Underground take-off: Chkalovskaya metro station in St. Petersburg


In 1997, the Chkalovskaya metro station was opened on the Petrogradskaya side of St. Petersburg. The station was named after Chkalovsky Avenue, passing nearby. The prospect, in turn, in 1952 became Chkalovsky, because the pilot of the Soviet Union, Valery Chkalov, lived in a nearby street for a long time. It is not surprising that aviation has become the leading theme in the design of the external station building and the underground hall.


Petersburg Metro - station "Chkalovskaya"

Chkalovskaya was commissioned in September 1997, becoming another station of the Frunzensko-Primorskaya line (M5, purple line). Neighboring stations are Sportivnaya and Krestovsky Island. From 1997 to 1999 metro station "Chkalovskaya" was the ultimate. For the turn of the subway train between the tunnels was equipped with a congress.

Exterior station design

Approaching the Chkalovskaya metro station, you should not be surprised that you have to climb the stairs - this is the traditional flood protection system in St. Petersburg.

It is easy to identify the station by the bust of Valery Chkalov, installed in front of the entrance. The bust on a granite pedestal was made by sculptors V. Sveshnikov and A. Charkin in bronze. The memorial sign was set in honor of the 60th anniversary of Valery Chkalov’s non-stop flight from Moscow to Vancouver over the North Pole.

The pavilion of the lobby is of complex shape with a large glass area, in the evening it is beautifully lit. Lamps on the walls look like metal propellers in the Chkalov ANT-6 aircraft. On the wall is a unique medallion depicting Icarus, looking upwards. The composition is skillfully made of stained glass mosaic and aluminum.


From the ground lobby there is an exit to Ropshinskaya Street, but it is not used.

From the station hall, the escalator travels down for more than 2 minutes, since the Chkalovskaya metro station belongs to deep-seated stations and is located at a depth of 60 m. This depth is typical of St. Petersburg, where stations are most often located at a level of 50-70 m underground.

The aviation theme appears already on the escalator: the project authors placed the lighting lamps not on the escalator tape, but on the ceiling vault. The shape of the lamps remind the details of the aircraft of the Second World War.

Registration of the internal hall

Petersburg architects A. Konstantinov and V. Volonevich developed the design of the Chkalovskaya metro station, making it recognizable and unusual in St. Petersburg, although it was made according to a typical project for the city.

This is a single-vaulted station, the platform is located on the island principle - in the middle. The platform is designed in the style of a runway: there are arrows and pointers necessary on the airfield, partially painted, partially made of aluminum and embedded in the floor covering.

Vaulted walls give the impression that the passenger is inside the aircraft engine. The lamps stylized for aircraft elements at the Chkalovskaya metro station in St. Petersburg are also reminiscent of aviation.

Hall decoration - stained glass in the southern end of the station. He depicts how a person smoothly turns into an aircraft, embodying the dream of many generations to conquer the sky.


Station design changes

In 2009, the station underwent reconstruction and re-equipment, the purpose of which was to unify the information space of the St. Petersburg metro. The original arrowheads were removed from the walls, floor steel became not visible behind the info boards. Many townspeople believe that Chkalovskaya has lost its charm and singularity.

Interesting Facts

The metro station Chkalovskaya in St. Petersburg is a real movie star.

The group "Demo" in 2000 shot on the station platform several episodes of the video for the song "I take a breath."

In the film "Peter FM" (2006), the main characters are found near the monument to the famous pilot. The recognizable design of the station immediately attracts attention.


How to get to the metro station "Chkalovskaya" (SPb)

Passengers leave the metro to Bolshaya Zelenskaya Street and Chkalovsky Prospect.

You can get to the station by bus number 1, 14, 25, 185, 191 and 5M. Also near the metro station make the bus stop number 120 and 131.

How to get to the metro station "Chkalovskaya" using the Petersburg Metro? It all depends on the starting point. A transplant to the purple line can be made on Sadovaya (from the M2 and M4 lines) and Zvenigorodskaya (from the M1 line). The station is open from 05:35 to 0:24.


Chkalovskys in other cities

With the similar name of the metro station there are in other Russian cities.

"Chkalovskaya" in Yekaterinburg is the newest, it was opened in 2012 and became the 9th on the first metro line in the city. This is a modern stylish station: the walls and ceiling are curved in the shape of an airplane wing, polished metal inserts complement the aviation theme, as well as decorative lights built into the floor and reminiscent of airport lights.

In Moscow, Art. m. "Chkalovskaya" is located on the 10th Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya line. It is made in the traditional Moscow style of marble and granite.

The longest is "Chkalovskaya" in Nizhny Novgorod. It was built in 1985, it is part of the Avtozavodskaya line.

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