How to answer the question: "How are you?" Several variants


Every day a person communicates with different people: friends, relatives, colleagues, or fellow students. And sometimes you have to answer uncomfortable, uninteresting or just plain questions.


Truth is an option

If a person does not know how to answer the question: “How are you?”, You should think about just saying the truth. But it can also be completely different. For a relative, this can be a detailed answer, which will contain many interesting and important nuances from life, for a friend it will be enough to have a short answer in several sentences. That's just the point should be truthful.

Sweet lie

The answer to the question: “How are you?” Can also be deceitful. This technique is used in a conversation with the enemies of a person who wants to annoy. Also, you can embellish reality in front of former guys (girls) or just people who are openly jealous. But you shouldn’t misinterpret your whole life and invent non-existent events, because after a certain time, a lie can be revealed and it will be just uncomfortable.


How to answer the question: “How are you?” A rather simple advice: it’s monosyllabic, using only one word or phrase that fully reflects reality. Examples include the following words or phrases: "Best of all", "Excellent", "Cool", "Normal", "So-so", "Blockage (at work, school)", "Disgusting", etc. After that, you can quickly go to another topic, if you do not want to develop a thought.


In rhyme

Another option is how to answer the question: "How are you?" - in rhyme. This method is good if you just want to get away from the answer. So, you can use the following phrases: “I have not yet given birth”, “How soot is white”, etc. It all depends on the respondent’s fantasy.


Good can also help fun phrases that can be used, again, if you want to avoid the real answer. So, there is a huge amount of options: “I don’t know, the prosecutor has a day off, ” “Oh, business, business …”, “I’m not a business man, I don’t move matters”, etc.



How to answer the question: “How are you?” To people who are frankly tired? Sharp. You should not be rude, but sometimes you really want to just cut off the desire to continue to be interested in it, saying: “Not your business, ” “Leave me alone, ” “What kind of care do you have?” However, you should not abuse this option.

Keep silent

You can also simply ignore this question or keep silent in response. So, a reasonable interlocutor will understand that you no longer need to ask such a question. If not, you can use the method described above.

Question to question

Everyone knows that it’s not good to answer a question with a question, but sometimes, if you really want, you can. This method is suitable in a situation if you want to avoid the answer. We need to ask another question: “How are you doing?”, “What is my business, better tell me about yourself”, etc.


If you want to be original, but not to answer seriously the question: “How are you?”, You can prepare answers for each day. You need to take a notebook and paint the desired answers for 30 days. And then, depending on the number, just look in the diary entry and answer exactly what is written there. Let it not be true.

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