Air crashes in the United States: causes, investigation. Last air crash in the USA


Attempts to take off were made by people from time immemorial. Recall at least the legendary Daedalus and his son. True, their experiments were crowned with dubious success. Times have changed: now the wingless man flies in all directions and how much he wants. But the people themselves could not take to the air, therefore the disasters of aircraft have often very tragic consequences.

Air Crashes: World Statistics

Freely quoting Ilf and Petrov, it is worth noting that statistics knows everything: how many mattresses, toys, chairs in the world, and of course, it takes into account the number of air accidents that occurred.


Famous statistical companies have calculated the number of victims of air crashes since 1945. It turned out that during this period America became the leader in terms of human sacrifice. Why such disappointing statistics of air crashes in the United States is not difficult to guess. Indeed, in this highly developed country, passenger traffic and the number of flights are several times greater than in another region.

US Air Force Fighter Cruises

Most public attention is drawn to the crashes associated with the huge civilian liners, accompanied by a significant number of victims. But often there are accidents with helicopters, fighters belonging, in particular, to the military forces of America.

For example, in 2003, a military helicopter "Black Hawk" crashed. An incident occurred in the Ford Dame area, a base located near the Canadian border. On board were 13 soldiers, only two of whom survived.

In February of the same year, the Provler with three pilots aboard fell from the deck of an aircraft carrier due to the failure of the braking system. Two people at the last moment managed to eject, and the third rescued from the surface of nearby waters.

In January 2003, the fighter "Tomket" crashed, not reaching the deck of an aircraft carrier standing in the Caribbean. The plane crashed just 1 thousand meters from the goal. The pilots successfully ejected. The causes of the accident are established.


Near the border with Mexico, in the south of Texas, under the cover of night darkness, two military helicopters crashed. Four marines reservists died. It is noteworthy that the operation to capture drug couriers ended so disgracefully and tragically. Helicopter registration address: Camp Pendleton base.

December 2002 was marked by the collision of training aircraft "Tweety Bird" in the sky over southern Oklahoma. Fortunately, the pilots survived, and one side even returned independently to the training base.

On the winter night of 2002, the helicopter that was carrying out the shooting exercises suffered an accident in the area of ​​the Fort Rucker base. The pilots did not survive.

Two American attack aircraft collided over Nevada. One pilot died. Fortunately, the second time catapulted.

In October 2002, two of the newest fighter from the base "Limor" crashed over the California coast. Body pilots have not yet been found.

F-16 bombers clashed over Utah. One pilot survived, the remains of another were found at some distance from the accident site.

Accidents involving small ships

Air crashes in the US are not limited to the fall of military aircraft. Often, small private ships that fail due to breakdowns suffer wrecks, or a human flaw comes into play. One of the most notorious cases was the death of Senator Paul Wellstone with his wife, daughter and three employees. The plane of the politician crashed in October 2002, around 10 o'clock in the evening, not far from Evelete-Virginia airport.


In other cases, derailments that underwent light single-engine, twin-engined airplanes over forests or residential areas, did not suffer casualties, except for a few catastrophes. In particular, in 2002, a plane crashed on a highway in New Mexico. Breaking the wires, he collapsed, while the pilots died. No one was hurt on earth.

In January 2003, faced single and twin-engine aircraft. They collapsed on a residential area of ​​Denver. Four people died (crews of boards), and on the ground 6 people were injured at various degrees of severity.

Also a unique case occurred in Los Angeles. The plane destroyed part of the house and collapsed into the garage, while the pilot was killed, and the child watching television in the room was not hurt.

Another remarkable accident occurred at the airport of Charlotte, which is located in South Carolina. The pilot tried to save the situation, diving in the direction of the hangar, but nevertheless 19 people died.

The incomprehensible attack on the Federal Bank of America turned into a disaster. In fact, the pilot and manager of a well-known company were going to the Christmas party, and the fact that the plane fell on a reserve bank in Miami was an accident. The building was not seriously damaged, but 2 people died on board.

Oklahoma crashed overboard with six people who died before reaching McAllister Airport just a few meters away.

America's Top Ten Air Crashes

Large air crashes in the United States, of course, are more noticeable, no matter what year they occur, because trouble does not take into account chronology. In the first three places of this sad rating it is worth staying especially, which we will do a little later.


For now it will be enough to name the largest air crashes of the USA which collected the greatest harvest of human victims.

  1. The first place is taken by the terrible act of terrorism that occurred in September 2001. A total of 2, 846 people died in this monstrous disaster.
  2. On the second - the Chicago accident, which occurred in May of the distant 1979. 273 passengers were killed, among them crew members.
  3. On the third - the crash of the Airbus in November 2001. Killed: 265 people.
  4. In 1996, the Boeing 747, traveling to Rome, exploded over the Atlantic a few minutes after takeoff. After investigating and deciphering the data from the flight recorders, the reason was established: fatal electrical problems. The fatal flight 800 claimed the lives of 230 people.
  5. In 1987, the McDonnell Douglas airliner crashed into the overpass immediately after an unsuccessful takeoff, due to improper actions of the crew. He had to make a flight from Detroit (Michigan) to Phoenix. As a result, 156 people died, including 2 victims on the ground. A wonderful salvation is the fact that the only passenger, a four-year-old girl named Cecilia, survived.
  6. Boeing 727, the next to Las Vegas crashed in 1982 in Kenner territory. Air crashes in the United States have been replenished with another serious event that claimed 153 human lives. After the plane fell, the black box, of course, was deciphered. According to the results of the information analysis, the reason for the fall of the board, rising above the ground no more than 40 meters, was made public. It became imperceptible, but significant air microbursts, which fatally affected the takeoff.
  7. September 1978. There was the largest plane crash in California. The Boeing-727 and Chesna-127 collided in the air. It happened in the sky over San Diego. Planes fell on a residential area. The number of victims was 144 people. Again the cause of the accident was human inattention.
  8. In August 1985, the Lockheed liner exploded in Dallas from a blow to the water tower. This was preceded by strong turbulence. As a result, 135 people died, and 30, mostly on the ground, were injured.
  9. In the morning of December 1960, two airliners fell on New York: Douglas and Lockheed. They collided during the landing approach, which caused a fire in a fall in the Brooklyn region. 134 people are considered dead. The official version of the crash was the failure of navigation equipment.
  10. In 1994, a plane crashed near Pittsburgh. The black box, which was discovered by experts and deciphered its data, did not help to clarify the cause of the disaster. But further trouble with another board revealed the truth: the Boeing 737 jammed the steering wheel in the left position. 132 people reached Florida.

Crash? No - a terrorist attack!

And now it is worthwhile to dwell in greater detail on the most terrible catastrophe provoked by the monstrous act of terrorism of 2001. Despite the fact that accidents in the air, in particular, a plane crash in the United States, often occur, the world has not seen a more brazen and terrible attack.


The Boeing 767, which was captured by Islamist from al-Qaida, Mohammed Atta and his associates, crashed into the northern building of the marketing center in New York around 9 am on September 11. Soon, the southern tower was attacked by Boeing, hijacked by fanatic Marwan Al-Shehhi. Between the fatal clashes 17 minutes passed. In parallel with these boards two more planes were captured, one of which was aimed at the Pentagon, and the second - at the Capitol. But only the first one achieved the goal, the second one crashed in the territory of the state of Pennsylvania. Boeing 757 was led by Xeni Hendzhor, a terrorist from Saudi Arabia. He sent the board to the western part of the military center. The estimated number of victims is 189. Humanity will never forget this terrible event.

Chicago nightmare

Studying the crashes of civil aviation, it is impossible not to take into account the terrible tragedy that occurred in May 1979. This accident before the terrorist attack on the VTs tower was the largest in the history of North America. The Douglas airliner crashed 30 seconds after taking off. Due to the separation of the engine and damage to the left wing, the plane tilted and fell on the trailer park, followed by a terrible explosion. The disaster killed 273 people. This led to the error of the airport technical staff.

Airbus: fatal seconds over Queens

Another catastrophe occurred in 2001, a month after the New York terrorist attacks. The Airbus 300, taking off from Kennedy Airport, fell shortly after taking off. The busy New York area, Queens, was badly hurt by the fall of the liner. In total, 265 people died. The cause of the crash is not fully known, but experts suggest that this could be a pilot error or excessive turbulence.


Along with the official version, there are mystical assumptions. The fact is that on board the "Airbus" were two people who miraculously escaped death during the terrorist attacks of September 11. Here, supposedly, God's hand with a delay, but still caught up with them. Is it so remains a mystery.

The last decade of US civil aviation

Over the past 10 years, there have been many terrible accidents in the world, but the plane crashes in the United States, by happy coincidence, did not have too terrible consequences, although there were casualties. During this period, 14 crashes occurred. The most tragic were:

  • August 2006: The liner crashed in Kentucky, falling almost instantly after leaving the runway; 49 people died;
  • February 2009: 50 casualties after the plane crashed on a residential building in the Buffalo area.

Fortunately, the plane crashes in the United States over the past 10 years have not been impressive, but every human life is of tremendous value, so the grief of loved ones who died in air accidents is immeasurable.

Fate landing in San Francisco

The last plane crash in the United States was registered in July 2013. The Boeing 777 crashed while trying to land in San Francisco. The aircraft began to break off the fuselage and the engine caught fire. As a result, out of 307 passengers, including the crew, three died, and 181 people were injured.

In December of the same year it became known about the catastrophe that occurred in the territory of the state of Georgia. For very unknown reasons, the small-engine aircraft did not reach its final goal and crashed to the ground. Killed two people.


Thus, air crashes in the USA over the past 10 years are declining, and this is good news. All over the world, work is underway to improve the quality of flights and their safety, so we hope that soon all terrible wrecks will hide the veil of history.

Aerofobam note

Armed with information about numerous air crashes, people suffering from aerophobia, start to panic even more when boarding another board. This should not be done, but it is better to take note of the fact that the chance of getting into an accident in the air is 1 in 16 million cases. Therefore, it is wiser to stock up on a fascinating book, favorite player, to work on the flight simulator before the flight. And good luck!

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