Christina Milian: the way from a simple girl to a star


Christina Milian is a popular American singer who has managed to reach the heights of a superstar thanks to her talent and tremendous willpower. Today, the girl is 34 years old, at this age she already has many film roles, several successful singles recorded in famous music studios. Her songs occupy the top lines of the charts and delight fans of melodiousness, pleasant sound and gentle voice of the singer.



Christina Milian was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, September 26, 1981. The family of the singer and actress - representatives of the population of Cuba, Christina is Cuban by nationality. The state of Maryland became the birthplace for the girl, the Flores family (the real name of the singer) pererehal there for permanent residence, when the baby was not even one year old. Since childhood, the girl’s parents have noticed her passionate desire to become famous, to achieve success and to have a lot of fans. Such purposefulness made Kristina achieve her goal and move forward, following her ideals.


Goal pursuit

With certain acting data and good appearance, being a teenager, Christina Milian received roles in dramatic plays in school plays, successfully played. When the girl was 13 years old, the family decided to move to Los Angeles, where good prospects opened up for young talents. The girl's mother didn’t lose - Cristina Milian started her star trek in Los Angeles, when she began to receive invitations to episodic roles in TV shows and TV shows.

Musical career

Along with shooting in television projects, Christina Milian is building her career in the music world. Communicating with celebrities while working on herself, aspiring actress meets Ja Rula, who helps her to fulfill herself as a singer. In 2001, Christina Milian recorded two songs, bringing her to the top of popularity, not only in America, but throughout the world. Great Britain, Germany, Australia and the Netherlands listen to uncomplicated songs of Christina and baldeyut from them. Having gained success and popularity in the field of music, the girl continues to work with well-known personalities - Jennifer Lopez, Asher, Alicia Keys, often acts as a co-author of songs.

Actor career

The film "Love is not worth anything" was the first worthy work of the actress, which brought her real success. The main role played in the film, let loudly named "Christina Milian." Photos of the actress began to appear on the covers of popular magazines after the release of the screens of this film. Then the actress starred in sensational films with Uma Thurman, Tommy Lee Jones and other large-scale Hollywood stars.

The film "Torque" also brought a lot of applause spectacular mulatto. After the release of this work, directed by Joseph Kann, the proposals for the shooting fell like a horn of plenty, Christine Milian became very popular. The filmography of the actress replenished with famous films "Be Steeper" with John Travolta, the horror film "Pulse". Thus, born in an ordinary simple family, the miniature Cuban has achieved a resounding success. Her example can be a role model for young girls who dream of fame.


Personal life

But not only the success of the girl won during the filming. While working on the film, she met Nick Cannon. The young man became the boyfriend of a novice star for the next three years. The couple met all this time, but for the rest of their lives, none of them was enough. The parting was quite easy, especially since almost immediately after the break in relations with Nick, Christus Milian became the wife of Terius Yongdale Nash. The personal life of the girl has finally replenished with such an event as a wedding. But the happy union of the increasingly popular actress, singer and musician did not last long. The couple announced the breakup three months after the wedding. Despite the fact that the young spouse was pregnant at the time of the end of the relationship, Christine did not hold her husband.


Violet Madison Nash's daughter is growing up today with her mom, without much involvement from her father. Christina Milian is a single mother, but she also actively builds her personal life. In 2013, the girl announced her engagement with Jess Prince, the representative of the company Rap-A-lot Records, or rather, the son of the CEO. Later, a Hollywood star in her interviews began hinting that she had an affair with Leonardo DiCaprio.

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