The main parts of the Makarov pistol and their purpose


In 1948, the Soviet gunsmith N. F. Makarov developed the design of a pistol, which today is known to all as the PM. From 1951 to the present day, this model of the pistol is used by officers of the Russian armed forces and law enforcement agencies as personal weapons for defense and attack.


The main purpose of the PM is to defeat the enemy at a short distance. The reliability of this weapon is ensured by the smooth operation of all elements of its automation. The article contains information about the main parts of the Makarov pistol.


Beginning of work

In 1947, the senior commanders of the Soviet army needed a new compact pistol. TT and revolvers revolving by then already outdated. It was necessary to create a new weapon - a “peacetime” pistol. In 1948, a competition was held in which Soviet weapons designers presented their designs.


Under the terms of the competition, the weapon must be equipped with a free gate and a self-cocking trigger mechanism. The basis was taken already verified German Walther PP. It was planned to create two samples of the pistol using ammunition 7, 65 and 9 mm. After testing cartridges gunsmiths noted that compared with 7, 65, 9 mm is more powerful. It was decided to focus on this caliber. The end result of such work was the Makarov pistol. The performance characteristics and the main parts of this weapon allow it to be used effectively during close combat.

How does automation work?

Makarov pistol is a self-loading weapon. In the use of PM is simple, and the automatic pistol allows the owner to keep the weapon always ready for action. The process of automatic reloading is carried out by such major parts of the Makarov pistol, as a shutter and firing mechanism. For this purpose, the recoil principle is not coupled with the barrel. During the shot, the barrel channel is locked due to the large mass of the shutter and the force of the return spring. To shoot, you do not need to pre-cock. Just pull the trigger.

The main parts and mechanisms of the Makarov pistol

The weapon is equipped with the following elements:

  • Barrel frame and trigger guard.
  • The bolt containing the hammer, ejector and fuse.
  • Recoil spring.
  • Trigger mechanism.
  • Handle.
  • Gate lag.
  • Pistol shop.

These components are the 7 main parts of the Makarov pistol.


The main parts of the Makarov pistol perform the following tasks:

  • The barrel directs the flight of a bullet. The trigger guard prevents the trigger from being accidentally pressed.
  • The bolt delivers ammunition from the magazine to the chamber, locks the barrel channel during firing, holds the cartridge case with the help of the ejector in the slide cup and sets the trigger on the combat platoon. With the help of a drummer, the ammunition cap is broken. The fuse ensures the safety of the shooter during operation of the gun.
  • Return spring after the shot sets the bolt in the original position.
  • USM is equipped with a trigger, a sear with a spring, a trigger, a cock with a trigger, a combat spring and a bolt to it. These main parts of the Makarov pistol provide fast firing. You can shoot immediately after pressing the trigger. Pre-cocking for this is no longer necessary.
  • Shutter lag allows you to hold the bolt in the rear position when the magazine is empty.
  • The handle with the screw provides convenient retention by the arrows of the Makarov pistol.
  • A pistol store serves to locate eight ammunition.

Shop PM

This element has four elements:

  • The body of the store, which is used to connect all its parts.
  • Feeder, which feeds ammunition in the chamber.
  • Spring, pushing the feeder with the cartridges up.
  • Store cover designed to close the case.

The photo below shows the main parts of the Makarov pistol.


What provides security?

The left side of the shutter is equipped with a special fuse. With the help of automatics and spring cocks, the trigger is mounted on a safety platoon during descent. It is affected by the curved (baffle) end of the spring feather: it deploys the trigger at a slight angle from the bolt. Thus, the spring performs the function of "release" the trigger. The whisper with its spout is located in front of the safety platoon of the trigger. When the trigger is released, the spring of the spring acts on the trigger pull, and the landing lever and sear are lowered to the lower position. Thus, whispering, clinging to the trigger, sets it on a safety platoon.

How is the shot?

The process is carried out in several stages:

  • The mechanics start working when the trigger is pressed.
  • The trigger interacts with the drummer, causing him to smash the cartridge primer.
  • Inflammation of powder charge. The formed powder gases eject a bullet from the barrel channel.
  • Powder gases through the bottom of the sleeve act on the bolt, which, moving back, compresses the return spring. With the help of the ejector shutter holds the sleeve. Having reached the reflector, it is extracted through the shutter window.
  • The bolt in extreme position turns on the trigger mounted on the trunnions until it turns on the platoon.
  • In the most extreme position, the return spring acts on the valve, which pushes it back forward.
  • Moving forward, the bolt, with the help of a rammer, sends another ammunition from the pistol shop to the chamber.
  • "Freed" from the cartridge valve closes the barrel channel. After that, the weapon is again ready to fire.


Shots from a Makarov pistol are made until all the cartridges in the store are used up. After that, the shutter becomes the slide delay in the rear position.

Performance characteristics

  • Makarov pistol is designed for firing 9 mm ammunition.
  • The weapon weighs 0.73 grams.
  • The length is 161 mm.
  • Barrel PM has a length of 93 mm.
  • Released bullet can develop an initial speed of up to 315 m / s.
  • PM has a rate of 30 rounds per minute.
  • The gun is designed for a single shooting mode.
  • The effective shooting range does not exceed 50 m.
  • Slaughter bullet is 350 m.
  • Shop PM is designed for 8 ammunition.

Small size, reliability, ease of operation and maintenance are characteristic features of a Makarov pistol. Of a wide variety of models belonging to the class of compact weapons for self-defense, the PM pistol is recognized as one of the best. Today it is used by officers of the armed forces and law enforcement officers.

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