Marina Valentinovna Entaltseva: biography, husband, photo


For many years she has been the head of the Protocol of the President of the Russian Federation. Marina Valentinovna Entaltseva cares about what the head of state can't do without, but what he doesn’t have to think about. In the literal sense of the word, it is the president’s lifesaver, and with it his “wikipedia”. She makes up his schedule, regulates all meetings so that there are no delays, no incidents and missteps.


Who is she - Marina Valentinovna Enntaltseva?

This is a beautiful and slim woman by profession a physicist. Perhaps it is this that helps her to be always accurate, punctual, to correctly calculate time. She has a broad outlook, knowledge of everything and everything. She is obliged to check everything, to clarify everything, she should not make a single mistake. Marina Valentinovna Enntaltseva, being the head of the Presidential Protocol, should first of all have common sense. She has an iron focus on protecting the interests of her boss. After she assumed this important position, such elements as cursing, tediousness, freezing, and even puffing out of her cheeks disappeared from the Protocol of the Head of State. They were replaced by energy, pace, common sense, as well as a thorough check of everything. Actually, this is Marina Valentinovna Entaltseva, whose photos are posted in this article. Her friends are very fond of her, but the enemies are afraid of her, but most importantly, she was able to win the trust and respect of the main person of the state.


Marina Valentinovna Entaltseva: biography

She was born, of course, in St. Petersburg in 1961. If you remember, at that time the city on the Neva was called Leningrad. After graduating from school, Marina Valentinovna Entaltseva entered the Physics Department of Leningrad State University, and then got a job as an engineer-technologist at NPO VNIITVCH (Leningrad). Here she worked until the collapse of the USSR.

Putin and Entaltseva

Since 1991, her career has been firmly connected with the future president of Russia, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, also from St. Petersburg. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, she was appointed Assistant Chairman of the External Relations Committee of the St. Petersburg Mayor's Office, which was led by Putin. She tells about her first meeting with Vladimir Vladimirovich in her book. Here is a small episode. She stood and waited for her new boss at his door, and it occurred to her to tint her lips, looking in the glass of the door. And suddenly she saw the boss, who, although he noticed his assistant in this matter, did not give a sign. After she did not dare to go to his office, but when he called, she could not go. She worked in this position until 1996 and left with Putin after the defeat of Sobchak in the elections.


The story of the fire

Once she, her husband and daughter stayed in Putin’s new home, and then suddenly a fire broke out. In a few minutes the flames engulfed all the rooms in the house. And then, to help everyone without thinking about their safety, the prime minister rushed. Marina shouted to her husband so that he first of all saved her daughter. He took the girl in his arms and began to carry her out of the burning house. Marina remained inside, the exit was completely in a flame when Vladimir Vladimirovich came for her. He wrapped it in sheets and carried her through the fire. Some time later, she helped her boss's family. Lyudmila Aleksandrovna had an accident, and there was no one to look after the girls. Then Yontaltseva took care of the daughters of Putin. In a word, she was always in her house for all family members. There is even such a funny story, when Marina and Lyudmila once sat in the kitchen at Putin’s house and drank tea, and suddenly Vladimir Vladimirovich called. Lyudmila told him that she was with Marina, and when he asked which Marina she was, she answered: “With yours”. Both ladies laughed at this joke for a long time.



Marina Valentinovna assumed the post of deputy head of the Presidential Protocol Office in 2000, and after 4 years she became the head of the Presidential Protocol Office of the President of the Russian Federation, and after 4 years she became the Head of the Protocol.

Honor and income

Apparently, Entaltseva is a non-poor person. In the same 2012 she entered the hundred of the most influential ladies of the Russian Federation. She took the eleventh line. After that, they began to talk more and more about it in the press. Further, in her income statement, Marina Enntaltseva indicated that she owns a luxury Bentley car, which costs more than 8 million rubles - about 3 annual salaries. Of course, many began to wonder who presented this gorgeous gift to the beautiful blonde woman?

Interesting story

Entaltseva Marina Valentinovna and Miller Alexey Borisovich meet! A rumor spread throughout Moscow that the Protocol Manager of the President of the Russian Federation and one of the country's most successful top managers are a couple. In 2009, even began to whisper about their engagement. And immediately it became clear to many that only Miller could have made Marina such an expensive gift as “Bentley”. However, the official information that the couple had registered their relationship was not reported to the press.


Chairman of the Board of Gazprom

Surely his name is familiar to everyone, because he heads one of the most significant and largest companies in the country. And his name is also interesting in that he is the man whom Marina Valentinovna Enthaltseva chose as her man. Miller is a Russian German. He was officially married to a woman named Irina, who bore him a son. After he and the head of the Presidential Protocol began to meet, tensions were established between the spouses, but since Alexey does not like to show his private life, information about how far his relationship with Marina went, and how he has things with his legal wife, nowhere. Nevertheless, Entaltseva and Miller are often shown together at various events, and this says a lot. This means that they do not seek to hide their relationship and do not mind being perceived as a couple.

Personal life

Was Marina Valentinovna Entaltseva married? Her husband, of course, was. It was with him and with their daughter Svetlana that she stayed at Putin's house on the very day when there was a fire, which she writes about in her book. And in general, they were friends with the family of their boss. When Lyudmila Putin was ill, Marina cared for the girls. She was totally devoted to her boss and followed him everywhere.


Awards and Status

Of course, such loyalty cannot go unnoticed. Marina Entaltseva was awarded several government awards, namely, the Order of the Third Degree and the Medal of the Order (1st Degree) "For Services to the Fatherland." According to the status, she is the qualifying valid state adviser of the Russian Federation of 1st class. She is also a member of the board of the RIA Novosti news agency, Ekho Moskvy and Interfax radio stations, as well as the honorary editor of Ogonek magazine. As already noted, in the ranking of "100 most influential women of the Russian Federation, " she ranks 11th.

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