Regional Vologda Library. Babushkina - a major scientific and cultural center of the north-west of Russia


Vologda was first mentioned in the annals in 1147. The settlement, located 450 km from Moscow, is not only a large city in northwestern Russia, but also one of the important transport hubs of this region. In addition, it is the administrative and scientific center of the region. The significance of it as a center of culture and a city with a special historical and architectural heritage is evidenced by the fact that there are 224 monuments in Vologda, 128 of which are under state protection.

Reading room


A striking indicator of the level of culture of the city is the Vologda Regional Library. Grandma, which has its own interesting story. Officially opened in 1919 under the name of the Vologda Soviet Public Library, it was initially filled with volumes of more solid age. Nationalized private libraries of noble estates, books from two monasteries (Spaso-Sumorina in Totma and Veliky Ustyuzhsky Mikhail Arkhangelsky), local and nearby theological seminaries, gymnasiums, gendarme administration, church parishes - all these treasures were inherited by the future Vologda regional library. Grandma's The work on collecting books was carried out so vigorously that 1500 volumes, which the library possessed at the time of its opening, in six months already turned into a well-organized fund of 15, 000 copies. Significant assistance provided Petrograd.

True devotees


The work of a team of 12 people was so productive that the library quickly reached the provincial level. The activity of the library staff was ascetic - along with the collection of books, their systematization and the compilation of catalogs, the main focus of work was scientific and educational activities. The library worked from 11 am to 12 am. Initially, the book depository was located in the building of the former Nobiliary Assembly. During the first year of work, 2608 people visited the reading room, up to 50 people daily. And only in 1922, the future regional Vologda Library. Grandma begins to issue books at home, which greatly expands its audience. In fact, in the prewar years, the book depository grew and expanded in the same way as in dozens of regional libraries. Replenishment of funds occurred primarily due to the literature and periodicals produced in the region. When the library there were directions that, improving, becoming independent departments. As, for example, reference table or bibliographic commission. In 1938, the Vologda region was formed, and the library acquired a new status.

Military and postwar exploits

During the war years, the work of the institution was also usual for libraries located outside the occupied territories - it served the readers. They were the wounded who were in hospitals and sanitary trains, workers of defense enterprises, residents of the rear. Later, small libraries were allocated from the repository and transferred to areas liberated from invaders. In total, 37 thousand volumes were issued from the funds for the formation of 62 libraries. Immediately after the war, the library gets a second wind - the number of readers is steadily growing, new forms of work regularly arise, the book depository is becoming a major scientific center. And the question arises about the new premises. The question of building a typical building for 500 thousand volumes is resolved positively, and in 1963, on December 24, the city receives a present by the New Year 1964: the library was given the title of fellow revolutionary in 1906. Since that time, the Regional Vologda Library. Grandma gets a new status. It becomes a state, scientific, universal profile. It is located at: st. M. Ulyanova, house 1.

The current stage of development


The next, third stage in the life of the regional book depository began on the day of the celebration of its 80th anniversary, when by the decision of the governor the library was presented with a new building, which had its own remarkable history. Built at the very beginning of the 20th century in the then modernist style “modern”, the building within its walls saw and heard performances of both domestic and foreign stars of the first magnitude. Writers, poets, ballerinas, religious figures and orchestras - they all performed in the building where the regional library is now located. Here, under the new roof, located nearby - st. M. Ulyanova, Building 7, moving departments related to media and Internet resources. The beautiful hall of the new building, equipped with modern acoustic facilities, hosts seminars and scientific conferences, exhibitions and presentations, concerts, meetings and literary evenings.

Now the library fund has 1.2 million books. Changed the style of work with readers. Library them. Grandma's present, with a general increase in the number of readers, serves up to 550 thousand virtual visitors per year. There are about 350 thousand real visitors. Since 1994 VOUNB has been a member of the Russian Library Association, therefore here, in 2009, a large forum was held - the XIV Annual Conference of the RBA.


From 1989 to 2012, the Vologda Library was managed by Nelli Nikolaevna Belova. Two Tatiana Nikolaevna - Kryukova and Bukhartseva - are (respectively) its predecessor and successor.

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