Description of the pool "Parus" in Zhulebino


Having regular physical activity in our lives plays a big role. Sport affects the overall well-being, appearance and health of a person. It has long been proven that training helps strengthen muscles, increase immunity, and reduce the risk of many diseases.

In the modern world, the sports industry offers a variety of loads on the body, and swimming is considered one of the main types of physical activity.

In this review, we will talk about the benefits of this area and about the complex that organizes swimming classes in Moscow - the Parus pool in Zhulebino.


The benefits of swimming

If we consider this sport from the point of view of benefits, we find that swimming has a minimum of contraindications, ideal for people of all age groups (from infants to the elderly) and any physical training.

This type of activity reduces the risk of developing vascular and heart diseases, forms a beautiful posture, relieves stress, relieves insomnia, and improves appetite.

During swimming, body fat and calories are actively burned, and this contributes to losing weight and improving the figure.

In addition to all of the above, swimming is an excellent means of hardening, which leads to a decrease in respiratory diseases.

Consider the benefits of this type of activity for children :

  • Swimming from a young age is the best way to improve your health. Children can be taught to swim from birth, thanks to this sport they will be easier to adapt to the environment, they will grow strong and harmonious.
  • Children-swimmers improve coordination, increase endurance and strength, they grow faster. The muscles of such children become strong, and the lungs become powerful. Swimming is a great helper for mental and nervous problems. And, in the end, for the child - this is a vital skill through which he will feel safe on the water.


Swimming pool "Parus" (Zhulebino) is a small sports complex located on the territory of a forest park, which included a gym, solarium, massage room, swimming pools (for children and sports). The first one has four lanes sixteen meters long, the maximum depth of the bowl is 1.1 meters, and the water in the bowl is 30 ° C.


The sports pool has six tracks, whose length is twenty-five meters. Depth in the pool - 2.2 m. Water - 27 degrees Celsius.

Water purification in both pools is carried out using modern methods. Basically, this institution is visited by students of the sports school at number 62, on the basis of which it carries out its work.

Classes are held here by highly qualified coaches, whose students often win victories in various competitions.


In addition to the fact that swimming lessons for schoolchildren are held in the Parus swimming pool in Zhulebino, ordinary people can also attend the complex. For them, the following services are provided here:

  • Swimming lessons for children from six to fourteen years old.
  • Free swimming for adults.
  • Water aerobics.
  • Classes "mother + baby".
  • Fitball.
  • Gym.


You can sign up for the section at the end of August or in the first days of September.

Basic pool information

Address: the complex is located in Moscow, on Privolnaya Street, 42 (Vykhino-Zhulebino district). Phone pool "Parus" can be found on the Internet, on the website of the organization.

Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday "Sail" is open from 8 am to 11 pm, on Sunday - from 8.00 to 22.00.

Subscriptions can be purchased at the box office from Monday to Friday from 14 to 20 hours.

Prices: the “Parus” swimming pool in Zhulebino differs from the rest of the city’s basins at the low cost of occupations. For example:

  • Swimming lessons cost 350 rubles for children and 700 rubles for adults.
  • Training "Mom + baby" - 550 rubles.
  • Occupation by water aerobics - 350 rubles.
  • Subscription for adults - 240 rubles. for one lesson, for children - 120 rubles. Duration of one session is 45 minutes.

To visit the pool necessarily need help from the doctor.



The pool "Parus" (Zhulebino) placed on its base a small sports hall, equipped with modern exercise equipment. Anyone can work out here, improve their shape and build muscle mass. The hall is open every day from ten in the morning to ten in the evening. A single visit costs 250 rubles, a monthly subscription will cost 2, 000 rubles, a subscription for three months costs 5.5 thousand rubles.

Organization reviews

Opinions of visitors about this complex are different. Many consider it a great place to practice swimming. According to the regular customers of the pool, there are few people here, everything is clean and tidy. The staff is attentive and friendly. If we compare it with other similar organizations in Moscow, then Parus also has very reasonable prices.

Among the minuses, people note that the water smells strongly of bleach. Many believe that the system of cleaning and filtering in the pools is long overdue. There are also a lot of comments about the fatty plaque on the sides of the pool. But this is most likely not the staff of the complex, but the campers themselves, who do not follow the basic rules of hygiene before going to the pool, are to blame.


Pool "Parus" in Zhulebino is the only pool in the neighborhood and is popular with locals. Mostly the complex is focused on children, but adults also come here with pleasure to swim and enjoy the water treatments.

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