Historical events of April 21, holidays


From world history can not be removed any day. Too much has happened during the existence of man. Each specific number, date is associated with some events, without which life would not be what it seems to us today. That is why it is so important to know what happened on a given day, for example, at the beginning of the third week of April.

Historical events


April 21 in the history of Russia and the world community occupies a very important place. So, this date marked the beginning of the Pacific Navy of the USSR. Today, the Russian fleet is considered one of the strongest in the world due to its equipment with various missiles, submarines and combat and reconnaissance boats, as well as fighter and anti-submarine aircraft.

In 1951, the NOC (National Olympic Committee) was created in the USSR, which followed the development of sports in the country and the preparation of national teams for the Summer and Winter Olympics.

What happened in other countries of the world on April 21? Events took place in Brazil. Thus, in this state, the authorities decided to transfer the capital from Rio de Janeiro to the city of Brasilia, where it remains to this day.

Lunar calendar for this day of the year

April 21 is considered the fourth lunar day. Earth satellite is in the first phase in the constellation Gemini. Astrologers consider this date unfavorable for change and action, since it will take too much power, which later will not be easy to restore. Changes can lead to not very favorable consequences, so you should leave everything as it is. It is also necessary to save your strength during the working day. No need to be too zealous, it is better to leave the most important things for a more favorable period of time, unless, of course, time is tight.


April 21 to restore the spent strength and energy will help walk. Especially effective for charging positive emotions and vitality will be a country picnic and any outdoor recreation or at least in the nearest park or square. Fresh air is simply necessary on this difficult day.

Zodiac sign of people born on this day

According to the eastern horoscope, very contradictory natures are born on April 21. Zodiac sign Taurus is a set of inconsistencies. So, Taurus can behave in relation to other people coldly enough, not to show excessive affection, but at the same time be sociable and cheerful enough.


Representatives of this sign are "bulletproof" for external stresses and irritants. They are able to abstract from reality, which helps them to bring all their affairs to the end. On the other hand, Taurus is extremely suspicious of changes of any kind. It is easier for them to leave everything as it is today, to avoid all sorts of risks and unpleasant consequences. Thus, it is quite difficult for them to get out of their own comfort zone.

Another important point for people born on April 21 is the characteristic of their working capacity and chances to build a successful career. As a rule, it is obtained from Taurus. Natural stubbornness helps to perform official duties clearly and on time, therefore the representatives of this zodiac sign are unsurpassed employees-performers.

Born on this day celebrities


On April 21, many famous people were born. Among them, the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II should be highlighted. She is the oldest monarchy in world history. The Queen, in addition to the countries that make up the UK, are subject to another 15 independent states that were once British colonies. In practice, Elizabeth II has not so much power as it may seem at first glance. Its main function as the head of the royal family is to represent the interests of the UK at various business meetings. Elizabeth is a symbol rather than a ruler. She is a kind of maintenance of the old traditions of the state and is very popular, like other members of her family.

Another famous figure, but already in Russian history, is the nanny AS. Pushkina Arina Rodionovna Yakovleva. It was she who, from childhood, instilled in little Sasha love for Russian native literature, introduced him to Russian folklore.

Birthdays and traditions

On April 21, Orthodox Christians celebrate the Day of the Angel, the saint, in whose honor they are named. Ivan, Sergey, Rodion, Maria, Martha and Susanna celebrate their names. It is necessary to go to church early in the morning and pray to your saint, put a candle near his icon.


Folk beliefs associated this day with the melting of ice on rivers and other bodies of water. Therefore, the people call him Rodion Ledolom. Depending on how the ice breaks, you can predict important moments for the management. Russian people believe that if the ice on the reservoirs becomes piles, then this is the surest sign that this year there will be a big harvest of bread and other cereals.


What events are remarkable on April 21? What holiday is celebrated on this day in our country and in the world? In Russia, it is the Day of Local Government. The development of this power body began under Catherine II, who signed a decree establishing such a structure in each province and city of the Russian Empire. In modern Russia, in the local government bodies, authorized representatives of the President of the Russian Federation are working, capable of solving many issues that citizens address to them, and who are responsible for certain economic and business areas of cities and regions.


Day of the accountant is not an official holiday in Russia. However, for several years in a row, representatives of this profession mark it. This event was established by Glavbukh magazine, thanks to the publication of which this holiday appeared.

In Egypt, celebrate the "flower scent". This day symbolizes the arrival of spring and the beginning of agricultural field work.

Perhaps the most remarkable holiday on this day is the founding of Rome. This largest city of its time, the capital of an entire empire, was founded in 754 BC. Legend associates it with the names of Romulus and Rem. Romulus saw twelve kites in the sky, which symbolized a dozen centuries of the domination of Rome over the rest of the world.

Orthodox holidays

An important place in the Orthodox tradition is April 21. What holiday is celebrated on this day? First of all, believers commemorate the apostles Rufa, Rodion, Agave, Asyncritus, and Hermes. This day is also considered the time of remembrance of the dead. Candles are laid in the church for the repose and appropriate services are held.

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