MP-156: reviews and review


There is an eternal dispute over the vapor and inertial systems of weapons automation. Each of them has pros, cons, admirers, reprimands. The first Russian inertial hunting rifle - the MP-156. Characteristics, reviews of the owners will be discussed in this article.


The purpose of this article is to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the novelties from Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, referring to the general theme of fundamental differences, refuting some established myths. A clear awareness of this significant moment will allow a better understanding of the design features of the MP-156, reviews of professionals and ordinary owners.

Venting mechanism

The barrel of the gun is equipped with a hole through which part of the powder gases is discharged, safely entering the working chamber. It contains a piston. The effect of gas pressure solves two problems at once: the piston moves back, opening the shutter. Immediately triggers the mechanism of ejection of the liner, cocking the mainspring.

The advantages include three main points that significantly influence the choice:

  • reliable work with different ammunition;
  • good interaction with any body kit;
  • It is possible to adjust the automation for cartridge, without bothering to replace various parts of the mechanism.

Cons are also available. A shotgun turns out to be heavier, more bulky (large forearm). But the most problems can be caused by untimely cleaning, which leads even to a complete failure in work.


Inertial mechanism

In this system, the shutter itself under the influence of powder gases goes back. His shank rests on the end of the spring. When this cartridge case is discarded, cocking the impact mechanism. The return spring feeds the bolt forward. With this movement, a new cartridge is captured from the store, delivered to the chamber. The barrel is locked.

Reviews of the MP-156 - a domestic product of the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant - there are various. This is due to the advantages and disadvantages of the inertial mechanism. The advantages are weight, compactness. It fits well in the hand. A small number of parts, ease of maintenance to minimize the likelihood of breakage or loss of small parts during cleaning. Instead of a piston, a weight is set, compressing the spring when fired. The mechanism is designed for all types of hunting cartridges with a mass of projectile from 32 grams. Recharging happens quickly.

But despite the positive qualities, there are negative reviews of the owners of the MR-156. What mostly complain about:

  • Equip devices (mounted accessories) can be extremely limited;
  • the possibility of failure in operation at low temperatures, especially if an inappropriate, thickened lubricant is used.



The self-loading inertial hunting rifle MP-156 was designed on the basis of the gas-recovery predecessor MP-155. The back of the nut butt is made of hard rubber. There is a classic swivel. Butt can be replaced with plastic from 155, but this procedure can not be repeated with the forearm. Therefore, it remains to wait for the release of the original plastic kit from the manufacturer.

New is well forgotten old

What else to say about the MP-156? The first reviews and sensations at a glance - a high degree of identity with the previous vapor model. Trigger, triangular fuse button, interceptor, slide gate reset button - everything remained in its place. It's a good news. Consequently, the mechanics of movements remains the same. Relearn, adapt is not necessary.

Separate praise in the reviews about the MP-156 was awarded a strap on the trunk and handguard. The bar is soldered and soldered well. This important detail was treated in good faith. Handguard has become more elegant due to the absence of loads, like the gas discharge model MP-155. Nut forearm threaded, comfortable. Replaceable choke tubes are incised exactly.


How is a complete disassembly of the gun

Classic disassembly. The first necessary operation is unscrewing the forearm nut. Then the very forearm is removed. By pressing the shutter foot, the moving parts are retracted 5–7 cm downwards, which makes it possible to remove the barrel. To remove the foot pad, you must hold the load. The final stage is the removal of the load with rods, bolt, reverse spring. Everything. Complete disassembly is complete.

Such ease of handling is captivating, leaves a positive impression and is noted in the favorable reviews of the MP-156. Next, you need to make a small comparative analysis and see how the 156 model differs from 155.


Design features and differences

As mentioned above, instead of a piston in the model in question, a load is used which compresses the spring when fired. It consists of two parts, the back of which is movable. The spring used for cocking the shutter is made of thinner wire - this interesting feature is important to take into account.

There is a widespread opinion that the principle of a free gate is used in inertia. In fact this is not true. If there were no inertial body and spring, then the recharge simply would not occur.

Myths associated with various weapons automation systems

The shot at the "gas outlet" is softer, more comfortable. Many lovers attribute this to the loss of energy due to removal of a part of the powder gases. But the loss is so insignificant (1-3%) that it cannot have a strong effect. The answer lies in the greater mass of guns of this type.

The second most popular opinion is that the “gas outlet” is more reliable. Just look at the fact that the armed forces of all countries prefer this particular system. It is unpretentious to the quality of the cartridge, has a small return, a number of other advantages. The only reason for preference in use is the universal ability to interact with devices. “Inertia” is more capricious in this respect. Hang a night sight or a sub-barrel flashlight will not work. The answer again lies in the mass of the weapon itself. Because the inertial weapon automation system perceives any change in weight very painfully. Reviews about the gun MP-156 are full of comments on various forums about this.


What is important to remember when operating

People craftsmen who want to customize, adjust the gun for themselves are not recommended to do this. This is especially true of the load acting as an inert body. This part is adjusted at the factory and adjusted in a certain position. Then put on the sealant. It can not unwind by itself. Intervention from the outside is fraught with a change in the freewheel on which the principle of recharge is based.

Sometimes you can find very interesting reviews of the owners of the gun MP-156. The following situation is described: when firing, ammunition with the recommended attachment is used, but for some reason there is a delay. It's all very simple. It is necessary to pay attention to the grip when working with this weapon. It is necessary to throw it up easily and to hold it easily, without a firm stop in the shoulder. Concentrating on the goal, do not interfere with his work. Then the brainchild of the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant will do everything by itself, without upsetting the result.

Filling a rifle with a powerful hold would certainly provoke a delay in firing. In addition, it is necessary to note the fact (and this is confirmed by the reviews of the MP-156): its return is softer than that of the 155.


Interaction with various ammunition

After the controller at the factory inspected the product without finding any flaws, it is sent to the shooting range to the arrows. This is the moment of truth - the final acceptance. You must pass a series of tests for final approval and getting into the retail network.

The first test - a series of five shots fired in a row. Used ammunition "Magnum" 12 × 76. The condition for passing the test is the absence of delays. If the process revealed at least one fact of the presence of such, then the product is rejected, going back to the assembly shop for troubleshooting. On forums and various Youtube-channels, reviews of the MP-156 (to 12 × 76) positively confirm the good work with this type of ammunition.

The next stage of factory testing for “professional suitability” is the use of a 12 × 70 cartridge with a weight of 32 g. The same series of 5 shots. In short, high production culture is present at all levels. But the hunters are most interested in the questions: how will the new acquisition behave in the field conditions and what will happen if the amount of ammunition is changed, reducing or increasing?

Russian weapons have always been famous and famous for their degree of reliability. Here the main thing - respect for him. Cases were fixed on the hunt, when the famous "Italians" were denied work due to the banal ingestion of the butcher. This is not the case. The tool is designed taking into account the specifics of the terrain, mentality and a number of other factors. Therefore, for comfortable work, it is important to study the weapon well, having trained in the shooting range.

Regarding the change of the linkage, there will also be no significant problems, even if it is less than the declared one. For example: 24 or 28 g. It is important that the “running in” take place with the recommended cartridges.


On the inertia of the MP-156 reviews can be found mostly positive. They praise the unpretentiousness, good quality and “omnivorousness” of the novelties of Russian engineering. There are questions about the feasibility of its creation. The answer lies on the surface. The creation of the first Russian inertial hunting rifle was caused by the need to provide the domestic market with its own, not inferior analogue. The moment for this was also chosen very appropriate. The predecessor of the MP-155 has already “had children with childhood illnesses”, being a high-quality product, which managed to catch the fancy of many. It is no coincidence that the degree of unification of the new Izhevsk Mechanical Plant is 90%.

Violent disputes and debates over the advantages and disadvantages of various weapons automation systems continue. Most importantly, weapons lovers should always have the opportunity to make their own choices.

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