HF 20634 (city of Vladikavkaz, Sputnik village). 19th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade


Since July 1922, the 19th Separate Motorized Rifle Division began to function in the city of Voronezh. According to experts, this is the first division of the Red Army, which was awarded in 1925 the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. Initially, the 19th Division, also known as military unit 20634, was listed as belonging to the Moscow Military District (VO). By 2009, after reforming the Armed Forces, the division was transformed into a separate motorized rifle brigade (OMSBR). HF 20634, like other military units, does not have its official website. This article will be of interest to those who wish to obtain the necessary information about the 19th Brigade.


Acquaintance with the formation

VCh 20634 is the 19th Red Banner Voronezh-Shumlensk Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Orders of Suvorov II degree and the Red Banner of Labor. Resides in the 58th Combined Arms Army (OA) of the Southern IN. A military unit is stationed in the city of Vladikavkaz, in North Ossetia.


In the years of the Great Patriotic

HF 20634 has a glorious history. The symbolic operations of World War II took place with the participation of military personnel of this military unit. The soldiers of the 19th brigade successfully took the Bulgarian town of Shumlen. The operation itself in history is known as "Shumlenskaya." In 1945, the brigade forces crossed the Danube crossing, for which the unit was awarded the Order of Suvorov, II degree. In the same year in May, the military liberated the Czechoslovak city of Bratislava.

Post-war time

During the Great Patriotic War the central part of the state was the location of the 19th separate motorized rifle brigade. At the end of the war, servicemen and commanders were transferred to North Ossetia, to Sputnik village. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, soldiers of a separate motorized rifle brigade engaged the First and Second Chechen wars, as well as in the Georgian conflict. In the winter of 1994-1995 the military grouping “Zapad”, staffed by the fighters of the 19th OMSBr, stormed the city of Grozny.


The 19th Brigade is under the command of the 58th Army of the Southern Military District. According to eyewitnesses, the quarters with two rooms and washbasins became the quarters for the conscripts. Each toilet is provided with one toilet, shower with hot water and drying. Each soldier has his own safe to store personal belongings. However, judging by the reviews, they are equipped with very weak locks, which would not be difficult for an intruder to open. This disadvantage is compensated by the fact that safes are located in the rooms of soldiers. Nevertheless, safes are not reliable enough to store valuable items.

The soldiers who signed the contract, as well as the officers, live in the dormitory. Soldiers with families can rent apartments in the city. Food is served in the dining room. Judging by the opinions of eyewitnesses, not everyone is satisfied with the food offered. To the services of such fighters there is a shop with relatively affordable prices. Near the checkpoint located voentorg. Also, the soldiers have the opportunity to eat in the tea. There are still other shops and a pharmacy near the military unit in the village of Sputnik. According to eyewitnesses, extra meals are not a problem for fighters with money. Several auto shops even come to the landfill. On the territory of the military unit there is a gym and a club. The possibility of withdrawing money through an ATM. Judging by the opinions of those who served in military unit 20634, it can be concluded that the relationship between soldiers and local residents leaves much to be desired. In view of the fact that the population does not like not only the soldiers from this military unit, but the military in general, those who are going to leave for leave, the senior soldiers would advise them to wear civilian clothes and behave more modestly.


The leadership of the military unit was carried out by the following officers with the rank of colonel:

  • From 2010 to 2014 S.A. Kisel. In 2013, he was promoted to Major General.
  • From 2014 to 2017, E. A. Abachev.
  • From 2017 to the present day R. Yu. Vyazomsky.


The part is completed with the following military formations:

  • Headquarters.
  • Three motorized rifle battalions.
  • Two howitzer self-propelled artillery battalions.
  • One tank battalion.
  • Reactive artillery battalion.
  • Anti-tank artillery, anti-aircraft and anti-aircraft missile divisions.
  • The battalion of signalers.
  • Engineering and sapper, reconnaissance and special forces battalion. There is also a formation that provides material support for the part.
  • Repair, medical, curfew and companies responsible for radiation, chemical and biological protection.
  • A rifle company whose service is carried by snipers.
  • A company of UAVs.
  • Battery management and artillery reconnaissance. Headed by the head of artillery.
  • Administrative platoon led by the head of the air defense. Military personnel responsible for radar reconnaissance.
  • Platoon instructors.
  • Polygons.
  • Military Band.

About the team

According to eyewitnesses, quiet psychological conditions prevail in the military unit. In this formation, there is a tradition in accordance with which the contacting of newly arrived soldiers with the old soldiers is completely excluded. In order to prevent the latter from communicating with the new ones, the military leadership organized their separate living. Classes are held officers.



Upon arrival at the part of the newcomers undergo a drill. Also, most of the time they are engaged in the park-economic work. Soldiers guard the Roki tunnel. According to experts, it is a very important strategic object: the main line located in it is connected to each other North and South Ossetia. The transport highway is the only direct route connecting both regions in Vladikavkaz. HF 20634 controls 3 thousand meters of the road - the length of the entire tunnel from the south and from the north side alternately. Change is carried out every week. On the south side of the guard stationed in trailers. There is a hotel at the disposal of the fighters occupying the north side. In addition, on the highway there is a special post with a doctor on duty. According to eyewitnesses, if necessary, the soldiers can provide medical assistance. In case of illness, soldiers are sent to the city to the hospital. The importance of the protection of this highway is shown by the fact that the chevrons of military personnel are depicting a tunnel tower.


Judging by the reviews, the telephone connection leaves much to be desired, since only Megaphone is functioning properly. The soldiers also help the local population during a disaster and eliminate its consequences.


On the territory of the Russian Federation there is only one alpine range. Among military specialists, he is known as "Daryal". Located in the city of Vladikavkaz, at a height of one and a half kilometers above the sea. It is here that the soldiers of the 19th brigade are trained in combat techniques in mountainous and difficult terrain. The slopes, cliffs and hills there are used by instructors to train soldiers in reconnaissance skills. In the course of training, special devices are used with the help of which soldiers overcome various obstacles in the form of rivers and gorges.


This training ground is intended for soldiers of HF 20634 to master new armored vehicles - T-90 tanks and BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles.


The location of the landfill was the highlands 2 km from the city. During the exercises, the fighters master various types of small arms, study camouflage, dig trenches and dugouts. At this time, the services of military personnel provided a large tent, designed for 30 people. In each of these tents provided for the presence of stoves, burzhuek in the amount of 2 pieces.


Inside there are bunk beds. Every week, soldiers are taken to the bathhouse. Judging by the feedback from eyewitnesses, telephone communication is well established at the Tarskoye range. An important advantage of the area is the presence of electricity. Judging by the reviews, feeding at the site, compared to the kitchen in the military unit, is somewhat better. Food is prepared by "coming" civilians. Fighters are often served fresh fish. The only drawback of Tarski is bad water.

Information for parents

Who wishes to send a parcel or a letter to a soldier must indicate the postal address on the envelope: HF 20634, Vladikavkaz, pos. Satellite. Index: 362012. Next, you should specify the name, surname and patronymic of a serviceman. If a fighter at this time passes training at the range, he will not be able to get anything. In this case, the relatives will have to call the post office so that they can hold the parcel there. Freed later, the soldier himself takes it. If letters arrive, they are taken by the commanders and delivered to the landfill.


Who wants to come to the oath, must register for half an hour before the event, which lasts about three hours. Begin it at 9 am. By 12 o'clock the servicemen are entitled to leave before 8:00 pm. Parents have the opportunity to see the part.

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