Total war is ... Historical examples and the relevance of the problem today


Of course, it would be better for us to never know the meaning of the word “total war”, but the harsh outbursts of aggression between world powers increasingly force us to think about the most terrible scenario. Do we, like our grandfathers and grandmothers, have to dream of a peaceful sky over the city and the land purified from blood?

Total war: what is it?

Wars on Earth have been fought almost since the origin of the human race. People wanted power, territorial expansion and augmentation of resources, and these desires pushed them toward aggressive and cruel behavior towards the resistance side.


Total war is a nationwide battle with one or more adversaries using all economic, weapon and human resources. The concept of total war provides not only permitted methods of warfare, but also the use of any type of weapon, including weapons of mass destruction, biological, chemical and nuclear. In addition, in order to intimidate the enemy, terrorist acts can be carried out against the civilian population, in particular, the vulnerable segments of society (children, the disabled, retirees). These activities are aimed at suppressing the national spirit, developing a sense of helplessness among the people and distrust of the government, allowing such acts of violence.

In this war, it is not only the military who voluntarily volunteered to become participants in hostilities suffer. Total war is a national catastrophe, which can be interpreted as a complete genocide.

Theory of Mass Destruction

The most vivid example of the concept of total war is well known to us - this is the military program of fascist Germany.

In 1935, the military theorist Erich Ludendorf used the term "total war" for the first time in his infamous book. This was the beginning of one of the most terrible periods in the history of mankind. The theory of mass resource attraction and brutal terror against the enemy came to the taste of Hitler's military commanders.


In 1943, the Minister and propagandist of the Third Reich, Joseph Goebbels, called for a total war. Both men, women, old men and children were sent to battle. Before them was put one priority goal - the destruction of the enemy at any cost, the robbery of property, the destruction of cultural monuments, national oppression.

The theory of total war was also supported by the well-known politician Benito Mussolini, who dragged the Italians into the war and forced him to take the side of the fascist regime.

Crime and Punishment

After the capitulation of the fascist army, all the perpetrators of the total war were to appear before the tribunal, where they were accused of a crime against humanity and the death penalty. But the main figures of the war did not live to see this day.

Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun deprived themselves of life of their own accord on April 31, 1945, and the next day this feat repeated the Goebbels family: the spouses poisoned six of their children, after which they took the poison themselves.

Benito Mussolini still failed to punish himself. On April 28, 1945, he was shot and hung upside down on Milan Square, where everyone could sneer at his body. After the disfigured corpse was thrown into the sewer drain as a sign of contempt.

The urgency of the problem today

It would seem that mankind should take a lesson from the bloody pages of history and take measures to prevent similar situations in the future. But, oddly enough, some of Goebbels’s Fascist ideas are still popular today.


People are misleading, forcing them to see the enemy in their brothers. All men from 18 to 60 years are sent to war, even against their wishes. Hardened border crossing measures. Social benefits and benefits have been discontinued, the entire economic reserve has been allocated to the army. Thousands of dead, tens of thousands of wounded … Houses destroyed, crippled fate. People live in fear and suspense.

Total war is not a necessity, but a way for the “top” of government to satisfy the need for power. And before you take up arms, you should think about it.

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