Mass grave united the dead


Mass grave is the burial of a group of people who died at the same time due to some events, among which may be hostilities, epidemics, natural disasters, repression, etc. Such objects have their own number and are indicated on the maps. Data about the personalities of people lying in the grave, as a rule, are unknown. The graves are divided into civilian and military, and the soldiers must pay tribute to the mass graves of fallen soldiers.


The oldest mass grave was found on the territory of the Old Simonov Monastery in Moscow, where cubic meters of human remains were found. According to experts, the skulls of those who were buried belonged to young healthy people, and clothes and some objects were not preserved. This, together with the necessary analyzes, led to the conclusion that in this place there was a mass grave of soldiers who died, as is supposed, during the time of the Kulikovo battle.

The territory of Russia was repeatedly subjected to military raids. Therefore, the mass grave, unfortunately, is a frequent phenomenon in many localities. Thus, in the seventies of the 20th century, a collective burial was discovered on the edge of the Utice Forest with a total area of ​​about 170 square meters. meters, on the territory of which found the last shelter of about 700 people and 350 horses. The remains were collected and burned in November 1812. In Soviet times, the territory at the burial site was landscaped. Here put the obelisks, cleared the track. Later a wooden cross was erected.


The Second World War expanded the sad list of graves. For example, about 139 thousand Soviet soldiers were killed on the Karelian Isthmus, and about 0.3 million people were killed in the Great Patriotic War. The Finns lost about 87 thousand soldiers. About 60 thousand of them died in 1941-1944. Due to the fact that the fighting was conducted in the forests, there is still not one mass grave in the isthmus, which requires detection on the basis of historical data, as well as proper maintenance.

Today in the Russian Federation there are numerous search teams, some of which have united in a special alliance. Many of those participating in the excavations say that soldiers who died in World War II still lie in the forests and fields of the country. The identity of some of them can be established, the rest are buried in mass graves with the provision of appropriate honors. According to separate studies, as a result of military and other actions in the USSR during the Great Patriotic War, about 26.6 million people died.


In addition, we should not forget about the victims of peacetime, which include those who died during the Stalinist repression. In many cities of Russia and the CIS countries today, monuments to those who were shot in the late 40s are open. For example, over 100 shooting places were found near Voronezh, 998 (!) People were buried. Several ditches were filled with killed people near Irkutsk, in Vorkuta - mines and dumps, near St. Petersburg - a whole wasteland (Levashovo).

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