Mining town Prokopyevsk: population decreases


Old by the Siberian standards mining town Prokopyevsk became a major industrial center in the Soviet era. Now he is experiencing hard times, many industrial enterprises have long been closed, as are part of the mines. The population of Prokopyevsk decreased by almost a third compared with the best years.

Geographical information

The city is located on the banks of the river Aba (a tributary of the Tom) in the foothills of the Salair ridge, in the southern part of Western Siberia. At a distance of 270 km to the north-west is the regional center - Kemerovo. The ecological situation, as in all of Kuzbass, is not very favorable, “black snow” due to coal dust is also not uncommon here. The area of ​​the city is 227.5 square meters. km


The climate in the region is sharply continental with a long cold winter and a short hot summer. Despite the harsh winter, cold weather can be easily transferred due to low humidity. The average temperature in the coldest month is January - minus 25. In the hottest (July) - plus 19.

General information


This city of regional subordination is the administrative center of the district of the same name and city district. In terms of population, Prokopyevsk is in third place in the fairly densely populated Kemerovo Region. This is one of the oldest cities in the region.

By the Russian government, it is classified as a city with a very difficult socio-economic situation. The official name of the citizens is Prokopchane (men are Prokopchanin, women are Prokopchanka).

Prokopyevsk is one of the key centers for the production of coking coal in the country, now there is one Dzerzhinsky mine (of 16 formerly operating ones) and the Berezovsky open-pit mine. In Soviet times, the city was the center of engineering, now most of the enterprises are closed, there are mainly serving the coal mining industry. In 2009, the first stage of the Novotrans car-repair plant was opened.

The city’s railway station sends and receives trains going through Novokuznetsk and electric trains to nearby cities. The population of Prokopyevsk uses the airport of Novokuznetsk. The bus station operates 63 flights daily to various destinations.

Early years

The city was formed by the merger of several ancient villages, including Usat, Safonovo, Monastery. In 1618, the Kuznetsk burg was built, in 1648 - the Nativity monastery was founded and the village of Monastery was located not far from it.


It was founded by peasants who worked at the monastery. The settlement was replenished with peasants who received a loan from the monks - land, grain, cattle. For the first time the village was marked by the Russian cartographer Remizov S. in the "Drawing Book of Siberia", written in 1699-1700.

By the middle of the 19th century, the Monastyrskaya village became known as Prokopievsky village in honor of Procopius of Ustyug. In 1859, there were 21 courtyards in the village. The population of Prokopyevsk was 140 inhabitants. The sociologist and economist V. V. Bervi-Flerovsky, who was serving a link in these places, noted the extreme poverty of the peasants, who even for few cattle did not have enough hay for the winter. Animals often died of starvation or were sold cheaply.

In 1911, the village became the center of a volost in the Tomsk province.


According to the census of those years, there were 157 households in the settlement, land was 7, 245 acres, the population of Prokopyevsk was 864 people. In Prokopyevsk, there was a butter factory, a bakery shop, two manufactory shops, a church and a parochial school. Most of the villagers were descendants of the first settlers. In 1916, the development of coal deposits by a French-German-Belgian company began.

The newest time


In 1920, the company "Sibugol" was created, which began industrial coal mining. Later, a railway was built to the mines, which made it possible to quickly increase coal mining. The construction of housing and social facilities has begun, schools and literacy centers have opened. In 1931, the village received city status. The population of Prokopyevsk was 54, 300 people, an increase of almost 5 times compared with 1926. The newly opened mines and factories under construction came to work from all regions of the country.

In the Soviet years, many machine-building enterprises worked in the city, new residential neighborhoods, health care, culture and sports facilities were built. In 1971, the population of Prokopyevsk was 273, 000 people.

In the post-Soviet period, the city fell into a period of protracted crisis, industrial enterprises and most of the mines were closed. The number of inhabitants constantly decreased. In 2017, the population of Prokopyevsk was 196, 406 people.

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