A young man covered his entire body with a tattoo due to a terrible disease


Adam Kerlical - a Pole living in Kaliningrad, at the age of 22, learned that he was seriously ill. He was diagnosed with colon cancer. He managed to recover, but chemotherapy seriously undermined his immune system. In addition to general weakness, the young man acquired several skin diseases. After that, he decided to drastically change his appearance.


Whole body tattoos

The first tattoo appeared on Adam's body at the age of twenty. The laconic inscription read: "I am" ("I am"). Now the guy is 32 years old, and his appearance has gone through an unusual transformation.

To hide the ugly marks on the skin after an illness, he covered 90% of his body with black ink. The face and eyeballs were also tattooed. This step helped him to find himself again and get out of depression. During the fight against cancer, he suffered from an eating disorder; he has several suicide attempts.


He tends to be 99% ink-filled. He wants to complete the project on the transformation by applying a tattoo with a picture of a mandala (a traditional figure in Hinduism and Buddhism) on the palms and soles of the feet.

Also on the body and face of Adam there is a piercing.

Man without gender

Adam identifies himself as a non-sexor. He came up with the ideal image of himself, to which he actively seeks.


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The next step in the transformation was the removal of nipples and genitals. The operation was carried out in Guadalajara (Mexico). Surgical intervention was carried out without complications.

Work and social life

Despite the strange appearance and unusual perception of his own person, Adam lives like an ordinary person. It has several sources of income. Positions itself as a hairdresser, model, cosmetologist, singer, psychologist.

For the first time he was seen on a Polish TV channel in the “Second Face” program in 2017. On the air, he shared his story about the origin of tattoos and their meaning in his life. Adam claims that he always knew that he was not like everyone else. And this freak image is his true individuality. It is in this body that he feels like a person. Before the transformation, people did not perceive him, and now hundreds of fans follow his social networks.


This is the story of a strong man who managed to survive a serious illness and begin a new life full of changes. It is this transformation of appearance that allowed Adam to become himself. Of course, the path of the young man turned out to be very thorny and complicated, but the result took place - there was one more happy man on the planet.

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