Ridiculous laws of the USA: the most stupid and ridiculous laws, their history


Laws are the main existing elements of civilization that we know. Most American laws are based on fundamental beliefs and common sense. Nevertheless, some seem simply stupid, and many of them are absolutely stunning.

We have compiled a list of the strangest laws at the local and state level. These are ridiculous US laws in force today. They are 100% legitimate, although they have never been used in this century.

Missouri: do not carry bears in the back seat of a car

The law says that all bears must be in a cage when they are inside a moving car. I really want to carry a bear in a car, and it doesn't matter if it is in a cage or just sits in the backseat.

But the most interesting thing is that this law is contrary to another law, which says that it is forbidden to drive a car while there is an unweighted bear inside it. The real crime is that there seems to be no background to this “priceless” law.


So many questions remain unanswered. As a result, we will try to understand these absurd laws of the United States and their history of origin:

  • How many times has someone traveled with a bear in the back seat before officials decided to draft a bill about it?
  • How did the governor explain the real importance of this road safety law when he declared it?
  • Why is it still legal to have a bear inside a parked car?

Perhaps the adoption of this law applies to those distant times when people fought for the right to bear arms. Then people pointed out that in order to defend against bears, it is necessary to carry hunting rifles around the city. As a result, this bill was passed, which forbade bears to “ride” in the back of a cell-free car.

We continue to consider the ridiculous laws of the United States in different states. And the next in line is the law on frogs.

California: do not eat a frog who died on the run

This law states that it is illegal to eat a frog that died during a jumping competition.

Believe it or not, the annual frog jumping championship is held in California. For more than eight decades, such competitions have been a state tradition.

Every year, frog “jockeys” compete to see whose frog jumps further. This law was passed in 1950. One can imagine that when there was no law, then the “crowds” of those who wanted were waiting for some frog to die during the competition, and would throw in to eat it.


This law can be assigned the first place in the category "The most ridiculous laws of the United States."

Atheists are forbidden

Mississippi, North Carolina, Texas, Maryland, Arkansas, South Carolina and Tennessee - here atheists are prohibited from working in public institutions.

Federal law clearly states that no state or local government may require candidates to pass a “religious test”. The legislators of these seven states generally say that recognition of high authority is not a test. At the same time, they do not object to support by atheists (who may have the right to vote).

The most interesting and incomprehensible is how you can invent such absurd US laws by states? It turns out, the administration of these seven states gathered specially for the adoption of this bill?

Since atheists do not represent any religion, southern government officials claim that they do not "possess" the freedom of religion - a fundamental human right. They base all of these demands on the traditional oath proclaimed by mayors, governors, and senators when they take office. In fact, everyone knows that the oath on the Bible and "bringing to responsibility" is a symbolic gesture.

You better believe in God if you want to run for public office or at least claim it. No religious test or church qualifications are required, and you cannot be removed from office because of your religious feelings. But you need to "recognize the existence of the Supreme Being."

State of Georgia: Chickens, Don't Walk Alone

And this is the most ridiculous laws in the United States, because it is not clear who will be fined as a result: chickens or the owner of chickens.

In the town of Quitman, Georgia, it is illegal to allow chickens to roam freely through the streets. Of course, it makes sense to introduce this law in a rural town. But why not include all cattle?

Arizona: cacti are people too

The maximum prison sentence for circumcision of a cactus that grows on the borders of Arizona is 25 years - the same as the penalty for murder.

Environmental protection is great, but it is probably not as important as protecting people's lives. Cacti are not endangered plants in Arizona.

Where this law came from, it is not known for certain, probably a long time ago in Arizona there was a catastrophic decrease in the number of cacti, and therefore this law was invented.

Georgia: Fried Chicken with Fork is illegal

In 1961, the Gainesville City Council passed a bill saying that those who would be caught eating chicken with a knife and fork would be detained and fined. According to official statements, fried chicken is a “delicacy” sacred to this municipality, county, state, Southland and republic.

Therefore, eating chicken should be done only by hand, all cutlery should not be used for eating food.

In 2009, 91-year-old Jeanie Ditrick was almost arrested for cutting a “sacred delicacy” with a knife.

State Colorado: you can not play the weather

According to the laws of this state, in America you must get permission to change the weather. In some states, it is legal to perform actions that create changes in the composition or behavior of the atmosphere.

Weather modification is not only possible, but is actually a profitable business. Colorado ski resorts pay for private companies to burn silver iodide on the mountain slopes, thereby stimulating precipitation. Chemical material is transferred to the clouds and stimulates precipitation in the form of snow, which creates good soil for skiers.

The permit requirement must ensure minimum damage to the land and maximum benefit for people.

State of Florida: do not throw dwarfs

People who own bars, restaurants and other places where alcohol is sold can be fined up to $ 1, 000 if they participate or allow any contest of miniature throws.


Florida outlawed throwing small people (dwarfs) in 1989 after this activity in bars was discovered in the southern parts of the state. A Florida state legislator attempted to repeal the law in 2011, but this procedure was not successful.

There are other ridiculous US laws in different states that say the following.

Keep your Florida elephants at bay, because if you tie one to a parking meter, you have to pay a fine of the same size as if the elephant was a vehicle. Elephants are also not allowed to plow the cotton fields of North Carolina.


In Kentucky, it is forbidden to paint ducklings blue and offer them for sale. Only here I really want this.

This law is interpreted as follows:

  • no one should sell, trade, offer, display or possess live chicks, ducklings, other birds or rabbits that have been painted;
  • do not stain any chicks, ducklings, other birds or rabbits;
  • not to sell, trade, offer to sell, or trade or issue chicks, ducklings, other birds or rabbits under two (2) months in any quantity less than six (6).

In Nevada, a camel can not be carried on the highway.

Other very harsh laws of the USA relate to whiskers and food intake.

  • In Alabama, it is illegal to wear fake mustaches that cause laughter in the church.
  • Whiskers are illegal in Indiana if the wearer loves to kiss other people.
  • In Wisconsin, it is forbidden to use oil substitutes in prison.
  • In Utah, it's illegal to NOT drink milk.
  • In South Dakota, it is forbidden to sleep in a cheese factory.

A generous act in Louisiana can backfire: you can be fined $ 500 for sending a pizza order to someone's home without his knowledge, even if you got the wrong address. They wanted, for example, to send a pizza to his beloved girlfriend or boyfriend, and they sent him by mistake to a neighboring house.

In Alaska, it is illegal to wake a hibernating bear to take a photo, while in Arizona it is forbidden to keep a donkey next to you in the bathroom. It is still likely that in modern conditions it is forbidden to ride a horse while in Colorado.

Louisiana: Don't touch the crocodile


You can be sentenced to ten years behind bars for stealing an alligator.

An alligator theft is the misappropriation or seizure of an alligator, alligator skin or part of an alligator, dead or alive, belonging to another, or without the consent of another person to misappropriation or seizure.

Anyone who commits a crime - theft of an alligator, when its misappropriation or its value is five hundred dollars or more, must be detained with hard labor or without it for a period not exceeding ten years or can be fined no more than three thousands of dollars. Both cases are possible.

But in this case, one thing comes to mind: who needs it to steal an alligator? There can be only two versions of the reason for the adoption of such a law:

  • an alligator was stolen from the state attorney;
  • in past years there was a wholesale theft of alligators from the population.

Strangely enough, all these absurd US laws in English are written, but many Americans are also incomprehensible and ridiculous.

Michigan vs adultery

Since 1929, residents of Michigan can be sentenced to four years in prison, plus a fine of $ 5, 000 for cheating on their spouse. In fact, the law continues to indicate that there should be no love flirting between a married woman and an unmarried man (strangely, the opposite is not indicated).

It is also a felony in Wisconsin and in Illinois, Alabama, Minnesota, and even in New York. Betrayal between unmarried people is a misconduct class 4 in Virginia. Of course, these days it is rarely prosecuted.

The most ridiculous laws of the USA: top-14

  • It is pertinent that in the state of Colorado, where there are many craft breweries, it is illegal to ride a horse while intoxicated.
  • Of course, one of the most popular "crazy laws" in Florida is that it is forbidden to sing while swimming.
  • Colorado law states that a man cannot marry his wife’s grandmother.
  • A woman in a dressing gown is forbidden to drive a car in California.
  • In Challis, Idaho, it is illegal to walk down the street with another man’s wife.
  • Flirting with the opposite sex in Little Rock, Arkansas, you can sit in jail for 30 days.
  • A man is forbidden to kiss a woman while she sleeps in County Logan, Colorado.
  • It is illegal in St. Louis, Missouri, for a firefighter to rescue a woman in a nightgown from a burning building. If she wants to be saved, she must be fully clothed.
  • In Hartford, Connecticut, men were barred from kissing their wives on Sundays.
  • According to Florida law, anyone who takes a bath should wear clothes.
  • In Arizona, a man can legally beat his wife once a month, but no more.
  • In Massachusetts, a person can be fined up to $ 200 for denying the existence of God.
  • Also in Massachusetts, state law prohibits the use of golf balls, although this could make watching golf much more interesting and fun.
  • In Ohio, police are allowed to bite a dog if they are sure that it will calm her down.

Animal laws

In addition to all these laws, there are ridiculous animal laws in the United States that in one way or another infringe upon the rights of our smaller brothers:

  1. You cannot tie your dog to the roof of a car in Anchorage, Alaska.
  2. In Little Rock, Arkansas, dogs are not allowed to bark after 6pm. But how can you explain to a dog that when she barks after 6 pm, she breaks the law?
  3. In Hartford, Connecticut, you are prohibited from giving education to dogs. That is why there dogs remain without education.
  4. In Halsburg, Illinois, no man can keep a stinking dog.
  5. And in North Brook, Illinois, the law forbids dogs to bark for more than 15 minutes. The only thing that is unclear is the restriction: this is per day, per week or per year.
  6. In Minnesota, cats are not allowed to run away from dogs by telephone poles.
  7. In Oklahoma, dogs are prohibited from gathering in groups of three or more. In this case, they must have a special permit, signed by the mayor of the city.

In Madison, Wisconsin, dogs are not allowed to disturb squirrels that are in a public park near the administration.



All these ridiculous US laws and their explanation, which is written in this article, should not influence the formation of opinions about people living in this country, because in the United States there are both federal laws and state laws.

50 US states are allowed by the Federal Constitution to formulate and implement their own laws. Some of these laws are rarely enforced and are even considered strange, controversial and ridiculous.

Many of them are not even violated, and others, even if they are violated, are not punished, because everyone understands the depth of their folly.

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