned the bride into a toy frog. You can save her by casting a spell. The witness knows him, but first she will ask the groom to remember what the bride remembers some dates for. Only after this spell falls.

Travel Agency "In Search of a Better"

This is a funny and modern bride price, during which the groom goes on a journey. First, it is necessary to cross the border between idle and family lives. The customs officer will check the presence of alcohol, sweet, currency and will require to pay a tax. Then comes the turn of the test:


  • "Choice of direction". The groom must find his bride in the school photos of the whole class.
  • "We buy a ticket." It is proposed to guess the country in its capital. At the end of the test, the witness asks, a ticket to which destination to issue the bridegroom. That should give the address of the bride.
  • "Aircraft". The groom and the witness with one hand fold the plane out of the newspaper. How far it will be abandoned - so much will be free. Each next step involves an answer to the question about the bride, getting to know her, memorable events.
  • "Checkpoint". It is not easy to remain loving in difficult situations. Offer the bridegroom a compliment to his wife, who has spent his entire salary, prepared a "Doshirak" for dinner, read the messages in his phone, etc.
  • "I agree". The groom must pull out a piece of paper with this inscription to go to the bride. For every mistake he will have to pay. In order not to make the chosen one nervous, write a cherished phrase on all the pieces of paper.

Bride price in a private house

Relatives are actively involved in contests. Cottage or summer cottage is a great place to hold a bride price, especially if there is good weather. The yard can be pre-decorated with posters, balloons, flowers. Men and clockwork grandmothers dress up in tulle curtains, beads, wreaths of flowers, turning them into fake brides.

The groom is met by a delegation of parents and girlfriends girls. He is offered a choice of several betrayed. When he begins to deny fake beauties, parents complain about the intelligibility of today's youth. Does he even know which bride is his? A quiz on the biography of the betrothed is being conducted:

  • Born in 1990 - yours?
  • In five years, I read Blok by heart - is it yours?
  • Went to the swimming section - is it yours?
  • Falling asleep with a soft toy - yours?
  • It turns out today for an enviable groom - yours?
  • Do not shed a tear for all the years of marriage - yours?


Tests from relatives

It’s just like that that the father and mother refuse to give their daughter and hold a series of competitions. They need a son-in-law:

  • Smart The groom is offered several cut photographs. Task: find and fold the portrait of the bride.
  • Handy Father asks to hammer a nail.
  • Economic. Mother offers to disassemble and assemble the meat grinder for speed.
  • Strong. Fighting on the hands of a brother or uncle of the bride.
  • Happy. Groom with friends dancing gypsy.
  • Caring and patient. The grandmother of the bride wears a dressing gown over her clothes, the groom is given thick gloves and is asked to fasten all the buttons.

In the end, the comic oath of the future husband is pronounced, and the bride goes to her lover.

Redemption of the bride bride

Modern women tend to be on the same step with men. They take on a huge number of responsibilities, competing with a strong gender in a professional field. Here and the bride ransom modern couples are sometimes replaced by theft of the groom. In this case, the girl has to fight for her lover, passing competitions and paying money.

Such a turn may shock guests, so appreciate all the risks in advance. Get the consent of the groom, ask his friends for help. You can also choose a compromise when the bridegroom first passes the test, and then he himself is taken away from the bride.


In the paws of idle life

So, the groom overcame all obstacles, reached the cherished door, the bride rushes to him, and then … A "single life" appears in the form of a man dressed in a woman's dress. She does not agree to just give such a noble guy and offers to compete for him. Following are the following contests:

  • "I'll feed you." "Single life" offers for dinner dumplings, crackers and beer. What does the bride do?
  • "I amuse you." "Single life" promises football, get-togethers with friends, a weekend of fishing and in the garage. What will the bride offer?
  • "Choose me". While the match is burning, the participants justify why the groom should choose each of them.
  • "I know you". “Bachelorhood” and the bride take turns calling things the groom likes. Who is bigger?
  • Dance with the groom. "Bachelorhood" famously dances under the first verse and chorus of the song Dune "If there was a sea of ​​beer." Bride and groom include a romantic composition.

After dancing, the culprit of disputes makes his choice in favor of his girlfriend.

Redemption of the bride will be a good beginning of the whole holiday if the organizers manage to make it cheerful, original and not delayed. The main thing is not to turn contests into mockery of the bridegroom.

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