The world of the departed, or How to count 9 days after death


Death is not the end of the road. This is only a milestone that everyone goes through, but no one knows what is behind it. Today there are many elements of the cultural heritage associated with death that have been passed down from generation to generation. Some of them serve as a boon to the deceased and his living relatives. Thus, the commemoration of the dead in Orthodoxy is carried out on the ninth, and later on the fortieth day after the death. Here several questions arise at once: why this happens and how to count 9 days after death? The best answer will probably be the one that many clerics give. Today we will talk about this in detail.


First nine days after death

The time from the moment of death on the ninth day is called the formation of the so-called body of eternity. It was then that the soul of the deceased is led to places of paradise, and in our world various memorial rites are held.

These days, the departed are still in the world of the living, they watch people, hear and see them. Thus, the soul says goodbye to the world of the living. So, 9 days, 40 days after death are the frontiers that every human soul must go through.

Forty days after death

Nine days after the death, the human soul flies to hell to look at the torment of sinners. She does not yet know about her future fate, and those torments that she sees should shake her and scare her. Not everyone has such a chance. Before counting 9 days after death, the relatives of the deceased must ask for repentance for his sins, because when there are too many, the soul immediately goes to hell (three days after the death of the person), where it remains until the Last Judgment. Relatives are advised to order a commemoration in the church to mitigate the fate of the deceased.


Show the soul and all the delights of paradise. Saints say that true Happiness dwells here, inaccessible to man in mortal life. In this place all wishes and dreams come true. Going to heaven, a person becomes not one, he is surrounded by angels, as well as other souls. And in hell, the soul is left alone with itself, experiencing terrible torment that never ends. Maybe you need to think about it today, in the future not to commit sins? ..

On the fortieth day after the death of the soul of the deceased appears before the Last Judgment, where its fate is decided. She leaves the world of the living forever. At this time, it is also customary to commemorate the deceased by prayers.

How to count 9 days after death?

The counting of nine days from the death of a person begins on the day when he died: until twelve o'clock in the morning one day is considered, and after this time the next one. It does not depend on when the church day begins (six or seven o'clock in the evening) and when the service is conducted. The countdown should be conducted on a regular calendar.

It is important that on the ninth day you must commemorate the deceased. First of all, you need to read the prayer at home and in church. Usually relatives attend the temple, where they order a requiem. If it is performed in this church not every day, you can order it on the eve of the commemoration day.

Memorial meal


For a long time, relatives of a deceased person made a memorial meal for 9 days after his death. Formerly, these were dinners for homeless or impoverished people, like giving alms on behalf of the deceased and his repose. Now they give alms to the cemetery or in the church, but at home they set the table for loved ones and relatives. It must be remembered that at the beginning and at the end of the commemoration dinner, it is necessary to say a prayer about who left the earthly world. For this purpose, read "Our Father".

The main dish to be tasted is kutya. It is a boiled wheat grain with raisins and honey. Before the meal, it is sprinkled with holy water. Then you can drink a small glass of wine, but this is not mandatory at the commemoration.

In Orthodoxy, it is customary to be the first to seat beggars, as well as old people and children. Distribute on the ninth day after the death of a man and his clothes or savings. This is done in order to help the soul of the deceased to be cleansed of all sins and go to heaven.

At the table that day you can not swear, to clarify any issues. It is necessary to remember the good events associated with the dead, responding positively to it.

If the wake comes to the post, you must adhere to its rules. Food in this case should be lean, alcohol should be discarded.



The loss of a loved one or a loved one can change the outlook, help a person take the first step towards the Lord. Having considered how to count 9 days after death and what happens during this period, one can understand that everyone will be rewarded for his sins in the next world. Therefore, so that only good deeds prevail in the world of the dead, it is necessary to confess, to purify your soul now, living in this world.

Orthodoxy teaches that there is life after death. The soul itself is immortal, it leaves its body and walks on the earth until such time as its fate is decided. This is indicated by ancient writings and treatises, religious teachings and the practice of Tibetan studies. Whatever it was, but we still observe all the customs and rituals associated with the death of a person.

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