You should see these slums!


Most of the inhabitants of Russia believe that the slums are dilapidated wooden barracks, in which, as a rule, there is no sewage system or running water. Living in Africa would accept such living conditions for paradise on earth. They have to live in real slums that have nothing to do with Russian houses. Read this material to verify this and find out the real meaning of the word. You may be affected by living conditions in some countries!

The meaning of the word "slum". Short description

Slum is a residential area consisting of dilapidated, uncomfortable and poor housing. Most often arises spontaneously, not far from the city or within its boundaries. Appears due to the active resettlement of rural residents in large populated areas. Residents of such slums are mostly marginalized social environments. Often, a high density of buildings leads to fires, which destroy several or even all buildings in the neighborhood.

Slums in Russia

Find dilapidated houses of the old building can even be in the capital. Russians are used to calling slums hostels, which are long overdue for demolition. Usually in such buildings for many years not been overhauled. The ceilings are leaking, the sewage system is not working and sometimes there is no running water. Old barrack houses suffer from the same problems. As a rule, they are wooden and people live in them for several generations. There are also entire neighborhoods in cities, where private houses of rather poor appearance are located. They are also considered to be slums and try to demolish as soon as possible so as not to spoil the overall picture. But all these dwellings can not be compared with those of spontaneous settlements in other parts of the world, where such buildings cause the death of thousands of people!



Indian slums are a real hell for a normal person, whose social status allows him to take a shower at least once a week. These buildings appeared thanks to the British. Having colonized India, the pious British began to build their homes and oust the indigenous people from the central streets. Those, in turn, had no choice but to build temporary shelters. If the British built their dwellings out of stone and conducted water in them, then the Indians would take any material for their slums and sculpt their huts one on another. Insanitary conditions and stench quickly filled the streets of this improvised town. The result is an outbreak of bubonic plague. She claimed the lives of half of the population of the city of Mumbai and the slums quickly carried out of the city. After several large fires, the Indians began to build their houses from old bricks, but this did not solve some of their problems. There is still one toilet for a thousand families, and there is no running water to this day. You may be surprised, but not only the poor live there. People who come to work in India, which is actively developing in many industries, prefer to live in slums. You can rent a house there for only $ 3 per month. And this is a huge savings for a person who decided to save a certain amount of money! The population of these slums is over a million people.



If you have never been to Venice but want to live in a place like this, then you will enjoy the slums in Makoko. These small houses on stilts stand right in the water and provide shelter to hundreds of thousands of people. Rent will cost 10-20 dollars a month. Such a floating town in the lagoon of the Atlantic could even be called a romantic place, if not for some unpleasant facts. Just a few toilets on a huge number of people forced people to lower all sewage directly into the ocean. It is not difficult to guess what “flavors” are hovering in the local air. That's what slum means!


Hong Kong

These slums have already gone down in history, but the memory of them will continue for many decades. The following story may seem fiction and impress the imagination. In a small area stood a few dozen high-rise buildings. The photograph shows that there was practically no minimum distance between them. Here lived 50 thousand people! Houses located in the center have lived in darkness for decades. The sun did not make their way through densely built-up buildings. But this is not the most surprising. In these small apartments, people lived for generations, and when in 1994 it was decided to demolish this "anthill", the people raised a real howl. Although they were offered normal apartments in good neighborhoods - they did not want to leave their homes. The so-called “hotels” have become no less scary fact of life in Hong Kong. In simple apartments, people put cages for dogs and handed them over for decent money - $ 100–200 per month. After the scandal in the press, the cells had to be abandoned, but boxes of 1-2 square meters in size began to surrender.



Want to know what a slum is? Go to Brazil. The largest slum in the world has about 11.4 million people. Locals call them favelas. Usually they are built on the slopes of the mountains and they end in the jungle. Consequently, they can expand and be completed infinitely. In the immediate vicinity are tourist areas.


You can chat with the slum population at any time. Drug trafficking and crime are thriving there, and local authorities have been unable to cope with this problem for several decades. After all, the demolition of these buildings will mean the resettlement of a huge mass of people, and the municipality does not have such a large amount of housing. The largest slums are in Rio. They were very popular during the World Cup and the Olympics in 2016. Foreigners shot and even bought favela at very affordable prices - 10-12 thousand dollars.

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