Demographic ballad: how many residents in the Crimea?


Not so long ago, Russia annexed new (old) territories - the city of Sevastopol and the Crimea. The peninsula has a long and tangled demographic history. To figure out how many people in the Crimea, few bare facts. Details are needed, sometimes sad and tragic. Let's figure it out. Crimea is a multinational region. The list of nationalities includes more than one hundred names. Naturally, how many people in the Crimea are noticeably influenced not by all, but only by numerous nations.

Last census results


The last time accurate counting was conducted thirteen years ago. Then the peninsula was inhabited by 2, 024, 056 citizens of various nationalities. Most of them are Russians. It should be noted that, according to official data, the population is constantly decreasing. Those indicators that characterize the demographics of the period 1989-2001 are called a real catastrophe. During this time, the number of inhabitants of the Crimea decreased by almost 400 thousand people! This figure is relative, as it characterizes the decrease against the background of the resettlement of the Crimean Tatar people that occurred in that period. The actual loss is much higher.

Historical facts: how the peninsula was settled

Studying the population of the Crimea, one cannot but turn to the events that determined the demographic situation. Russian began to live here for a very long time, in the tenth century. It is known that the Tmutarakan principality was created on the territory of the peninsula. Then the Slavs did not have a big impact on the number of residents in the Crimea. Most were Crimean Tatars, Greeks and others. In 1771, the thorough development of the territory by the Russians, who had brought their troops here, began. For two centuries, the ratio of the national composition of the population has changed, as many immigrants from Russia mastered new lands, and the subjects of the Ottoman Empire moved to Turkey. By the beginning of the last century, the Russians had become the predominant nation on the peninsula (41.2%), while the share of the Crimean Tatars fell to 28.7% (from 87.8).



The events of the Patriotic War influenced the actual composition of the population of the peninsula. As a result of political decisions, some of the peoples were evicted to other territories. If we consider the facts according to which more than 309 thousand people were taken out, then we can marvel at how many residents in Crimea were traitors. It's not like that at all. These people were resettled to Central Asia in order to reduce the risk of tensions in areas close to the border. The country fought, the risks were too serious. In total, 380 thousand people remained on the peninsula. Began a new filling of the peninsula by settlers of Slavic nationalities. By 1959, there were already more than a million people. In subsequent years, the proportions of Russians and Ukrainians in the total number gradually changed. The share of the latter increased slightly. But the majority of the population of any nationality considered Russian as their native language.


Rehabilitation and new relocation

The number of residents in the Crimea began to increase again, starting in the sixties. Gradually, the deported population began to return to the peninsula. Significant numbers are becoming the end of the last century. So, in 1999, more than three hundred thousand people moved to Crimea. Despite this impressive figure, the number of residents in the Crimea declined. This is most likely due to the difficulties affecting the entire population of a collapsed country. A positive indicator of natural growth was recorded only in 2012. Until then, the population was steadily decreasing, since the death rate exceeded the birth rate.

Seasonal indicators

There is another answer to the question of how many residents in the Crimea. The peninsula is a very popular resort. Therefore, its population is steadily increasing by about six million people in the summer. If this figure is not taken into account by statistics, then it affects the economy. The fact is that all this “temporary” population needs to be fed, its domestic needs met, entertained and so on. The most difficult is the issue of convenience. The fact is that the peninsula does not have enough of its water, it is supplied through the canals from the mainland. Therefore, the arrival of such a huge number of tourists happy Crimeans, but overloading utilities, which constantly threatens environmental explosion. Unfortunately, the large-scale reconstruction of this important sphere of life did not take place while the peninsula remained part of Ukraine. Until now, many villages are not provided with running water. For their needs, residents punch wells. Their filling is also problematic, since in the dry period the water falls below fifty meters.


Recent history

One would think that the transfer of territory from one state to another will also affect the population size. However, this opinion is wrong. According to official data, only a few thousand soldiers, workers of specialized services left the peninsula. The vast majority of people gladly accept new citizenship.

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