What is the potential? There are at least three values.


The world contains a huge number of unexplored opportunities. Nassem Taleb calls especially black and unpredictable “black swans”. Black hints at negative overtones, but in fact there are also positive situations. For example, winning the lottery or the unexpected popularity of a new business niche. In these cases, talk about the potential. But this concept is complex and multifaceted. What is the potential?

Sell ​​probabilities!


The first meaning of this word is the possibility hidden for the time being. Psychologists talk a lot about potential. But the coaches generally turned the human potential into an expensive product. And it sells well, although not all places are occupied in this niche. However, the manifestation of potential is a business that can be acquired. It is not force and not intelligence that increases human potential, but constant application of effort.

Capacity specificity

We are all accustomed to look at chess players from the bottom up, considering their abilities to be special. However, an experiment was conducted: first, the players and non-players were asked to remember the position of the pieces, which is found in the game. Naturally, chess players reproduced him perfectly. But when they offered to remember the arbitrary position of the pieces, the professional players and non-players remembered the order equally badly. All human skills are very specific and poorly transferred from one activity to another. What is the potential? These are opportunities shaped by activity.

Conditional calculations


The second value is associated with economic geography. For example, in the complex concept of “potential of the country”, a conventionally calculated quantity is implied. It is usually calculated on the basis of natural and human resources, as well as the demand for goods and services in the world market. What is the potential for economists? This is a hypothetical assessment of a country's capabilities. Moreover, smart states put primarily on human potential. If human resources are used well, a poor country with material resources becomes successful, for example, Japan or Singapore.

Moral Motivation

Of course, the country's potential is also directly linked with the mentality. It is impossible to force the Russians to work in the same way as the residents of the well-known eastern country. Even the cult of labor, which for decades was promoted by the ideologues of socialism, could not instill a love for work. The word “work” itself is actually neutral, because of propaganda it became unpleasant to many. I think that a Russian person is able to work “from the heart” only in connection with moral values. We work for our family, for the people we love, for our home. And not for the sake of incomprehensible and alien ideals, someone's production standards. We, the former residents of the Union, are ready for a lot to protect our family from insecurity and uncertainty about tomorrow.

Electric field terms


In the third meaning, potential is the concept of physical science. The work of external forces on the transfer unit of charge. Usually the words “tension” and “potential” are used side by side in science; in any textbook they will be almost together. Tension depends on potential, only with the opposite sign. To understand the equation of tension, basic knowledge of higher mathematics is necessary. What is the potential in the third meaning? It is a well-defined physical concept … This is still far from the meaning of human capabilities.

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