Unique underground tram in Volgograd


Surely you even could not imagine such a thing - go down to the subway, and out of the tunnel … tram. Yes Yes! The most common tram! Or get in the car, he goes to himself, and then suddenly goes underground. This is only possible in Russia! But how did it happen that an underground tram appeared in Volgograd?


From metro to metro

In the 70s of the last century, Volgograd developed extremely rapidly: new factories opened, the city grew, the population increased exponentially. Considering the fact that the regional capital stretched for more than 80 kilometers along the right bank of the Volga, residents were faced with the fact that it became quite difficult to get from the northern part to the center. The tram and trolleybus routes then in operation did not allow movement without transfers and difficulties on the roads. Therefore, the authorities started talking about the metro. But the lack of funding and the desire to do everything quickly and cheaply forced the designers to excel. It was then that they came up with the term "metro trails" - a hybrid of a land tram service and the underground. Moreover, the underground had to hide not so many stations. And the process of creating an underground tram in Volgograd began.

Doors to the right, platforms to the left

According to the canon, in underground stations, access to the platform is carried out on the left side, while on the surface trams drop people onto the right side. The problem could be solved by cars with doors on both sides, but no money was found to replace the rolling stock. But figured out how to get out of this seemingly hopeless situation. The designers simply decided to cross the tunnels one above the other: in this way, the carriage went underground to the right, and arrived at the station on the left. At some point, the authorities promised that the metro would still appear in the city on the Volga, so the stations made a shallow foundation with the possibility of rebuilding to metro standards. And the last three metro stations were dug out without crossing the tunnels. Then the Soviet Union collapsed, and they were permanently mothballed.


First of all

High-speed tram went to the first route on November 5, 1984. The underground tram in Volgograd took a route that included 17 stations: from the Tractor Plant to the Chekists Square. Thus, the line ST (high-speed tram) united four districts of the city. The existing tram line in the center was dismantled, and in the north carried out from the roadway. It turned out that the cars with the road almost do not intersect, which means they can go much faster. The ground part consisted of 14 stations, and the underground - only three. In the area of ​​Baku Street, the trams began to go into the tunnel and follow to the stations “Lenin Square”, “Komsomolskaya” and “Pionerskaya” stations. With the latter, the cars once again traveled to the surface to the final "Square of the Chekists." Moreover, the station "Pioneer" at the same time underground and aboveground. Due to the peculiarities of the relief, the trams ran along the overpass above the floodplain of the Tsaritsa River.

Second turn

For many years, the mothballed stations without crossing the tunnels were idle. The region became poorer, but slowly bought trams with double-sided doors. As a result, they managed to buy 10 pieces. This was not enough, so it was decided to make two routes. On December 1, 2011, new beautiful cars entered the ST-2 route, which began from the turning circle at the Monolith Stadium in the Krasnooktyabrsky District and ended at Yelshanka in the Soviet. That is, the underground tram in Volgograd was extended by just three stations. Citizens were both pleased and outraged. On the one hand, metrotras united as many as five districts. On the other hand, the ST-2 traveled at a long interval; you had to pay the fare twice during the transfer.


Single line

Between the opening of the first and second stage passed the entire 27 years. And surely if it were not for the World Cup, the Volgograd residents would not have waited for a single line. But July 9, 2018, she still earned. The ST-2 route was extended, and the cars went from the final metrotram in the north of the city to the very last station in the Sovetsky district. The former route ST was not abolished, it still goes to the Square of the Chekists from 7:00 to 19:00, because CT-2 ignores this station (this is a reversal ring).

Now the people do not have to change, pay twice the fare and wait a long time for the tram. The average speed of the underground tram is 25 kilometers per hour. Travel time is approximately 40 minutes. The total number of stations - 22, and the route of the underground tram in Volgograd stretched for 17.3 kilometers.


Underground tram station in Volgograd

Traktorozavodsky district:

  • VGTZ.
  • "Bakery".
  • "Autocentre".
  • "Hospital Ilyich."

Krasnooktyabrsky district:

  • "Plant" Barricades ".
  • "Grammar school number 14".
  • "Monolith Stadium."
  • "Factory" Red October ".
  • "Street named after the 39th Guards Division."
  • "Renaissance Square".
  • "Palace of Sports".

Central District:

  • "Mamaev kurgan".
  • "Central Stadium".
  • "CPKiO".
  • "TRK" Europe ".

After the underground part begins:

  • "Lenin Square".
  • Komsomolskaya.
  • "Pioneer".

Voroshilov district:

  • "Square Chekistov" (ground reversal ring).
  • "Trade Union".
  • "TYUZ".

Soviet area:

  • "Elshanka."

The scheme of the underground tram in Volgograd is very simple - it is a line along the right bank of the Volga.


Unrealized projects

The underground tram in Volgograd is so fond of the townspeople that for a long time there was talk of launching the third line - from Yelshanka to Volgograd State University, the fourth - from VGTZ to Spartanovka and even the fifth - from Komsomolskaya through the residential area and to the airport. But all this remained only a fantasy of designers on paper.


Currently, the schedule of the underground tram Volgograd made more convenient for passengers. The cars run from 5:49 to 23:08 with an interval of about five minutes. So if you are in this glorious city on the Volga, then be sure to take a ride on its unique attractions. By the way, Forbes magazine even included the metro in the list of the most interesting tram routes on the planet: it is in 4th place.

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