Animal protection. The role of nature reserves and captivity


Separate groups of animals disappeared from the face of the Earth gradually. The extinction of some species was associated with the hunting and excessive prey of these individuals, which adversely affected their numbers. Therefore, many representatives of the world fauna were listed in the Red Book, and the protection of animals is essential for their conservation.


Causes of extinction

Hunting is not the only reason for the extinction of animals. Amphibians and reptiles often die as a result of droughts, freezing winters, floods, drying up of water bodies, as well as accidents. Global warming, the destruction of more than half of tropical forests in Africa have led to the simultaneous disappearance of thousands of species of flora and fauna. Therefore, the protection of animals is carried out in special areas of national parks, reserves and reserves. This allows you to save many species that are on the verge of extinction.

Nature reserves

Save rare and endangered species of animals and plants called reserves. Criteria for national parks have been developed. In the territory where the protection of animals and plants takes place, it is prohibited to use natural resources, to conduct mineral exploration, construction, and timber harvesting. There is a ban on any agricultural and industrial activities. One of the largest national parks - Yellowstone Reserve in the United States.


Problems of biodiversity conservation

To preserve biodiversity, a system of measures, such as the legal protection of the animal world, was developed and fixed by law. In addition, special state programs have been introduced for the protection, registration, inventory and monitoring of animals. Mankind has already concluded that preserving flora is not the narrow task of special bodies and organizations. All people on Earth should take part in this, because there is no other way.

Snow leopard (snow leopard)

This is a large mammal that has been little studied. Almost mythical animal lives on the inaccessible slopes of the mountains of Central Asia. The snow leopard has short strong legs and tail, and the spotted color of a predator allows it to hunt. Unfortunately, the snow leopard population is negligible. It is listed in the Red Book. That is why animal protection is so important. Irbis are solitary, and females care for their young for a long period of time.


American Ferret

The black-footed ferret is listed as endangered in the Red Book. The animal has black paws and a “mask” on its face. With short legs the animal manages to dig the ground perfectly. The animal has a wonderful sense of smell, sight and hearing. American ferrets today are on the verge of extinction. The protection of the animal world, as well as the work of experts in the field of conservation of black-footed ferrets, gives positive results. Scientists have already settled in a nursery a few heterosexual individuals.

Captive breeding

There is a world experience of breeding rare animals in captivity. This method of preserving the gene pool, although it is sad to realize, fully justified itself. For example, only 300 Madagascar turtles survived, and a third of them live in captivity.

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