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In the modern encyclopedia, you can safely make a new article "Biker Alexander Zaldostanov (surgeon)". The biography of this legendary personality is very blurred and consists of separate fragments. In our article we will try to gather together the disparate facts and learn more about the Russian biker, nicknamed "surgeon".


"At the dawn of history"

In a normal family, living and working in Kirovograd (Ukraine), a son Alexander was born on January 1, 1963. About his parents, childhood almost nothing is known. It was possible to find only such information: the father - Sergey Zaldostanov, the doctor; mother - the doctor, the Orthodox faith, anti-Communist. He reads Stalin, his portrait is still hanging in her house. In response to the negative in the direction of the legendary General Secretary gives a definite answer: "Breshut!"

  • Sasha has a sister who also mastered the profession of a doctor. Currently lives and works abroad.

Alexander Zaldostanov studied in Kirovograd, rested in children's summer camps in Sevastopol. Baptized. Orthodox Christian.

Higher education went to receive in the capital of Russia. In 1984 he graduated from the 3rd Moscow Medical Institute and residency in the specialty "maxillofacial surgeon".

Hobbies that determine fate

Immediately after the residency, Alexander Zaldostanov, a surgeon by profession, got a job at the district dental clinic. Patients loved the long-haired, handsome dentist, who got into his own office through the window so that the authorities would not notice delays.


In the afternoon - the life of a Soviet average citizen, at night - a trendy leather outfit, hanging out with friends, listening to banned rock music, drunken brawls. The pugnacious Neformal was noticed and presented to Rus Tyurin, the leader of the Black Aces gang of metalworkers. Sasha-dentist liked him and began to play the role of an information front worker when he was a leader, to communicate with the press.

Many "aces" rode motorcycles around Moscow, and in 1987 Alexander Zaldostanov, under the influence of rocker friends, bought himself "Java".

An ambitious, charismatic, unstoppable in battle, the fearless Zaldostanov gained more and more friends-fans in his circle and eventually created his own group "Surgery". He beat the habit of others calling him Sasha, a dentist, and took the nickname "surgeon" for himself. Passionately loving motorcycles, a long-haired guy from metal and gopnik turned into a biker.

The "pernicious" influence of the West


The hero of the article loved to communicate with journalists. He felt confident with the microphone and boldly looked into the lenses. It is noteworthy that Alexander Zaldostanov, whose personal life was defined in 1989, met his future wife during an interview. The German journalist was named Matilda. She was the daughter of the director of the Mercedes-Benz plant in Stuttgart.

Having tied the knot, Alexander Zaldostanov and his wife left for West Berlin. Russian biker earned a living by participating in theatrical athletic shows, posing as a model, working as an auto mechanic and watchman.

Later he got a job as a doorman (something like an errand concierge) at the Sexton nightclub, which was notorious for Satanist members and a drug dealer. There he met the "Hell's Angels" - members of one of the world's largest motor clubs. Apparently, Sasha learned from them the basic knowledge about the structure and hierarchy of the bike club.

Returning to Moscow in the early 90s, the “surgeon” devoted himself to biker business.


Through hardship to the stars

Alexander Zaldostanov - from his youth the winner in all fights. And now he confidently removed from the path of his only serious competitor - Alik Gocha, the leader of the biker group "Kozaki", pushing him into Rostov-on-Don. From now on, the Night Wolves club of motorcycle fans created by the “surgeon” has been holding a monopoly in Moscow, cracking down on rivals.

Bikers behaved independently, sometimes even aggressively. Without a silencer, they were worn around Moscow at night, they organized moto races with burning torches, and the aerobatics rushed past the traffic cop and kicked the wand out of his hand.

In addition, the "wolves" clearly defined the scope of protection - the point of sale of clothes for rockers, music stores, several cafes.

"Surgeon" and his associates became co-owners of the Moscow rock club, which Alexander Zaldostanov called "Sexton". Music, striptease and drugs are closely intertwined here. The club burned down in 1995.

Crucial moment

In 1999, the most famous Russian biker was in a serious accident. After receiving a severe head injury, Alexander was in a coma for two weeks.

Returning to the world, the legendary man in Mnevniki together with his colleagues built a base. Style - post-apocalyptic. A lot of pokarezhennoy iron plate "Do not fit - kill!" and massive debris create the feeling that the inhabitants of this “bike house” survived a nuclear war. The territory has a profitable shop, a bar and a Sexton club. In addition, legal money brings regular, with a scale and aplomb, bike show.


Social activities and awards

In recent years, the course of the eternal president of the bike club, Alexander Zaldostanov, has changed dramatically. Now "Night Wolves" propagandize Orthodoxy, carry the Russian flag on their Harleys, take charge of third-graders of the Sevastopol school, give Volgograd a children's fountain and plan to launch the production of Russian motorcycles that will be cooler than Harley-Davidson.

For such a moral and ideological orientation, Alexander Zaldostanov won a friendship with Russian President Vladimir Putin and in 2013 was awarded the Order of Honor, including for the patriotic education of young people.

Truth and myths

They say that…

  • Alexander Zaldostanov - a surgeon. Biker's biography really began with a medical school.
  • At the time of work as a dentist collected beads from human teeth. At first I wore them myself, then I gave a friend to fashion designer Egor Zaitsev. The biker confirmed this information in the media, emphasizing that the teeth were carious, then refuted with laughter, turning the hands on Zaitsev's fantasies.
  • Image

    Zaldostanov - the actor. It's true. In 1989, played a cameo role in the movie "Accident - the Daughter of Menta". In 1992, he played in episodes in the films "Luna Park" and "Dancing Ghosts."

  • Club "Sexton" Alexander "pressed" with his friends. Indeed, they built together, and then it turned out that according to the documents, Sasha is the sole owner. There was a conflict, disassembly and rupture with old comrades.
  • The attack in October 2013 on the bike club "Three roads" organized Zaldostanov. By all accounts, the Night Wolves beat the members of the 3D club, but Yury Nekrasov, the leader of the Three Roads, was the one who went to jail.
  • He is a KGB agent. Not confirmed by anything. But not proven otherwise.
  • He heads the largest drug trafficking network in Russia. Dangerous topic …


A little more about personal

After the divorce from Matilda, according to rumors, Zaldostanova had several official wives and many mistresses. Similarly, there is a son Gosh. They say that Gosha has brothers. Alexander recognized all children and participates in their upbringing.

One of the sons of Zaldostanov has already tried to attach to the biker business. Unfortunately, everything ended in failure - the boy suffered a serious injury to both legs. During the operation, he was inserted titanium plate. The father complains about this that now the son will not be drafted into the army.

Alexander Zaldostanov, whose family is his bikers and his house is a bike center, avoids any questions about his personal. He immediately translates the topic into the usual course - bike show, friendship with the president, Orthodoxy and patriotism.

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