Classifier OKPD: tasks, device, structure


Classifier OKPD is a systematic and coded product catalog.

Development and modification

The development of this classifier was engaged in the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. The necessary changes and additions are made by Rosstatistika. Since 2015, JECD has been in operation 2.

Classifier Tasks


OKPD allows to solve problems:

  • drawing up acts that regulate certain types of industries;
  • application of coding and product classification in the state statistics;
  • in the implementation of public procurement, as well as municipal procurement, classifier codes are used in the preparation of documents for the purpose of filing an application;
  • upon taxation of legal entities;
  • in the implementation of conformity assessment procedures for goods;
  • in the implementation of standardization of products;
  • in compiling statistics that are necessary for financial and economic activities on world markets.

Device OKPD

Its structure is based on the statistical system of product codes in the European financial community. Qualifier codes OKPD includes 6 characters. It is possible to use 7-9 codes. Names of services and goods are similar to those in transnational classifiers. This classifier is interconnected with OKVED, which is used for coding types of foreign economic activity.

Classifier structure


It reflects not only the manufactured products, but also the work performed and the services provided. A hierarchical classification and sequential encoding is applied. The first two characters include a Latin alphabet denoting sections and subsections. The code of goods, works and services includes from 2 to 6 characters, as is customary in European classifiers.


All-Russian classifier JCPA here includes classes and subclasses, groups and subgroups. In addition, emit marks to account for the characteristics of the economy of the Russian Federation. Here apply codes from the HS. When non-use of detail at the Russian level, these three stages denote 0. These signs are used to classify products into types, categories and subcategories. After every two characters in the classifier code a separating point is put.

Who should use the classifier

It is mainly used by business entities operating in our country. The QCFA classifier allows for informational support in the implementation of public procurement and contracts, the organization of taxation of economic entities for their better functioning, and informing foreign partners about their products.

In addition, its use allows the coordination of the activities of trading houses and stock exchanges using international electronic systems. This classifier provides Russian products with access to interstate markets and provides an opportunity to expand the information database.


In the classifier JCPD presents the coding and classification of products, including goods, works and services. It is used mainly for statistical purposes and for ensuring the output of products to transnational markets. Harmonized with the European Classifier CPA 2002.

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