What is race


Probably each of us knows what race is. Today we do not attach much importance to this issue and the history of the origin of races. Actually it is quite interesting. The human race is a group of people that has developed historically, they have similarities between themselves in terms of eyes, hair color, head shape, etc. Not so long ago, the entire population was divided into three main groups: black, yellow and white. Today everything is different.


Many people know what a race is, but they have no idea how it is classified, they don’t know the characteristics of each of them. The longstanding division of people by color has similarities with modern. There are such types of races: Negroid, Caucasoid and Mongoloid. All of them are significantly different from each other. There are also small races (there are about 30 of them) and they are located between the three main ones. To date, the pure representatives of his people are almost gone, mixed marriages have done their job.


Let's discuss each of the races. The Negroid includes people with dark and curly hair, chocolate-brown skin, brown eyes, a wide nose, full lips and jaws that are rather protruding. Most of the members of this race live in Africa, but you can meet them anywhere in the world.

Representatives of the Mongoloid race have a yellow skin tone, a narrow slit of eyes, the color of which is also brown, as a rule, dark hair and strongly protruding cheekbones. Their lips are thickened, and their nose has a low nose. The eyes of these people are often slightly slanted and facial hair is very rare. This race prevails in Asia, but due to migration, such people can be found anywhere in the world. According to researchers, the Mongoloid race settled the planet by 50%. Of this amount, more than half of the Chinese. The category of people under consideration is divided into three small groups: the northern Mongoloid, the southern, and the American (Indian).


The Caucasoid race consists of people with fair skin, lips of medium fullness and a narrow nose. Their eye color is varied: shades of blue, gray and green, as well as light brown. In men, the hair on the face is developed in sufficient, sometimes excessive amounts. The hair of the representatives of this race is wavy or straight, the eyes are wide open. Today they live all over the Earth, but such people were born in Europe and Western Asia. Some scholars believe that there is a Caucasoid Mongoloid race (a mixture of two peoples). Probably the truth is somewhere in the middle.

What is race and how it was formed, investigated thousands of scientists. They came to the conclusion that, depending on the place of residence, people acquired certain facial features, skin and hair color. For example, representatives of the Negroid group had dark skin and tough hair, so that it was easier for them to endure hot weather, unbearable heat. Previously, people did not know what a race is, and they behaved cruelly towards other people. Today this phenomenon is called racism, and representatives of the above groups have long been mixed and live together across the entire territory of our planet.

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