"Yurkin Park", Kirov: overview, description, location, contacts and reviews


"Yurkin Park" (Kirov) is a great place to relax, where citizens and guests of this place can get acquainted with 40 species of prehistoric creatures - dinosaurs. This is an amazing holiday complex.

About this institution

Many were looking forward to when Yurkin Park (Kirov) would start working. Tickets began to sell in advance. December 11, just celebrated the day of the area, so it was a great gift to all residents of the area.


In Yurkin Park (Kirov), a large crowd of people immediately rushed to see all of its beauty. On the eve of the New Year, numerous parents delighted their children with a trip to an interesting complex.

There is no such amazing place as “Yurkin Park” (Kirov) in the whole district. They come here from the regions in the neighborhood to look at the local beauty.

"Yurkin Park" (Kirov) takes its visitors to a completely new world. This was previously seen only in films or in your own fantasies. You will meet with reptiles of antiquity, long abandoned the animal world of the planet. The giant creations that lived in the Jurassic period will be in close proximity to you, thanks to which you can examine everything in detail. After all, it is not every day that you can see the spectacle provided by Yurkin Park (Kirov).


People extremely like the variety of species represented here. These are soaring, underwater, and land creatures from prehistoric times. Someone scares or amuses their natural movement. Figures imported from China. The job of creating a place was painstaking and hard, but it led to amazing results. Every feature radiates creativity and originality. The dates were tight, but the result still pleased the visitors. Before starting work, the team needed to study a lot of information.

Unusual sensations

Giant mamenchizavr 22 meters tall can impress everyone. The creature has an extended neck. When you turn his head and look into his eyes, his heart stops. Also, the model can move the tail. It is hard to argue that such feelings are not so easy to experience anywhere else.

On the way you can get a tyrannosaur, triceratops, a stegosaurus in his "armor", which is decorated with bone plates. There are cruel raptors here. The constructions come into motion, and it seems that you have met a real living predator. Such a spectacle impresses both children and adults who have seen a lot in their lifetime.


Walking through the park, you can see on the tree quetzalcoatl, whose wings have a span of 6 meters. In the middle of the pond there is an island on which the pterodactyl has comfortably equipped its nest. Approaching the coast, you will notice a plesiosaur holding water in its tension.

Here you can look at both the figures and the skeletons. In addition, fossils give a more complete picture of the amazing creatures that lived in ancient times. You can also see eggs, from which small reptiles hatch. Photos from here are just awesome. It is pleasant to look at them and remember all the experienced emotions that will overwhelm you here. This is a wonderful memory. So the best place to spend the weekend is nothing to look for.

New knowledge

There is an opportunity to join the excursion group. Children receive interesting tasks and are engaged in their decision. In the presence of - a game room in which your child will feel a great enthusiasm for the process and rejoice from the heart. Let the chad reincarnate as a little archeologist. Staged excavations, as a rule, cause a lot of excitement.

Also speak positively about interesting films that are shown here. One can learn a lot from them about the life of ancient animals. Conducted workshops. You will meet with forty species of dinosaurs. This is truly a unique sight!

Due to the fact that these creatures left the earth a long time ago and are known only from the pages of encyclopedias and from the frames of films, their life and habitat are shrouded in mystery and cause great curiosity in people. The theme for the design of the park has been chosen very successfully, since the flow of people eager to see all its beauty has not dried up for many months.


Cost of

Many seek to visit the "Yurkin Park" (Kirov). Entrance prices are described as adequate. Individual ticket - 300 rubles. Very good big company to send in "Yurkin Park" (Kirov). The cost of the ticket, if you are in a group, watch a master class and listen to a tour, is 350 rubles.

In the case when you are present with children under three years old, for them the entrance will be free. It should be remembered information about how much a ticket to the "Yurkin Park" (Kirov) for birthday, as well as their friends. You can get a 50 percent discount by renting a special room for the celebrations. For the pass you need to pay 150 rubles.

You can walk along the path next to dinosaurs, take a ride on four local slides, become an archaeologist for a while and dig up interesting fossils. In addition, there are board games and a complex for children. From the local samovar spill hot tea.


Services above standard

For an additional fee, you can ride a bungee (100 rubles), a swing that has a full turn (150 rubles), visit the game room (100 rubles per person), draw with sand of different colors (70-90 rubles - a picture), order a program from animators for a holiday (1500 rubles). If you get hungry, barbecue, which is sold here, will always reinforce. In addition, people order meals, buy souvenirs, eat pancakes in the food court, quality dumplings, juicy pasties, and cotton candy.

Way here

Perhaps you have never been here and decided to get out to Yurkin Park (Kirov). How to get here? If you live in the same city where the complex is located, it will not be very difficult. You can come here by bus number 21. It takes people from different parts of the city.

In the event that you are going to get from the city of Talitsy and you have a car, it will be a joy to park in the free parking lot. In addition, there are places for people with disabilities. In a specially designated place, you can leave the bus arrived groups of tourists. You may need more specific details about Yurkin Park (Kirov). Phone institutions: 8 (833) 246-82-92. By calling this number, you can ask all the questions.


Opinion visitors

People were delighted when in the winter, at the height of the holidays, kindergartens and schoolchildren began to be brought here. Kids have a lot of fun here. Interesting details can be seen even when looking at the fence. There are dinosaur figures from LEDs, palm trees, beautiful volcanoes and other elements of the landscapes of that time.

An interesting way to approach the creation of the image of the owner of the park. It is believed that this is the boy Yuri. His image was thought out for a long time. The guy was dressed in a regular sweatshirt and comfortable jeans. Under his arm, he holds a dinosaur, which already means gaiety and mischief, deceit and curiosity. It was with him that the interested visitors met at the entrance. Also, his images are on souvenirs and sweet cakes.


Unique environment

In this area you can relax in comfort. Everywhere reigns bright atmosphere. Well here at any time of the year. You can walk for a long time, because this place is open until 10 pm.

Entertainment is found by both young and adult visitors. A large dinosaur trail and playgrounds for children are open for you. Play even those guys whose physical abilities are limited. Special conditions have been created for them. There is no such phenomenon in the whole region. This is a separate kingdom, living its life, where everyone has slides, beautiful swings, interesting bridges that are very popular.

In winter, you can go skating rinks. In this case, the ice here is completely different from the usual. He was flooded in such a way that you can ride near the trees, dinosaurs. Pleases already one kind of beautiful park. Analogs to such a spectacle is perhaps that in Vienna, before the town hall, on the square. Skates can be rented. If you are still learning how to figure skating, you can use the stands in the very cute form of a penguin or kitty.

Excellent work slides that like many people. Another interesting point is the castle, from where you can also slide. People like to go down on the "tarts" on a slope of ice. Every adult involuntarily recalls his childhood and becomes like a couple of decades younger.

The abundance of attractions also delights the public. Those who love the thrill, go to the carousel with a turnover of 360 degrees. Quieter people go to the bungee, but a bit of extreme is here too. With the help of this device, you can move between the banks of the pond, while cruising through the air. For the people of Kirov, this park is a real find, since they like to spend time here all year round.


You look forward to!

The strength of this place is in its uniqueness. This is a rather interesting and original idea, which the team of professionals and true masters of their work, who painstakingly worked on the plan, put into practice. All the details here are mysterious and interesting, which is very popular with visitors. Many people strive to get here, and those who have already passed through the beautiful territory of the park, do not miss the chance to return here again, because there is a unique and unique atmosphere. See for yourself. Your imagination will be amazed by this scale and beauty.

Another good news is that until the end of this year, every adult can pass on a children's ticket. Thus, the administration is trying to help everyone to awaken the inner child. Give yourself an unforgettable experience and please the soul with such an exciting trip!

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