Yan Abramov: biography, family, photo


Their marriage a few years ago was event number 1 in the country. Their novel was placed on the front pages of glossy publications both before the wedding and after. He is the husband of one of the most charming women of Russia and the father of two little daughters. He is Yan Abramov, a businessman. For almost ten years now he has been the main man in the life of Alsou Safina.

Childhood, family, achievement

Jan Abramov was born on December 4, 1977 in the family of the famous banker and businessman Rafael Abramov. Since childhood, he was distinguished by independence and dedication. It is these traits that he did not get tired of developing, and helped him achieve many successes.

In parallel with his studies, Yan Abramov, whose biography is very interesting for Alsou fans, was quite seriously keen on football, tennis, basketball. After graduating from high school in Baku, he moved to the United States to continue his studies there. It cannot be treated as a typical representative of “golden youth” with an inexplicable penchant for irregular living. Thanks to this trip, the young man almost perfectly learned three languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.

"I will do everything myself!"

Yes, of course, Jan had some support from his father. Rafael Abramov - more than a wealthy and powerful person. Nevertheless, Yan Abramov managed to build his career absolutely independently, without relying on anyone’s help.


At the beginning of the two thousandth, he took an active part in the creation of the Russian-American Business Cooperation Council. A little later, Abramov Jr., in tandem with Konstantin Borov, began to publish the magazine America. For the fourteenth year, he is the head of the Moscow Pyrotechnic Association and the chairman of the board of directors of New Technologies JSC. It was under the leadership of Yana that this joint-stock company established a sufficient release of one of the most famous types of weapons in Russia - OCA. Abramov rightly believes that this is his main achievement to date.

A beautiful stranger

Very well the emerging career of a young singer was one day interrupted by marriage, in which she found a simple female happiness. This girl was Alsou Safina, whose acquaintance with the audience took place after she sang the song "Winter Dream". Over the past decade, Yan Abramov, the husband of Alsou, has been the most important man in her life.


Their acquaintance took place in one of the metropolitan institutions. Alsou's friend invited her there to meet a nice guy. Jan liked the girl at first sight. He simply fascinated her with magnificent erudition and a wonderful sense of humor. But when he invited her to the first date, the girl was smitten: the young man suddenly sat at the piano and a potpourri of her songs poured.

Young people began dating. Yan Abramov was courting Alsou elegantly and beautifully: he made her amazing surprises, presented luxurious gifts, just threw bouquets of chic flowers.

Enviable bachelor

For many years, the name of Abramov Jr. was among the ten most enviable suitors of Russia. It was rumored that even Ksenia Sobchak opened the hunt for him. Journalists attributed to him relations with Volochkova and Kabaeva. But when he was asked directly about whether it was true, Yan Abramov, whose nationality also caused considerable interest, expressed his opinion. He communicates a lot with business people and creative people. He is friends with almost half of the capital, so he is not surprised that he is credited with novels with many women. He stressed that with a great sense of respect and warmth applies to all his friends. But … But in the life of every man, the beloved woman can be only one - his future spouse. For him, such a woman was Alsou Safina.

And the cries of "Bitter!" …

After the first meeting, only a few months passed, and Jan has already offered his beloved to be his wife. In order for this important moment in their life to pass in an atmosphere of special solemnity, he gave a very beautiful romantic evening on the roof of the restaurant.

The wedding of the young was just gorgeous. The entire Russian elite gathered at the State Concert Hall "Russia" to congratulate Alsou and Yana. The marriage certificate was handed to them by Yuri Luzhkov himself. Gifts that were received by young newlyweds were simply luxurious: a country house in Moscow, jewelry, a Bentley car, and money.


Very beautiful bridal outfit was sewed in the studio of the brother Alsou wife. It was ivory-colored and had a classic cut. And the suit of the groom was sewed to order in one of the Italian studios. Wedding rings ordered in the Moscow salon.

An invited chef from Austria prepared for the celebration a multi-tiered cake soaked in whipped cream, syrup and other delicious ingredients.

It took a little time after the wedding. In the life of the spouses there have been some changes. They had two charming daughters. And in the spring of 2014, they became winners in the nomination "The most stylish couple according to HELLO!". The stars were married for 8 years; they agreed to a joint photo session for the first time. Spouses are very pleased that the readers of the magazine perceived them as a whole. And the truth is: in the styles of clothing they have made some progress. Previously, it was impossible to see Yana dressed not in a suit, but Alsou didn’t imagine how you could always wear heels. But over the years of marriage, they have influenced each other even in matters of choice of clothes.


Alsou is eternally grateful to her husband for teaching her to be more attentive to others. Moreover, only with him she every second feels confidence in the future. Therefore, all sorts of articles in the yellow editions that Alsou and Yan Abramov are divorcing, the spouses simply do not pay attention.

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