"Zanevsky cascade" - a shopping center in St. Petersburg, which is gaining increasing popularity


The importance of shopping and entertainment centers today is very high, since they are not only designed for simple shopping, but also for cultural pastime. In such places you can go with the whole family, because the necessary conditions for this have been created. It will be convenient to visit both one and loving couples, and even a couple with small children.

One of such shopping centers in St. Petersburg is the “Zanevsky cascade”, which is very popular with the population and receives thousands of visitors every day.

Advantageous location

One of the most important factors of high sales and attendance of a shopping center in St. Petersburg - "Zanevskogo cascade" is that it is located in a densely populated area of ​​the city (Krasnogvardeysky district). Not far away is Ladozhsky railway station, several metro stations, such as: "Ladoga", "Novocherkasskaya" and "Prospect Bolsheviks".


Also around the building there are a large number of business centers and public transport routes, which provides an endless stream of visitors.

The first building complex

Immediately after the opening of the Zanevsky Cascade shopping center in St. Petersburg, it was filled with guests from the nearest districts of the city and surrounding settlements.

There are no empty, non-rented rooms on all floors. The first four are located diversified stores and retail outlets, such as the Perekrestok supermarket, M.Video electronic goods supermarket, which, by the way, is one of the fundamental tenants of the Zanevsky Cascade shopping mall in St. Petersburg, also for healthy competition here another store of the same direction, called “Computer World”, is also represented.

In addition, this complex houses the children's goods store “Mother for Children”, branded stores of clothing, shoes and accessories, the number of which reaches two hundred.

Not without the "Food Court", for those who are hungry during shopping trips, or working in offices that are located on the last two floors of the complex.

Fast food chains “Teremok” - oriented to Russian cuisine, as well as “Okolitsa”, but Carl's Jr. act as tenants in the “Food Court”. has an assortment of another direction.


The shopping center in St. Petersburg "Zanevsky cascade" was created for a comfortable pastime, for this purpose there is a parking in several tiers for the number of cars of more than three hundred units.

Second building

After the successful operation of the first building of the shopping complex, the construction of the second one began, and in December 2011 its opening began.

The new building adjoins the shopping and entertainment complex on the side of the Ladozhskaya metro station and covers an area of ​​4, 800 square meters.

A significant part of the lower floor of this building is occupied by stores of household purpose, such as “Brownie”, “House of Life”, “Lots of Furniture”.

There are also a lot of shoe stores, sports shops, many children's institutions, cosmetics and underwear stores, as well as clothes for expectant mothers.

On the upper floors of the building there is a cinema "Formula Kino" and sports clubs.

The third building of the TRC "Zanevsky cascade"

Exactly two years later, the opening of the third building - “Zanevskogo cascade-3”.

All three buildings are connected by transition galleries, again for the convenience of visitors.

There are many shoe shops in this building, such as Sofia, Salon Shoes, Calipso, Obuv Burg.

There is also a fast food cafe, so loved by the Russians, "McDonald's", which is located on the second floor.


Fourth building

Such good sales and the popularity of the three buildings of the shopping center in St. Petersburg "Zanevsky cascade" pushed developers to the idea of ​​building the fourth building of this complex.

It is planned that the area of ​​the new building will be about 120, 650 square meters, the purpose of the whole territory remains unchanged - the multifunctional center, on the lower part of which there will be shopping and entertainment points and shops, and the upper nine floors will be occupied by office premises.

Also, as in the previous three buildings, the shopping center in St. Petersburg "Zanevsky Cascade-4" will include a lot of footwear, clothing, accessories stores, jewelry stores, several restaurants and cafes, and there will be a grocery hypermarket.

Entertainment will offer a large ice skating rink, a game area and a bowling alley.

The fourth building of the complex will be replenished with another car parking with an area of ​​1000 square meters.


The shopping center in St. Petersburg "Zanevsky cascade", whose stores have a diverse profile, allows visitors to make diverse purchases in one place, while having a rest, having fun and forging themselves with delicious food.

Today, this shopping and entertainment complex is very popular among residents of the city and the nearest residential areas, as it meets all modern characteristics and is equipped with the latest technical standards. TRC "Zanevsky cascade" in St. Petersburg is considered one of the most successful commercial projects of the city, attracting an increasing number of tenants and sales representatives.

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