Proverbs about labor and laziness. How the two extremes shape our lives


An adult measures his life periods of laziness and work. Of course, he likes being lazy (resting) more, but he prefers to teach children that work is good. Moreover, it is just beautiful. Proverbs about labor and laziness are perfect for such a thing. In our article we will consider not so much them, as the sense behind the above-mentioned phenomena.

When work is bad

Labor is bad when a person does not like what he does. For example, there is such an aphorism: “Where the desire is, there is the skill” . He is absolutely fair, because if a person does not want to do something, he will never achieve any heights in the craft he is busy with. For example, a young man is going to the plant from the need of 15 years. In fact, he is an artist, a poet or a musician, but the need for him drives him to get up at the bench. Firstly, it will not last long there, it will still go away, and secondly, perhaps the whole enterprise will let you down, since it will work without desire. In other words, the proverbs about labor and laziness are completely valid in relation to only the type of work that is sweet to man.

Labor as a value


Work is good because it changes a person. There is no difference what to do, the main thing is to do it with desire and at least with some pleasure, and then “the eyes are afraid, and the hands are doing . ” If there is no desire to work, then fear does not win.

A little bit about the modern world

Now work is a fetish, but to be lazy, on the contrary, is not fashionable. Anyone who is lazy, does not earn his next iPhone and will become a loser. Oh yeah, he will take another vacation in the village with his grandmother, and not in the Maldives. No one wants to be sour in the country, so everyone works urgently. But is it worth it?

Laziness is bad

When a person does not work, in general, he is not busy with anything, and he doesn’t even want to find a business for himself, he simply prefers to exist at the expense of others. And it’s not even bad that it’s immoral to lead a parasitic lifestyle, but that a person without a favorite activity breaks up as a person. Here in this case, the proverbs about labor and laziness are very suitable:

  • "Who does not work shall not eat".
  • "He who soweth does not reap."

True, it is likely that he will not take them seriously. It is safer to deprive the idiot of money.

In this sense, not only big boys come to mind, who without shame of conscience take money from their parents for their needs and for a living in general, but also housewives who believe that not working is cool.


When adult guys do not work and calmly sit on the parents' necks, it is clear why this is bad, they are “eternal children”. And then if someone accidentally or misunderstanding marries them, then their second half wonder why they can not do anything. These people are not adapted to life, because their parents allowed them not to work.

Housewives have a different story. Women, when turned off from social life, very quickly “fall”, i.e. cease to follow themselves, get fat. In short, they get out of shape and stop sexually attracting their husbands. Thus, they fall into the trap set for them by their own laziness and passivity. But if these women read the proverbs about labor and laziness, they would be young, thin, efficient and beautiful.

Laziness is good


For example, a person is a workaholic, and he would have a good rest, be a little lazy, but he cannot: he must work, because work has become the meaning of life and its main need, a little less important than water and food. It is also bad that such a man is put forward by modern civilization as a certain ideal, and this has far-reaching consequences.

Parents who are afraid that their children will become losers are training their children for future victories: courses, sections, English. Sometimes children “fall dead” from such loads. They pay for parents' fears. Yes, do not forget that there is a school. She also takes away some mental and physical strength. And if such ancestors meet and see off their descendants, using proverbs and sayings about labor, then they should immediately stop doing it!

Perhaps some people reading this article are the "happy owners" of the child-lazy. If they think about what proverb about labor for children is suitable for their child, then we will say this: any will do, but it is better to frighten him with a saying about laziness. For example, such: “Laziness is worse than a disease” or “Laziness, laziness, open the door, burn! - Though I will burn, yes I will not open » .

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