What is a nightclub "KM-19"


After long and hard working days, all people strive to arrange their rest and respite. Couples usually relax in the circle of relatives, go to the cinema, theaters, cafes, go on picnics, and young people prefer to go to parties and nightclubs. Especially for people who are not burdened with family concerns, in various cities and especially in Moscow there is a huge number of different night places in which music does not cease until dawn and the fun lasts all night long. There are different kinds of institutions of this kind, there are regular clubs where, apart from single guys and girls, married couples rest comfortably, and there are private clubs where men usually come to find their passion for the evening.


If you consider yourself a real macho and lover of a beautiful female body, then this review is aimed specifically at you. This article will tell about one of the best and pretentious places in the Russian capital - the private club "KM-19". The setting is an ideal place for the rest of real men. Here they will feel all the sweetness of human relationships, lovemaking and sexual pleasures. Every day the club gathers about a hundred incredibly beautiful women, ready to fulfill the most intimate desires of men.

Club Information

"KM-19" in Moscow is one of the best restaurants and private clubs in the city. The establishment is ideal for men. For them, there are all kinds of hot drinks: from strong alcohol to hot women. Every man will meet here an ideal sexy girl who will amaze him with its plasticity and grace, will keep him in sensual tension all night.


"KM-19", located in the shopping center "Passage Kuznetsky Most", is a very famous and sought-after holiday destination for both Muscovites and guests of the capital. Here reigns a relaxing atmosphere, which contributes to a relaxed holiday in friendly company. The strip club offers three bars. The first is ideal for business and social communication, the second, more secluded, is designed for intimate and intimate conversations, the third has a karaoke zone.

In each hall of the club there are chic interiors in the aristocratic baroque style. Leather and velvet trim gives the place a special chic. The club's restaurant is divided into a spacious hall and separate VIP cabins. If the rest requires maximum autonomy, then there are separate rooms for guests. Each room has a cozy atmosphere, equipped with showers and a jacuzzi.



The menu of the night club “KM-19” presents delicious dishes of European, Japanese and Mediterranean cuisines. The famous restaurant chef arrived from faraway France and in the Russian capital instills gastronomic taste to all clients of the club.

The exclusive cocktail card of the establishment will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated customers. Here is a huge selection of alcoholic beverages of the best quality.



Regularly in the club "KM-19" there are diversified theme parties, show nights, girls show the beauty of striptease. They are the subject of special pride and property of the institution. Incredibly beautiful, slim, flexible, with a bright personality, they undoubtedly cause a flurry of emotions in men. Regular customers of the club in one voice say that so many beautiful girls are not in any institution of the capital.

In addition, the club is famous for its hookah, one of the best in Moscow. For the convenience of guests among the additional services here are wireless internet and secure parking.

Basic information about the institution


The club "KM-19" is located in a good place, in the center of luxury, pleasure and fashion - on Kuznetsky Most.


The exact address of the institution: Moscow, Kuznetsky Most, building 19.

Mode of operation: the club receives visitors from 9 pm to 5 am.

Prices: entrance to the institution costs 1000 rubles, the price of private dance starts from 1.5 thousand rubles.

Strip Club Reviews

Judging by the reviews, "KM-19" is a real paradise for men. After visiting this place, their life is filled with special colors, each guest is delighted with the rest.

Many visitors note that by Moscow standards, prices in the club are very reasonable and fully correspond to the service and quality. If you take thirty thousand with you in the evening, then you can feel like a real king there.


The girls in the club are incredibly beautiful, sexy, gorgeous move and indulge all the whims of customers.

As for the service, there are often opinions differ. Some of the guests are completely satisfied, and someone, on the contrary, notes the rudeness and carelessness of the staff.


Gentleman club "KM-19" - the most famous private club of the capital. Beautiful girls are ready to embody the most daring men's fantasies all night long. Taste, grace and passion are gathered here in one place.

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