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What is the most famous army in the world? Most likely, American. There are Yankee bases around the globe, on all continents, except Antarctica. In general, the American army in recent years has been overwhelmed with such an incredible amount of rumors and conjectures that it becomes difficult to isolate something more or less real from there. However, we will try.



When the American rebels defeated the British along with the French Expeditionary Corps, a new state appeared on the world map. It was the USA. The “New Americans” kindly thanked the French: when they were busy in Europe (it was 1803, after all), they, under the threat of an armed seizure, bought Louisiana for pennies. After 1812, Napoleon was no longer up to them, so the trick was a success. But when in 1814 they decided to do the same trick with Canada, everything ended badly: the British beat an inept army, reached Washington and burned down the White House.

Already then it became clear that the American army of those years did not meet the requirements for the armed forces of the countries of the Old World. In addition, the offended British and French might well have tried to take revenge. Do not forget that the Northern states have long been eyeing the wealth of the South. It was planned a civil war, for which it was necessary to properly prepare.

Civil and First World War

The civil war of 1861-1865 began. During this time about a million people died. The lesson went on track: American engineers developed new samples of small arms and artillery weapons. It seems that by the beginning of the First World War, the United States should have been fully armed. Alas, even their rare far-sightedness (as in World War II), when actually American troops began to arrive at the war fronts in 1918, did not save the army from bashing.

Contemporaries show that the Yankees lacked normal field artillery and did not even have a normal unification of infantry weapons. Former enemies, the French and the British, helped the future "police of the world" a lot. In particular, it is the French artillery caliber, 105 and 155 mm, that is still the most common in the American army. However, all this helped them a little.

Judge for yourself. From August to November 1918, dashing warriors managed to lose more than 200 thousand people killed. And this at a time when the Battle of Verdun, which lasted almost the entire 1916, claimed 300 thousand lives (in aggregate) among the French and the Germans.

With 600 thousand wounded, we can say that in a couple of months the American army ceased to exist. The results were terrifying. However, not everything is so bad: at that time Americans got rich due to the supply of food and raw materials to Europe, torn by war, in fact, enslaved many world governments with loans. It should be noted that in the years of the intervention of Vladivostok, Arkhangelsk and Murmansk, they themselves (in the company of other powers) took a lot of material values ​​and gold.


A huge number of scientists and engineers emigrated to America, and quite a few officers of the former tsarist army got there. Since that time, the American army began to receive the best samples of weapons and equipment, which immediately affected its combat effectiveness.

Common numbers

It is well known that the United States has an unreal military budget, which also does not take into account the costs of "partners" in NATO, who annually buy a considerable amount of equipment from the Americans. According to official data alone, in 2014 more than 610 million dollars were allocated to the army.

What is the size of the American army? According to official data, last year about one and a half million people served in the ranks of American troops. This is not taking into account 14 thousand civil servants. 843.75 thousand soldiers are in reserve. If we discuss the US private army, then their number can only guess.

Few people know, but after Vietnam the Americans did not cancel the call at all: it is there, but it remains “zero”. Simply put, in the case of a large-scale war under the gun, they can deliver from 50 to 80 million people. Of course, this is unrealistic, but the Americans will surely be able to collect 30 million draftees. In any case, the armament of the American army (more precisely, its volume) is such that the whole horde can be fully equipped.

We have, by the way, the total number of military personnel is also more than a million, but the mobilization reserve is much smaller. The “merry” 90s have had an effect, and emigration is not worth discounting.

The permitted age of entry into active service is 18 years. But if the decision of the young man was approved by the parents, relatives or other categories of guardians, he can go to serve from the age of 17. The maximum possible age of admission is different. In linear units - 35 years, in the Marine Corps - 26 years. Thus, the American army is a fairly liberal "organization" in terms of age qualifications.

Form and other "little things"

The "calling card" of any army is the uniform of its soldiers. Americans are no exception. In general, the form of the American army is respected by the fact that it is purely practical. There are no ridiculous requirements for the elements of appearance (within reasonable limits, of course), which are so familiar to everyone who served in the SA or in the Armed Forces.

Clothing - for all occasions, for all climatic zones. The designers paid attention to the convenience of movements, to the protection of all important parts of the body of soldiers. The American military uniform is really comfortable: the soldiers sweat less in it, it provides even soft “backpacks” for water, which our soldiers can only dream of.

And this is far from a “luxury for pampered Yankees, ” since at an ambient temperature of +40 degrees Celsius in the shade, such a “luxury” can save many lives. In short, the soldiers of the American army do serve in very comfortable conditions.

The authorized footwear is especially convenient: berets are calculated exactly for a year of operation. They reliably protect the soldier's ankle. Even in Afghanistan’s mountainous terrain, there are very few cases of inverted ankles. How can you not remember the heavy and uncomfortable shoes in our troops. In addition, the normal knapsacks (with ergonomic unloading), the Americans have a very long time. Again, this is not a luxury at all: in such a backpack a soldier can carry off 15-20% more ammunition. And they, as you know, life itself in a wartime environment.

We will not remember our duffel bags, which our soldiers inherited from their grandfathers, who liberated all of Europe … Fortunately, now the troops are successfully freeing themselves from this terrible anachronism.

Thus, the form of the American army is very convenient and practical. It remains to hope that our troops will eventually provide normal clothing and equipment.


Little about titles

Here, the Americans are all confused. However, we still try to consider the main ranks in the American army. Of course, the ordinary remains the same in Africa, but then everything is much more complicated. After him comes a private first class, then a corporal, after him - a sergeant. The class of sergeants includes six ranks at once. After them - the warrant officer, and so on until the warrant officer of the fourth class.

Then go: the second and first lieutenants, captain, major, lieutenant colonel and colonel (all, as we have). After this rank in the American army again go against ours. Brigadier General, Major General / Lieutenant, General. Crowned by all this army general. It should be noted that among the Americans, sergeant titles are very “prestigious”, in many cases it is sergeants who perform officer functions “in the field”.


Ground parts

Their total number is about 600 thousand people. Another 528.5 thousand military personnel of the reserve are assigned to them. Simply put, ground forces as part of the American army are the largest unit, which is due to specific goals and objectives. Auxiliary functions are provided by a pair of helicopter brigades, as well as logistics, artillery, medical and some other brigades.

The National Guard has at least 20, 000 troops. But there are at least 330, 000 reservists there. We should not assume that the National Guard is less armed: it even has tank brigades, not to mention transport helicopters and other "small things".

Technical equipment

The American army is considered to be the most technically equipped. M1 Abrams alone, as of last year, there are 2, 338 tanks. Approximately 3.5 thousand are on conservation. There are about a thousand cars on the Stryker platform and as many more on the basis of similar platforms. As for the infantry, they have about 4.6 thousand BMP M2 and M3 Bradley at their disposal. Another two thousand are on conservation. And this is not counting the "old men" M60 and the like "museum exhibits."

Armored personnel carriers in the US troops are truly a huge number: about 26 thousand vehicles. Despite all the talk about the need to write them off, so far the most massive are the M113 of all modifications. A total of about 13 thousand, with five thousand are in the army. Armored cars are being actively built: in recent years, the troops have about 17, 417 MRAP-class vehicles, including approximately 5.7 thousand of the latest modifications of the M-ATV.

If we compare the American and Russian armies in this vein, the Americans are clearly ahead: so, as of 2012, there are about nine thousand armored personnel carriers (along with the "canned goods") of all modifications, including the outdated BTR-70, in the Armed Forces. There is still no exact information about the presence of the BTR-90 in the troops of our country (they exist, but the number is unknown).


Armament of infantrymen

And what about the infantry? What is the armament of the American army in this regard? Everything is relatively standard here: M16 rifles, M14 carbines. There are a number of German NK 416, but they are few. Pistols - the most common is “Beretta”, there are “Glocks”, sometimes the old “Colts 1911” slip through.

As for submachine guns, the MP5 NK is quite common. There are smooth-bore weapons: "Mossberg" and "Benelli". Machine gun, in fact, only one. This is the "Browning M2NV" sample of 1919 already! Perhaps, in this regard, the American army is stronger than the Russian: our soldiers have no such choice of small arms.

Artillery, anti-tank weapons

Artillery in recent years, Americans pay not so much attention, but so far the army has about six thousand such systems. These include 969 self-propelled guns M109A6 (and another half-thousand in conservation), about 1242 guns of 105 and 155 mm caliber (remember what we wrote at the beginning of the article?), As well as the 1205 MLRS. In service is about 2.5 thousand mortars, including self-propelled.

But our army has a legitimate reason for pride: the total number of domestic self-propelled artillery guns and artillery systems exceeds 14, 000, and there are also monsters such as the Tulip, which the United States does not have, as part of the Armed Forces.

Especially for fighting tanks, there are approximately one and a half thousand anti-tank self-propelled complexes, including on the Stryker platform. Marines are issued portable anti-tank complexes Javelin, the supply of which the entire last year with the US government has been negotiating the current Ukrainian government.

US Air Forces

The ground units have their own aircraft. Its number includes about 60 reconnaissance aircraft, as well as hundreds and a half of transport workers.

But the backbone of the "ground aviation" is composed of helicopters. So, there are at least 740 Apache, 356 multipurpose KiowaWarrior (multipurpose machines), as well as universal HH-60. Approximately three thousand heavy helicopters, including about 500 famous Chinooks, serve to deliver goods.


Naval forces

About 320 thousand sailors serve here. Reservists are still 100 thousand. As for the technical means, then at the disposal of US Navy there are at least 70 submarines and more than a hundred warships.

The basis of the submarine fleet of the United States are the project "Ohio", armed with tactical nuclear missiles. However, at least four such ships in the recent past were repaired and upgraded, as a result of which they were equipped with Tomahawk cruise missiles, 154 each, on board. Until now, the US Navy retains a certain number of atomic torpedo bombers, which (if necessary) can fire with special missiles, which are also produced through the hatches of torpedo tubes.

Aircraft carriers

At the moment, the American fleet has 10 active ships of the class Nimiz. Currently, work is underway to replace the aviation group with F-16 aircraft. In the attacks on Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq, these ships played a prominent role, since in many cases it was their aircraft that completely suppressed the main points of resistance.

In general, naval aviation plays an extremely important role in the fleet. As part of this structure, nearly one hundred thousand personnel are serving. Airplanes are very different: there are anti-submarine squadrons, reconnaissance units and strike forces.

In total, the US naval aviation has more than a thousand vehicles. But most of all deck bombers - almost 830 pieces.


Air force

About 350 thousand people serve in the country's air force. Another 150 thousand are reservists. In total, the Air Force has about three thousand aircraft of various types and modifications (excluding mothballed technology). As part of long-range aviation operates about 160 bombers, most of which - the legendary B2.

But the basis of the Air Force are fighters, attack aircraft and bombers. Most are F16 / F35 aircraft. In addition, there are 159 units of the F-22A Raptor. The American military pinned great hopes on them, but the plane turned out to be extremely expensive, and also proved incapable of performing long-term combat missions in a humid climate.

If we compare the American and Russian army, then we have a little worse things, but, fortunately, in recent years, the situation has been straightened at almost Soviet rates. So, as of 2015, our long-suffering Air Force began to receive several hundred new airplanes and helicopters per year, whereas in all previous years - often not a single unit.

It should be noted that the total strength of the Air Force of the Russian Federation is information that is strictly secret. According to some data, it can be assumed that we have about 2.3 thousand aircraft. Which, however, is also very, very much. Most of all, the modernization of long-range aviation (TU-95 Medved and TU-160 White Swan) began.



Here it is, the American army (photos of its soldiers are presented in the article). By the way, how to become one of the "bearers of democracy"? In principle, there is nothing particularly difficult about this. The most important condition is that the candidate has citizenship or a type of it (Green Card). After receiving it, you can safely go to the nearest recruiting station. Say that you want to serve in the American army, after which the recruiter begins to engage you.

There are not so many requirements:

  • Pass the age requirement.
  • Answer the test questions (“ours among strangers” say they are very simple).
  • Perform physical standards: about 30 pull-ups, running, push-ups, squats. In general, a more or less developed person will cope with all this without much difficulty.
  • Be clean before the law. In general, even members of street gangs are often accepted into the army, so here everything is relative.
  • Do not have large, causing tattoos on the body. If the tattoo is on the head or neck - they will have to be reduced.
  • In this, the American and Russian army are unanimous: drug addicts, alcoholics, and mentally unbalanced individuals are not allowed to serve.

In general, on this our story can be finished. We hope that the article was useful for you.

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