Karabulin junction in Yaroslavl: description, project, scheme and interesting facts


The problem of urban traffic today affects not only the capital. Residents of other large Russian cities are struggling with eternal traffic and traffic jams. The development of the settlement as a whole depends on the successful solution of this task by local authorities. They also try to rationalize the road network in the city of Yaroslavl.

History of

The most large-scale reconstruction in the region over the past decade is the Karabulinsky junction project in Yaroslavl. The infrastructure facility was developed for the millennial anniversary of the city. The Karabulin junction is a flyover connecting two districts. Estimates for design work amounted to fifty billion rubles, and local authorities chose not to spend such large funds for reconstruction.


In addition to the interchange, the project included the construction of a third bridge across the Volga. True, this part remained unfulfilled. At the time of the development and implementation of the project, the government of Yaroslavl decided to save money and the first step was to carry out renovation and construction work on Moskovsky Prospect.

Revival Plan

At the moment, the prospectus is very overloaded, which is especially noticeable during rush hour. Six lanes can not cope with the active movement. People in order to get home (mostly in the Frunze district) have to stand in traffic jams for an hour. In this regard, the project called Karabulinsky interchange received a new breath. The Department of road facilities of Yaroslavl said that the amount for the project has already been budgeted.


The Karabulin junction plan was developed back in 2009. At the same time, budget estimates were prepared. By the time of the actual implementation of the project, all the papers, and the very idea, had become outdated. Changed building codes. But without the construction of the overpass for the normalization of traffic in the city is still not enough, so the officials had to order the development of a new project from the architects.

Issue price

One of the main reasons why the Karabulinsky junction project in Yaroslavl, the reconstruction scheme remained only on paper, was the cost. Initially, this large-scale construction was supposed to cost the city about fifty billion rubles. With an annual budget of four and a half billion, this amount seemed just space.


Later, the architects developed the possibility of crossing Moscow in two ways. The first is an overhead overpass, and the second is an underground tunnel. When developing the first option, all the work will cost the city twenty-four billion rubles, while the second will cost twenty-two.

Finance Search

It is rather difficult for the regional budget to draw as large-scale a project as Karabulinsky interchange. Yaroslavl decided to apply with the help of Rosavtodor and participate in the federal program. But the organization was forced to refuse in connection with the reduction of the fund. Most of the funds now go to the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait, which was another reason that the city authorities of Yaroslavl did not receive the required amount. Now, to implement the reconstruction, the government is working on the possibility of a public-private partnership. Developers are looking for investors with favorable conditions.


Under the new plan, the construction of the overpass should take five years. The process is so long for several reasons, which are mainly related to the transfer of infrastructure.

The problem with the third bridge over the Volga is not yet considered. Officials decided that the overhaul of the October Bridge and the good condition of the Jubilee put this issue in the background.

Targets and goals

At present, the Karabulinsky interchange (Yaroslavl) needs a complete revision. The renewal plan has reserved a budget in the amount of two hundred and twenty million. In 2017-2018, large-scale construction should begin.

The whole construction of the junction is divided into five stages - according to the components of the project. The interchange will start from the bridge over Kotorosl, near Tolbukhin Avenue. With it, the reconstruction will begin. Following further, the driver will have to cross the railroad tracks - this is the second section. The next component of the junction includes Moskovsky Prospect (third stage). The fourth section is Suzdal Avenue. The overpass ends with an exit to Frunze Avenue. This site is the object of the fifth, final stage.

The Karabulin junction will solve several problems, including:

  • exclusion of transit flows through the historical center of the city;
  • reduction of congestion on Moskovsky Prospect;
  • decrease in traffic activity on Pervomaiskaya, Ushinskaya, Komsomolskaya and Bolshaya Oktyabrskaya streets.

Contractor selection

The definitions of the contractor took place on a competitive basis. The selection procedure was launched in April 2016. This is necessary in order to include the cost of the first stage in the budget for the next year and begin the actual implementation of the project. The company GorCapStroy from Moscow won the contest.

The main issues on the agenda are:

  • the reality of the deployment of construction work in the area allocated for the overpass;
  • work with the owners of the sites where the Karabulin interchange will pass.

Experts from "GorKapStroy" considered that in the place of the first stage of the interchange there are one hundred and twenty-four residential buildings. They began to explore, but not all residents are willing to let workers into their homes. For this purpose, additional commissions are created, which include representatives from the department of architecture, the administration of the Krasnoperekopsk district and law enforcement agencies. The latter are needed so that residents can be confident in the legitimate activities of the group and not be confronted with fraudsters.


First stage

The overpass should provide circular traffic around the city. At the first stage, work is planned on the section from Tolobukhinsky bridge to Moskovsky Prospect. But there are no diversions to Gagarin Street and Big Glades, therefore primary works will not be particularly effective. The first steps have already been made in the area of ​​the bus station.

However, the reconstruction is hampered by the overlap of two bridges across Kotorosl, one of which should become pedestrian at all. Therefore, the project may turn out to be not so ambitious, although at the cost of this it cannot be said. Development of the plan cost two hundred twenty million rubles, and the actual implementation - twenty-four billion.

Residents fears

Not all residents are waiting for the moment when the Karabulinsky interchange (Yaroslavl) appears. The plan-scheme assumes that the construction of the overpass will be carried out where the private property of Yaroslavl residents is now located. In complex drawings, the common people did not understand anything, so many misunderstandings arise. Some live on suitcases for several years, because they simply do not know whether to move or not.


The new project turned out to be more compact than the old one, so some addresses were crossed out. To clarify information on specific addresses, it is better to contact the department of architecture. The commission that dealt with this issue was to determine the amount of compensation for land and housing. But so far no figures are voiced, since all information is still in the processing stage. Specific amounts will be offered to people only at the stage of withdrawal of plots. The municipality is already preparing for the fact that there will be many controversial issues that will later be decided in court.

Also beware of the construction of a new facility, those residents whose homes will be in close proximity to the overpass. Some are afraid that their housing will not sustain constant vibrations, others are worried about the spoiled crop. But the experts had time to assure the residents that an expert examination, including an environmental one, would be carried out.

The only thing with which the local authorities will not be able to fight is the view from the window at the interchange and noise protection shields. But the majority of residents of Yaroslavl understand that the new road is simply necessary for the city, therefore they support reconstruction.


Innovative technologies

The Karabulin junction scheme is, of course, an important stage of the project, but it hasn’t been without modern technologies. Experts have launched an application for smartphones called "Karabulinka." Now every resident of Yaroslavl can "touch" the reconstruction. The user is given the opportunity to build, to resettle other people, to solve issues with investors. The application is designed for fans of various gaming areas. This arcade, and shooters, and strategy. Thus, the project leaders want to attract as much attention as possible to the problem of the city traffic and to the project of Karabulinsky interchange.

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