The structure of the motorized rifle battalion: the number, composition, units, organization and weapons


The battalions are the main combined-arms tactical units of the brigades, which include various combat missions. Also, according to experts, the battalions can act independently. One of the most combat-ready are motorized rifle troops (MSV). Information on the organizational structure of the motorized rifle battalion can be found in this article.


The battalion, as part of the regiment, was introduced into the Russian army by Peter I. The term “battalion” originates from the word “battles”. Previously, they designated a certain order in the construction of troops. In the 15th century, the cavalry or infantry began to be called the battalion, which were placed on the battlefield in the form of a closed square. The number of soldiers in the battalion was not constant and ranged from 1 to 10 thousand people. In the XVII century, the number was 800-1000 soldiers. One battalion was equipped with 8 or 9 companies.


Over time, new types of weapons appeared, combat missions became more complex and diverse - with the use of heavy machine guns, mortars and artillery pieces, resulting in a more complex structure of battalions. The staff was supplemented with headquarters and units engaged in combat and logistic support (economic, transport, communications, etc.).

After the First World Army, it was replenished with tank, self-propelled artillery, mortar, motorcycle, sapper, engineering, machine gun and artillery, motorized infantry and other battalions. In the Great Patriotic War, with the correlation of forces and for calculating the density, motorized rifle battalions were used as the main unit. The structure and description of such a military unit is given below in the article.


The staff structure of the motorized rifle battalion is represented by the following combat units:

  • Three motorized infantry companies (MSR). It is a tactical unit, which mainly operates as part of the motorized rifle brigade (MSS). However, according to military experts, in such areas as intelligence and security, a company can act autonomously. In addition, the MSR is a fairly effective tactical airborne assault force or a special detachment in the enemy rear.
  • One mortar battery.
  • One anti-tank platoon.
  • Grenade launchers and anti-aircraft platoons.

Also in the organizational structure of a motorized rifle battalion there is:

  • Medical Center.
  • A platoon providing communication with the command and other military units and formations.
  • Platoon support.

In the structure of the motorized rifle battalion, each of the above units performs certain tasks.

About command

The organizational structure of the motorized rifle battalion provides for the presence of a commander, his deputy in charge of personnel, and an armament deputy. The location of the deputy battalion commander is the headquarters in which he occupies the post of chief. In addition to him, there are commanders, ensigns and clerks in the headquarters.

On the structure of the communications platoon

At the disposal of such a formation - two commander armored personnel carriers or infantry fighting vehicles, 8 thousand meters of cable and radio stations in the amount of 22 units. The staffing structure of a separate communications battalion of a motorized rifle brigade is represented by:

  • The squad leader. He is also a senior radio telephone mechanic-driver of an armored personnel carrier or infantry fighting vehicle.
  • Two radio compartments (with a commander, a senior radio master of the first branch and a senior radio telephonist of the second).
  • The driver of the second vehicle.

In total, the total number of communications platoon is 13 soldiers.


About mortar battery

In the structure of the motorized rifle battalion, a similar combat unit is completed:

  • Battery management. The management is carried out by the commander, his deputy for work with personnel. In addition, the presence of foremen, sanitary instructor and senior driver.
  • Administrative platoon with intelligence unit and signalmen.
  • Two fire platoons, each of which is completed with four 120-millimeter mortars.

In the mortar battery service is carried by 66 people. This military unit has four radio stations, cable (4 thousand meters.), Mortars in the amount of 8 units, and towing trucks - 8 pieces. Sometimes the battalion includes a self-propelled battery of Nona mortars. The unit is completed with two platoons, each of which has a “Nona-S” installation in the amount of 4 guns.

According to experts, it was previously planned to use Khosta 2S34 self-propelled howitzers instead of mortars - a modernized version of the Carnations 2S1. At the moment, this issue is under consideration by the military leadership.

The task of the mortar battery is to suppress and destroy the enemy's manpower and his fire weapons, the location of which became open positions, trenches and dugouts. Such a formation is able to effectively act on areas of up to 4 hectares.


About grenade launcher platoon

In the structure of the motorized rifle battalion there is a platoon whose task is to destroy enemy living forces and fire weapons outside the shelters. The staff includes the platoon leader and his deputy. In addition, in the grenade platoon there are three offices with their commanders, two senior gunners, two gunners, gunners of the armored personnel carrier and drivers. The number of personnel - 26 soldiers. At the disposal of the platoon - 30-mm grenade launchers AGS-17 (6 units) and infantry fighting vehicles (3 cars).

Antitank platoon

In view of the fact that this unit stops the advancing enemy by firing from cannons, their fire capabilities are taken into account as the main indicator. They are expressed in the number of destroyed enemy objects.

A motorized rifle battalion on infantry fighting vehicles strikes an average of 130 enemy infantry fighting vehicles and 80 tanks. The figure may increase to 120 tanks and 170 combat vehicles if a tank company and a platoon of guided anti-tank missiles are in the composition of the MSS. Today, Russia has the most advanced weapons systems.

On the composition of the battalion on infantry fighting vehicles

  • The number of personnel - 462 soldiers.
  • At the disposal of the fighters - armored personnel carriers of two modifications: 37 vehicles BMP-2 and 2 - BMP-2K.
  • Soldiers have an automatic mortar 2B9 or 2B9M "Cornflower", three 82 mm AM and 6 mortars of 82 mm caliber.
  • The personnel use 6 AGS-17 automatic machine-gun grenade launchers.
  • The division has 42 non-combat vehicles at its disposal.


On the composition of armored personnel carriers

In the motorized rifle battalion, 539 men serve in the BTR.

The formation is completed with 6 Fagot anti-tank missile systems 9K111 (ATGM F) and 9 Metis 9K115 anti-tank missile systems (ATGM M).

The personnel on the BTR have Cornflower 2B9 and 2B9M mortars, and three 82-mm automatic mortars. The presence of 6 mortars of 82 mm caliber is also provided.

The number of vehicles - 43 armored personnel carriers.


About anti-aircraft missile platoon

Such a formation in the structure of the motorized rifle battalion of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation destroys enemy aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and airborne troops. The range is small and medium altitude. The platoon includes:

  • The platoon commander and his deputy (he also leads the unit).
  • Three branches. Each has its own commander, anti-aircraft gunners (2 people), a machine gunner for an armored personnel carrier, a senior driver and his assistant.

The number of personnel - 16 soldiers. At the disposal of fighters - launching systems "Needle" or "Strela-2M" in the amount of 9 guns. The platoon has three armored personnel carriers.

About battalion medical center

For the collection of the wounded and their evacuation in the structure of the motorized rifle battalion of the Russian Federation a medical station is provided. The staff of this unit is represented by the head of the first-aid post (ensign), a medical orderly, two orderlies, a senior driver and three orderly drivers. UAZ-469 cars are available in the amount of 4 units and one trailer.

About security platoon

The unit’s tasks include maintenance and repair of battalion equipment. A support platoon with a staff of 19 people functions under the direction of an ensign (he is also a platoon commander) and his deputy is the section commander. The platoon structure includes a maintenance department, an automobile and an economic department.


In the years of the Soviet Union, this unit was completed with reconnaissance and engineering-sapper platoons. Today, such a composition is not provided. The structure of such a unit is limited only by the following formations:

  • Maintenance Department. The military repair combat vehicles and vehicles under the battalion department. The staff is represented by a squad leader, a senior auto-electrician-accumulator, a car mechanic, a driver-car mechanic. The staff of the department - 4 people. Repair work is carried out in the maintenance workshop. The soldiers of the unit have vehicles ZIL-131 and ZIL-135.
  • Automobile office. The staff includes the squad leader (he also serves as the deputy platoon commander), three senior drivers and five drivers. The personnel is represented by 9 soldiers. They have three GAZ-66 trucks (with personal belongings and company property), three GAZ-66 trucks for products, and two Ural-4320 trucks for ammunition maintenance.
  • Economic Department. The staff has a commander, a senior cook and three cooks. Personnel - 5 people. The division has trailed kitchens (4 units), four 1-AP car trailers and a KS-75 portable kitchen.



In combat conditions, all the forces and means of the most diverse military childbirth interact. A good example of this is the complex organizational structure of the MCP and tank units.

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